Titles Don’t Have to Stop Traffic – PRT042

This installment of the Paperclipping Roundtable is about titles and a whole lot more.

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  • It was so nice to see this show in my itunes because I have been wondering about titles so much – I’m honored that my comment was taken notice of :) Thanks for suggesting so many great ideas, I really appreciate it!

    I have to admit that I’m not too clever when it comes to titling. I don’t really want to have to think about it that much, but when I see a really nice one I feel like I should be trying harder. I really like the monogram idea – super simple. I guess there’s no sense in going against my nature.

    I have sheets of unused letters, but they are sort of glossy, so thinking I would have to sand them down to alter the color? It seems like buyer lighter colors or just plain white would be a good option, to customize the color. I’ve never used raw chipboard, always bought stickers instead but now realizing that sometimes the adhesive is not so strong.

    I’m happy to hear about the alphabet/letter masks…does anyone know a place in Europe that sells them online?

  • Oh, I should mention that I do have a die cut machine. I have the Big Shot and love it… I buy pretty basic shapes because I use them a lot.

    I just can’t find the perfect alphabet set and there’s really limited selection here in Europe. Also, it’s a huge investment for a complete set of alphabet dies and it is only one style, one size, etc…

  • Lisa Vass

    Love your show, I have been a faithful follower since show number 1!! I especially pay attention when you discuss all of the great things the IPAD will do. I purchased one about a month ago and love, love, love it!!! That brings me to this post. I find myself to be rather technically savvy when it comes to figuring out all things electronic; however, I am hoping that one of you might be able to help me with a couple of my IPAD issues.

    The Roundtable has discussed many times about how great the IPAD is for BPC classes. I am currently taking the Donna Downey Fun with Fabric (thank you for the coupon code!) and I can see the class, see the materials, etc. but I cannot get the videos to play. What am I doing wrong or is it the whole Flash/Apple issue? I would love to be able to view these on my IPAD when I am in my scrap room. Any suggestions? The other issue I have is when I am in my classroom, some of the hyperlinks won’t work. Specifically, the ones that take you from BPC to Donna’s website to purchase the kits.

    The last question I have is on this last Show (42), you all were talking about taking layouts, sketches, etc. that you see on websites and saving them to view later like one of your photos. Do I need an App to do that and if so, can you recommend one? The last thing that I have to move over to my IPAD are all of my photos. I am still dependent on my PC for that.

    Thanks so much for your great show and any help would be appreciated!!

    Lisa Vass

  • Sue

    Definitely want to buy an iPad! I’ve made a long list of how I would use it in my scrapbooking, and another long list of how I would use it in my piano studio when I teach lessons, number one reason being it would make me look cool. :) However, after doing a bit of surfing it seems a strong possibility that there will be a new iPad version released very soon, maybe even in time for the holidays. Scuttle is this update will be lighter, have a camera and wireless printing, but no Flash capabilities yet. So….I guess I can wait a few more months, but it is getting harder every day! Just thought you and your readers would want to know.

    p.s. I can watch the Paperclipping member videos on an iPad, correct?

  • This was a really fun show to listen to! I always like ideas about how to stretch supplies and use things in different ways, especially alphabets!

    Noelle, I have one question for you. You mentioned on the show that you have a favorite black letter sticker set and I notice you use them often in your videos and on may pages. Can you tell me what brand those little black stickers are?

  • Jenn V.

    Sorry Noell, I spelled your name wrong. :(

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for reading my iphone screen capture letter. I so agree with Nancy – that seeing the actual picture of the text screen brings back a visceral memory of that first of text reading.

    As for the different ways to do titles: I love my Dymo label maker! It’s fast, cheap and easy to use – (plus if you have little kids, they love to play with it). I especially like to use it on my son’s pages and for dates, it has a very matter of fact documenting look that I like.

    I also like to use simple wood letter stamps (Hero Arts I think) for the titles. You can see it in the First Day layout. I find that these stamps are faster and easier to use than my clear cling stamps – I think they also give a cleaner stamp too.
    You can see examples of them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10583979@N05/5102253495/

  • Peggy

    I’ve done this accidentally! now I know what I did!

  • Peggy Leland

    I was just struggling with title problems this weekend, great timing!

  • Julie S.

    One of my favorite titles was from a trip to the sand dunes. We got stuck on a sand rail tour and I knew that I would scrap about it so we created a title and took a photo of it. You can see an example here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheplers/4589423876/
    I think it would be cute to use a similar technique maybe in the snow, or you could use letter blocks, scrabble tiles, refrigerator magnets or maybe even a picture of someone holding a sign you made. The possibilities could be endless!
    Great show and congratulations to Angie!

  • Mktilden

    As always LOVE the show. I have two questions. 1) Can you explain how to do the screen capture on the iPhone one more time? and 2)Was it you guys who recommended somewhere in a show “The Color Room”? I could swear I heard about it here or on the digi show, but I can’t find it, and I want to see what was said about it and what it does….

    Thanks guys!

  • Sue
  • Anonymous

    “So my Pick of the Week is how to do a screen capture on the iphone:
    To do this, briefly hold down both the the round menu button on the bottom of the phone as well as the on/off sleep button at the top. A quick flash will indicate the screen capture. The photo of the screen then shows up in your Camera Roll on your phone – ready to upload and use on a page.”

    The the photo is exactly what you see on the screen – so scroll & center your texts/information accordingly.

  • Mamascrapalota

    Thanks Sue and PaperSquirrel! Sue do you remember what they said about The Color Room? I keep scrolling everywhere, but cannot find what they all said. Was it a pick? Papersquirrel, I’m going to try that out right now.

