• Jennifer Harrison

    Okay I’m loving all of Tim Holtz new stuff. However I am soo wondering if the view master die fits in an actual view master?

  • Marie

    I see some new steel rule dies in my future!

  • Katie K.

    Ohh, this stuff is so awesome! I got a die-cut machine for Christmas so I’m paying a lot of attention to any and all die-cut related. The creativity and ingenuity that shows up in these new products is impressive – ie., the new Premium Gold dies. Love the clipboard and the alphabets of T.H. How about doing some more tutorials on die cuts?

  • What kind of tutorial would you want relating to die cuts, Katie? Are you interested in seeing projects that use dies? Or are you hoping for some kind of how-to with the dies? Do you have anything specific in mind?

  • Lots of possibilities with these dies.

  • Katie K.

    Thanks for finding time during CHA to ask! First I have to say that it was Paperclipping that influenced my selection of machine – thanks for helping me to get it under the tree. I got a Sissix Big Shot. And I’m interested in how-to’s of maximizing my use of it for all its worth. I don’t think I need layout ideas as they are abundant on every media and using dies – are using an embellishment or shape as overall page/layout design. More on how to select which dies from the vast selection out there – as a beginner I want to use my craft dollars wisely. For instance, I had a brand of alpha stickers I used but are now discontinued. So I’ve been thinking should I get some alpha dies? which ones? what if I don’t use that font enough? Or how about selecting simple shapes vs ‘elaborate’ dies – what are shapes and designs that are most versatile? What brands do folks like the best? for what reason? Are some dies better for certain kinds of cutting over others? different mediums that you are cutting? See how many questions I have! Thanks for asking Noell. Great job you two on the video’s.

  • Katie K.

    I was wondering the same. Wouldn’t that be cool if it did. I’m going to dig up the kids and measure it. I think I saw another viewmaster in another display but I can’t remember whose it was…

  • I did see one sitting in some kind of view master – it’s on the shelf where we first started. It was a brown view master so I don’t know of it was standard, and I didn’t really look at it to make sure it fit perfectly. From sight it looks like it does.