Unusual Photo Sizes: What and How I Typically Print

After my post on printing in unusual sizes, someone asked me how you can print the smaller sizes at a place like Costco. If you invest in Photoshop Elements (I think it’s around $70), you can actually recoup your expenses in the long run if you print lots and lots of small pictures.

Why is that?

Because after you re-size your pictures, you can drag those smaller pictures onto one canvas and print them on a single 4×6.

For example, you can crop six photos into 2×2, create a 4×6 canvas, and drag the six photos onto the canvas. You’ll print all six photos as one 4×6 print. Six photos for the price of one 4×6 print!

Pretty awesome.

Printing Multiple Photos Onto a 4×6 Print

Sometimes I want a very unusual size, like I might digitally crop a photo to 3×6.5. When I do this I’m not looking for that specific size, necessarily. It’s just that when I’m working on the cropping, that’s the size that I happen to think looks cool for that photo.

Here’s a 4×6 print I developed most recently. The white gap in the middle is the extra space on the print. The photos on the left are 3×2. The photo on the right is 2×4.


The other two photos for the layout fit on one other 4×6 print. I cropped them into individual photos and put my layout together:

Lots of Drama

It’s most economical to print on 4×6’s, because they cost significantly less than the enlarged sizes.

But I’ve also found I use much less product when I have enlarged photos, since they take up so much space. So that extra cost for enlarging may end up a wash when when you factor savings in scrapbook supplies.

Here are some of the more typical sizes I tend to print in…

Unusual Sizes I typically Print



You can fit six 2×2’s onto a 4×6 print using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.



You can fit four 2×3 photos onto a 4×6 print.

3×3 or 4×4


Place two 3×3’s, or one 2×3 + one 3×3 on a 4×6 print.

6×6, 6×8, or 8×8


I place one picture of these sizes onto an 8×8 print.


Or I like to do grid collages like the one above in the 8×8 size.

9×9 or 8×12


These sizes would both go on an 8×12 print. If I’m doing a 9×9 photo, that still leaves me room for quite a few 3×3 photos all around the edges of the print, so I often add photos of that size to the print, whether they’re for the same layout or a different one.


I would not have been able to showcase the beauty of our desert to the same degree, nor the fun of being out there that morning with 4×6 photos. Both the focal point photo and the collage on the right are 8×12’s.

Costco prints in all of these sizes, plus larger ones. Non-local printers, such as Persnickety also prints and even more.

How to Drag Cropped Photos onto a 4×6 or Other Size Print

I have a tutorial that I made for Paperclipping Members a while back that shows how to drag photos onto one canvas as a collage, and then make the digital round-corner frame on top of it that you see in the Tea Time layout above.

Here’s another one:


Member’s can find this tutorial in the Member’s Area or on iTunes. It’s Paperclipping 108.

Or, if you’re not a member, you can hop over here and sign up! What have you been waiting for?

Other related tutorials in the archives that Paperclipping Members can watch are:

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  • Anonymous

    Love, love, love this info :) Do you print all of your photos in a chunk, or do you print only what you need at the time? I am taking Finding Photo Freedom (purchased through your link and discount – w00t!), and just wondering if you print all at once in your many different sizes. 

  • I just print what I think I can scrapbook within a couple of weeks.
    Sometimes I just print for one or two layouts. Sometimes I might print
    enough for 4 or 5 if I’m doing some single-photo ones.

    This has been working MUCH better for me than to print in chunks. And I
    don’t print at home. I print at Costco. Here’s an article where I share my


  • I do exactly the same thing using Picasa (which is free!).  I love being able to print unusual sizes, and it’s great to be able to get so many pictures for the price of a 4×6!

  • Glad to know Picassa can do that too! I’ll have to try and remember that!!

  • Hi I just wanted to pop and link up to Photoshop Elements 8 – Adobe is selling it for $20 as a download http://bit.ly/mqDefV

    It is the previous version, but I use PSE8 :) PSE9 usually up to around $150 for us in Australia, so this is a great deal!

    And yes – you can chose your sizes in Picasa – Go to create then Photo collage, but I find it a little more fiddly to get just the exact sizes I want. But maybe I’m just not quite as familiar with it.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Melissa!!