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True Scrap registration started this morning and, as usual, I’m giving away a bonus webinar if you sign up through my promotion!

True Scrap is the only live virtual scrapbooking event. It’s 2 days of fun and how-to’s with instructors like Heidi Swapp, Jennifer Gallacher, Laura Denison, Nic Howard, and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I’ll be presenting a class, as well.

You can learn more about the event here.

Because I’m an affiliate for this event and I want you to use my link to register, I’m adding a bonus.

If you sign up for this event using any of the links in this blog post during the next 3 days, I’ll add a bonus webinar for you. After you sign up using one of the above links, forward your receipt to me so I can add you to the bonus webinar invitation list.

Here’s my True Scrap class description:

Story Core Design: A Storytelling Process for Scrapbooking

Do you stare at a mostly blank page for too long while you scrapbook? Do you get excited about fabulous photos, only to find you’re lacking an equally fabulous idea for your page? Do you spend too much time hunting for inspiration or moving things around the page, and not completing enough layouts?

Story Core Design will help you with all of these challenges. Story Core Design is Noell Hyman’s own scrapbooking process, and it has a built-in inspiration system so you’re never without ideas. It narrows down placement and product options for you and eliminates overwhelm from beginning to end. You’ll spend less time hunting for the perfect products and very little time moving things around the page.

In this presentation for True Scrap you’ll see this entire process in action!

My bonus webinar will be before the True Scrap event. It will be a pre-quel to my presentation at True Scrap, so with my bonus you’ll be extra ready for the “Part 2.”

After you sign up using one of my affiliate links in this post (not someone else’s), forward your receipt to me so I can add you to the bonus webinar invitation list.

You must sign up by Friday to get my free bonus webinar!

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