Title Strategies – Paperclipping 290


Do you love adding titles, or hate it?

Is it hard for you, or easy?

Do your titles tend to vary from page to page, or do you typically design them the same way every time?

I love the process of making titles. It’s one of my favorite things about scrapbooking. I love seeing them on my pages, too, as I flip through my layouts. Well designed titles can be real attention-getters.


Titles can help lead your eye through the page, if you lay them that way.

In today’s episode of Paperclipping I share four strategies I love to use when laying out my titles. Not only will these strategies help you to capture viewers’ attention and to guide viewers through your pages, they’ll also help to prevent you from making pages that are too busy or titles that feel awkward in their space.

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  • Tara Galger

    I love this post and am excited to watch the video as I struggle with titles on my pages. I love the evening glimpse title – I am going to give that a try! A bit of the everyday without committing to an entire project! thank you

  • Yes! You totally got the point of the Glimpse story concept. :)

    I hope the video on titles helps. Enjoy!

  • Terry

    Loved this video on titling pages. You make it make so much sense. I am going to try your suggestions. I struggle with just coming up with the title, let alone placing it! And I usually forget to allow for it while I’m designing the page with photos and embellishments. Thanks Noell – your videos are always packed with great information/ideas.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I’ve always enjoyed your titles Noell … looking forward to watching this video