When Your Story Falls Apart – Paperclipping 248

paperclipping 248

Not all stories end the way you expect.

Last year I started an album that was based on a story I expected to last for the next four years. My story fell apart around springtime.

It fell apart for me in a sad way, but it changed for the better for my daughter’s part of the story. I’m excited to document her evolving tale, but that leaves me with an album for the beginning of the old, dead-ended story, which only requires about seven pages, front and back. There are no “slim-sized” 12×12 albums to house just seven pages, so for the past week or so I’ve been exploring options for how to gracefully deal with the diversion our story has taken.

Have you experienced an unexpected change in your own story after you’d started scrapbooking it? What have you chosen to do with the pages that now might seem out of place?

I made a video to share the process I took, deciding what to do with mine. I went pretty in-depth, telling my story in the video as well. I hope you enjoy it.

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Our stories don’t always take us where we hoped, but where ever we find ourselves there will always be something else wonderful within our reach. Whatever our stories are, let’s embrace them.

Shine On,

  • I think this has to be one of my favorite videos that you’ve done, Noell! It really emphasizes the “big picture” of why we scrapbook!

    That really sucks about your foot! Don’t you hate it when you do stuff to your body that prevents you from doing what you love? I broke my tailbone earlier this summer, which really put a crimp in my Zumba addiction!

  • Ouch! That must have been agonizing! Or maybe it still is????

    BTW, thank you!! I’m glad you like this one!!

  • Yeah, it didn’t feel too good. I couldn’t teach for a couple of weeks, and then when I was able to teach, I had to have other students demonstrate some of the more “booty-shaking” type of moves that we do. It’s probably 80% better now – I just can’t sit in really soft chairs.

    I hope this ballet school works out for Trinity. I danced when I was little and remember switching from a dance studio to a ballet school – it made a world of difference!

  • Pepper

    I was thinking about this recently as well. Before i went on a trip recently, i had prepared a Basic grey mini album, with the bases pages done. Excited to come back with happy memories and photos. However, several things went wrong in the trip and one of the saddest day in my life happened there. Relationship took a change in path . till now i didnt get about doing the album. And actually most of my album involved this topic. I’m not sure what to do with them as yet.

  • Hi, Pepper. That is a tough one. I’ve seen many of your pages with you and your boyfriend and I’m sorry that everything went wrong. And now you have this mini album you started — you might not want to have an album to remember this trip. Or at some point you might feel like it would be helpful to work through it by making the album but keeping it to yourself. With time you might be better able to decide what to do. :(

  • Annie

    This happened to me when my daughter dropped out of college after one year and doesn’t plan to continue. I had started a scrapbook that has all of these “Ready to Start My Life” and “Go College” layouts. Do I make a page that says, “Oops, that was an expensive mistake!”? :)

  • Hana

    I can’t believe you decided to take out the project life/jazz pages from the album. Those pages and story are part of the whole story, in the very least you could keep them as a ‘prologue’ (plus I really love the title page you made for the ‘two dancers’ album). In taking those pages out, you took out a key piece to the story: the set back and the trials that played a roll in taking both of your dancing stories on new paths. Regardless of style, I’d suggest keeping those pages in because they set the stage for what happens next and tells how you got there. Both of your dancing stories are still in their ‘first few chapters’ anyway and you don’t know what will happen in the future and how those initial stories fit into this marvelous adventure. Greats pages so far!

  • Yikes! You could still tell the story of that one year and ditch or alter the rest — or give the rest away to another scrapbooker. Or, if you think there is any chance she might change her mind later, hold onto it. That one year has a story and it’s a part of your life, as well as hers.

  • Oh, yeah — you must have missed that I’m definitely keeping them and giving them their own album. It’s funny — actually emphasized at the end that that is an important story that I think deserves its own album, as well as the new part of her story deserving its own.
    As for the idea that they should be together because it is the prologue — I actually already told the story of how the studio life led to her ballet school life in a different album. I shared the story of that album in a very recent episode — maybe two episodes ago? So you can see it all in there.

  • Thanks for sharing all this stories, processes, etc :)

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Hi Noell! I have won an album from MAMBi that is 12×12 and 1″ wide. Just thought it could interest somebody who has a very short story to tell and want to do it in a 12×12 format.

