Tim Holtz Full Demo of Distress Paint and Rock Candy Dry Glitter at CHA 2013

This is a longer, more extensive video than the private one Tim did for us the first morning. Ranger invited us to join a small group of their biggest retailers before the trade show opened on the second morning, and that’s what this video is.

So if you want to see and learn even more about the Distress Paint, check out this video! You’ll also see how to color the Rock Candy Dry Glitter!

  • Winnie

    Thank you for sharing this video. I can’t wait to try these paints!

  • Barb Y

    Here’s a couple of questions for you…what exactly does CHA stand for?is the show only open to buyers, or open to the public? and when do the products you share with us hit the market? is there one place that seems to sell them sooner, or individual designer’s own websites to sell? Thanks for all the great videos!!

  • Hi, Barb! Great questions.

    CHA – Craft & Hobby Association. This footage is all from the CHA trade show.
    The show is only open to buyers, plus they let in a handful of people who come as “press.” That’s Izzy and me. We have to show a whole lot of credentials to qualify as press these days.
    The manufacturers use this as their opportunity to show upcoming products in person to the retailers so they can make better buying decisions. Buyers also do a lot of ordering on the spot. Some of the products are already available and ready to ship to the retailer. Some of it will be out next month. Some the month after that, some as late as June.
    Once in a while something isn’t available until even later than that because things go wrong in manufacturing.
    As for who sells an item sooner — it all depends on which retailers get their order in sooner. For example, if Scrapbook.com gets to the Ranger booth on the first day and orders right away, but TwoPeasInaBucket doesn’t get to Ranger until the last day to order, then Scrapbook.com might get theirs first, unless Ranger is able to fulfill both orders at the same time. Your local LSS might go to CHA but not order until the following month. Since it ordered later, it’ll get it later.
    It all depends on when the store orders. It’s possible that some retailers have special relationships with some manufacturers and get priority. I don’t know whether that is the case or not.
    If there is a product you really want right away, you can go to the website of the manufacturer and see if they have it posted somewhere when the product will be available for shipping to retailers. Sometimes you can find that info on the manufacturer blog. You can also contact your favorite store and ask them whether they ordered that product. If not, you can request that they do. My local one will order a product by request of the customer.

  • Very cool. Im sure you were invited because of your great videos. It was funny to see Wendy Vecchi on the sidelines. I think ideas were churnning.

  • Mel LaFavers

    Oh, those paints are awesome. Cannot WAIT to get my hot little hands on them and put them to work. :)

  • Jennifer G.

    I am just starting to learn some techniques. I am not really a creative
    person in general. These paints look completely awesome though. I
    have two questions. #1 Do you just rinse off the blending pad or
    dispose of it if you decide to use one instead of the dabber or your
    finger? #2 Does anyone know when these paints will become available? I
    am learning so much from your blog and the paperclipping roundtable. I
    am really wanting to become a member and hope to after I finish with
    some organizing I am doing in my home. No real time to watch videos at
    the moment and I would be tempted to do that instead of the organizing
    if I got the membership now. My 10 year old is very artistic and creative. I shared this video with her and also anything you do on art journaling in general. Thanks for everything!