Trendy Ways to Create a Visual Path – Paperclipping 220

paperclipping 220

Do you struggle with where to put embellishments?

It can be easy to know where to place embellishments if you use them to create a visual path.

A visual path is a path the eye will take around a layout — the purposes being to get people to look where you want them to look, but more importantly, to keep the eye engaged so they look longer.

Embellishments are like milestones or landmarks in the path. They flag the eye’s attention. You can set them up so that one embellishment will send the viewer on to the next one, and so on. By the time the eye processes the last one, that first one is calling again, and the viewer will continue to view the page, noticing and enjoying more details.

Current trends in our culture have brought us new trends in visual paths that we’re seeing in a lot of scrapbook layouts. They are casual, playful, and energetic!

I share some of these trendy visual paths and show you different ways to make them in this week’s Paperclipping video tutorial where I assemble four different layouts!

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  • Rochelle

    When I’ve finished a layout I usually hang it on a wire, that i have in my scraproom. Sometimes I leave them there for a while, because I feel that they need “something else”, before i put them into an album.
    When I watched your latest video I had 3 layouts waiting, but not any more. They didn’t need much, one got a button, one – a small stamp, the other an enamel dot!
    Aaah – much better! Thanks Noell.

  • Kelly Boran

    Love this one! I too do what Rochelle said but I don’t hang them. I have a really neat wire display frame thing (sorry I don’t know what it’s called) that I got from Michaels. It has ten hanging post-bound scrapbook sleeves. It’s really meant for a way to display your pages but I put my pages that I know (or feel) need something more in this and I can go back to.

    I just joined paperclipping and couldn’t be happier! I’m learning so much and with all the great ideas I’ve gotten from the videos I can’t wait to get to more scrapbooking. Thank you Noell and Izzy for making these videos, they’ve breathed new life into my favorite hobby =)

  • Thank you for the kind words! And thanks for the tip — it’s a great idea!