Which Ranger Products Do You Want To Learn To Use In Your Scrapbooking?


Last week I got to attend Ranger University and got certified as a Ranger U educator. It was an amazing workshop — three 9-hour days where we learned 80 different techniques!

See the tags and bags hanging from my organizer in the photo above? Those are the samples I made, one for each of the 80. So I’m excited to share with Paperclipping Members my understanding of how to use all their MANY different technique-oriented products, but in the way I work best…

I’m going to shares ideas for how to translate those products and techniques into modern scrapbooking. You most often see them used for vintage projects, but I like to use them for every day scrapbooking, which is not vintage.

And as usual, I’ll share broad concepts so you can adapt the techniques for a variety of projects, styles, and uses so you don’t feel trapped to copy whatever I choose to do.

But I want your help. I’m curious to know which of these different types of products you’re most interested in. I admit up front that I will ultimately choose the ones that I end up using for layouts and projects I’m most inspired to start making. But your votes will help me prioritize, so I’d love to hear!

Which of these products are you most interested in learning to use?


  1. Perfect Pearls
  2. Perfect Pearl Mists
  3. Distress Stain – blending and other effects
  4. Claudine Hellmuth gesso and medium products
  5. Adirondack Color Wash
  6. Distress Ink – blending and other effects
  7. Dylusions Ink Sprays, Stencils, and Stamps
  8. Melt Art
  9. Adirondack Alcohol Ink – blending and other effects
  10. Distress Markers (not shown)
  11. Other (please specify)

Just for fun, here are my pictures from the event…

Don’t forget to vote for your Ranger technique hopes and dreams! :) What do you most want to learn?

  • Jabliss

    I’d be interested in the whole list, but think my top three would be color wash ,dylusion sprays and melt art.

  • Kathy

    Color Wash and Melt Art.  I’ve never used the Color Wash…would love to see how to use it in scrapbooking, especially in ways other than as a mist.  For the melt art, I’ve used UTEE but am looking for ways to use it in scrapbooking.  Thanks!

  • KnitterPam

    Perfect Pearls #1 and Distress Stains #3. I have plenty of the Pearls but never use them. And the stains are so fun, I just like to see lots of techniques with them.

  • Pearl Maple

    Congrats on the the  Ranger U educator endorsement, can’t wait to see what fun new projects you will be working on next

  • Karen Hanim

    I love what you have shown us with perfect pearls. Can you show us how to use the stain?

  • I have used the stain here and there but not enough to remember what has worked for me and what hasn’t (I haven’t always liked my results with the stain). I need to play and experiment with it quite a lot before I’d be ready to do an episode on it, but I’ll keep it in mind! Thanks for your suggestion!