  • Susan Garman

    I love to listen to your show while I’m scrapbooking and often I’ll miss a comment here and there so please forgive me if I just missed hearing this suggestion. Regarding the problem of running out of letter stickers and not having enough of the same letter font to finish a title – how about mixing and matching letters? I find I get more bang for my buck when I stop worrying about uniformity and just get on with the fun of being creative. Scrapping and other paper crafts are not meant to be perfect. Each one is handmade and unique, therefore when my letters don’t line up 100% or don’t match in font or color; it all becomes a part of the project’s distinctive style.

    PS Love the shows. Every week I experience at least one ah ha moment. Thanks for the wonderful service you provide to the scrapbook community. You guys are great.

  • Sharon

    I came here to chime in on the IPad and see others have as well. (there you go again Izzy, stirring things up). I personally think the iPad should be added to “The Book of Awesome”. When I purchased my iPad, I had no idea what it would do for my love of scrapbooking, it is truly awesome. As Izzy has pointed out, it is fantastic for viewing PDF files. Currently on my pad I have, Scrap n Art Magazine, several E-books from Ella Publishing, The Book of Awesome and many other scrapbooking related books. In addition, I have several rss readers but I keep one specifically for scrapbooking. I have rss feeds from Scrapbook Update, Ella Publishing, Paperclipping…so it is like having my own scrapbooking newspaper at my fingertips. Yesterday I purchased an app that keeps inventory of all my Cricut Cartridges, and just this morning I purchased my first Big Picture Class on the iPad. I have been listening to Paperclipping since the beginning and had not made any e-purchases before owning the ipad. Having the ability to carry all this information with you is unbelievable. Eveything I have purchased has been on your recommendation so please please use this amazing device to your advantage. Perhaps going forward Izzy’s pick of the week should have to be iPad related.

  • Thought you might be interested to know that the twitter information is not going to be lost forever — in fact, in a while it will be available for people to search and study. The Library of Congress is keeping a copy of the twitter archive: http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2010/10-081.html

  • Yes! I don’t think they’re formatted specially for iPad, but they work just
    fine, I think.

  • They’re Creative Memories, the Classic style. They never get discontinued.
    They stick nicely. There are two sizes I love. And of course, I just LOVE
    the basic font. It goes with everything.

  • No worries! It’s an unusual spelling!

  • Another great idea!

  • LOL — you’re hilarious. You can listen to the beginning of the show again
    (the mail section) and it will be just like we had explained it one more
    time! ;)

    The Color Room — I’m not sure I remember that name. Try doing a search for
    that phrase on my website. There is a search field in the left column just a
    little ways down. If we did talk about it in either the Digi Show or the
    Roundtable, and we linked to it in the show notes, the search should pull up
    the episode. You could also do a general google search.

  • Yes, I remember we talked about that during an earlier episode. It’s

  • Bibliotecaria

    Great! I couldn’t remember.

    One thing I forgot to mention — in all the title options you mentioned, you didn’t talk about simply writing them. Maybe using a large marker, or a calligraphy-style pen, or just writing them big. That whole problem with alphabet stickers? I gave up on them a long time ago. I mostly just write mine now.

  • I use these, too, and I agree–it’s great to use something simple and classic. It’s a GREAT idea to stock up on one or two of your favorite sticker sets so you always have more on hand. The less complicated, the better.

    I also love ABC stickers that have a little bit of an outline after you use the actual sticker. You can cut around this to get another letter–the inverse of the original letter. (This is especially useful if you’re in a bind and you need one more letter RIGHT NOW!) It ends up looking really fun on a page mixed with the regular letters.

  • About the masks, I don’t know where to buy them in Europe, but I’ve made make-shift “masks” from ABC stickers and the negatives (the part left over when you take the sticker out). It’s easy to do, and then you don’t feel too invested in the set if you only want to use it once, because you’ve basically created it from scraps.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Nuut

    I do not really like the look of mixed up letter stickers. But I also like to use up my stickers and sometimes you simply need to mix it up. I find I like it more when I do not mix too many. So I would start with a set of almost depleted letter stickers and use a set of complete letter stickers to fill up the one or two letters I do not have. That way I jsut mix two styles and it looks kind of random and nice when done. I also discovered that combining letter stickers and stamping alphabets look nice. This helps when the letter you need is one of the popular ones (a, e, t, r s, etc.). You use your letter stickers and when they run out you stamp the few you need. It also looks nice when the letter stickers are big and you kind of stamp over them.
    And I discovered (after I already bought a lot) that I like letter stickers that are not ‘boxed’. How do yuo explain this? The sticker has to look like the letter, not be square or round.

  • hi2lows

    I really, really love the Paperclipping Roundtable. I anxiously await a new one each week. We went on vacation for 3 weeks and I got a little behind and am just today (12/8) listening to this episode. I’ve not commented before and feel kind of bad about complaining. (Obviously not bad enough to not do it!) So the complaint is this. NANCY TALKS TOO MUCH!!! Please just say it already, short and sweet. I want to hear more from the guests. Thanks for letting me vent, and I promise to comment with positives 7 more times before I complain again!

  • I’ve messed up so many titles trying to hand write them that I never suggest
    it! ;)

  • Angela

    Catching up on my Paperclipping podcasts and wanted to thank you for answering a couple of my questions re: titles. (I’m @akgabriel over at Twitter.) There were some good ideas/tips there. I appreciate it!