  • Jennifer G.

    I see a Creative Memories folder. I use them to keep my collections together standing up on a shelf. They are great for that. I love seeing the kits you make up. I am starting to pull papers and embellishments together before I make a page and I am finding it is really helping me have a faster process.

  • Yes, you do! It’s nice to have those papers in that and I can just lift up the folder of paper to find all the smaller things underneath. I’m glad the kit idea has helped you — it’s make things faster and easier for me, too!

  • Oh, I had no idea anything like that existed! As I finish up those last pages I’ll have to see if I can find one in a style I’m going for!

  • Pepper

    Yes it’s tough . Thank you for your encouragement . I haven scrapbook 12 x 12 for many months and have been doing only project life pages . We are still in the midst of sorting things out . Hope time will tell :)

  • Becky Gotch

    I found this really interesting. Most of my albums don’t tell a story as such, they are just a chronological record of our lives. I do like this idea though and am thinking of what story I could tell like this.

  • Pat B

    Noell, I love your videos because you give us so much about your thought process and the “back story” behind your stories. Sorry you hurt your foot. Any chance you will resume dancing?

  • We don’t know. It’s a particularly difficult injury to heal because it’s in the ball of the foot where all the weight goes if you’re not off your feet. The podiatrist has said that if by January it feels 100% healed then I can carefully try dancing again and we’ll take it from there. Thanks for asking and thank you for the feedback regarding back story. There’s always a question of how much to talk — if you talk too much people tune out. So I’m glad you enjoyed the amount of personal story I share!

  • Nixmom96

    I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing a bit of the personal story that goes along with the design. It adds a demension beyond the mechanics of building a layout or album. Love the use of multi sized and style page protectors. I started doing that myself after you and Karen G discussed it on a PRT episode awhile back. Sorry to hear about your foot. I recall another PRT episode where you described salivating while watching your daughters class, wishing you could be in there too. And then you did it. Which was way cool. Whatever happens with your foot, it sounds like you’ve got great skills for taking the bumps and looking forward to what a new or different path has to offer. Prayers for healing and wisdom.

  • Thank you! There were a couple depressing days in the beginning, but because I’ve focused on all the things I can do now b/c I’m not dancing, I’ve been feeling good despite the dancing having to come to a dead stop. I do miss dancing but there is a lot of good in my life and I now know that if that was the ultimate end, I will be okay. :)

  • Cyndi

    I also love keeping projects in their boxes with all their bits and pieces. It makes coming back to work on them so much easier and keeps the project cohesive. I’m glad to hear you keep a positive outlook on life when you hit bumps in the road. It’s called life. What a wonderful world we live in to have so many opportunities available to experience. Stay open and keep your best foot forward! Heal carefully! Thanks for the great videos too!

  • Beautiful, and so true!!

  • Terri Cannell

    Wow, I’m so behind on viewing your videos. Although it was released a couple months ago, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your processes and the thoughtfulness you put into how you explain things. Like another commenter already said, your video really has me thinking about structuring my scrapbooks in this “story” way. Up until now, I pretty much have trouble deciding what to scrap next… Jumping from one subject to another pretty randomly, not feeling secure in that I’m “covering” the important things in my life and my family’s life. I’m going to try this approach on a few active subjects, I think having a title page to start will keep me on task to watch out for photo ops and ephemera that are relevant.
    Your kitting step-through also helped me “get it” about how to set one up. I like your mention about how you group your supplies together such as “neutrals” or the feeling or tone they have. Grouping neutrals and such together may really help me too.

    I wish Trinity much success and enjoyment at the new school and I hope you are back on your toes soon. I was just watching episodes of city.ballet on YouTube yesterday and saw this one on coping with injuries: http://youtu.be/iZ0kPEumsDE
    And this one had the run down (at 1:00 mark) of supplements that one of the principles takes each day to support the extreme exercise: http://youtu.be/lxO7wpx5uzw
    I thought you might find them interesting. I love watching these online shorts about ballet. I once danced a little and I think the stories of the dancers’ dedication and passion are so inspiring.