Two-Page Layouts for Holidays – Paperclipping 230

paperclipping 230

Do you ever make two-page layouts anymore?

I thought I was done with the double standard page, as I’ve been enjoying mixing pocket pages with a standard 12×12 scrapbook page when I feel the need. But this month I proved myself wrong. With the desire to scrapbook a Thanksgiving story and my own 40th birthday this month, I found myself wanting to do an old-fashioned two-page layout with no pocket pages.

So I did both!

  • I used an old favorite Thanksgiving layout as inspiration for my new one, which turned out quite different from the first.
  • The birthday page is entirely new, based on the needs of 11 photos and LOTS of fun ephemera from a rather wild night.

You can see all of it come together, step-by-step, in the newest episode of Paperclipping!

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  • Great episode!! Love the ideas :)

  • JulieFrog

    Eek, aren’t we doing 2-page layouts any more?! Most of mine are still 2 pages, although some of them are now 2.5 pages as I’m inserting a 6 x 12 page in the middle for more photos or journalling!

  • Many people are still doing them. I’m not doing them so much, though. Actually, I do a lot of multi-page layouts.