Thrive! Becomes Push! 2012: Plan + Progress Book

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Say hello to Thrive! 2012, now called Push! 2012.

First off, I need to announce a new name for the Thrive! 2012 series. There was some confusion between my series and a workshop called Thrive that is run by a professional photographer. We share some of the same audience so I changed the name to avoid confusion.

Why did I choose Push!?

Remember, the whole point of the series is to have a system of journaling that will help us to maximize the time we’re already giving to learning something or progressing in a certain area. The simple act of journaling what we’re learning accelerates progress because we’re paying more attention and remembering more of what we’ve learned.

By participating in this series, you are pushing the boundaries of time and forgetfulness so you can thrive.

Here are some synonyms of PUSH according to

accelerate, bear down, bulldoze, dig, drive, exert, launch, make one’s way, move, muscle, pour it on, propel, steamroll, stir, incite, urge, encourage, exert influence, expedite, fire up, go to town on, influence, inspire, jolly, key up, motivate, oblige, persuade, pour it on, speed, speed up, spur, turn on.”

Push! Home Decorating Plan + Progress Book

Next year I will have lived in my home for a decade and there are so many bare (but painted!) walls. I’ve done so little decorating in all this time!

I just find it overwhelming. You can’t sit down and decorate one day and have it all done. You have to plan and shop and hang and repair and shop again, etc. When I have the choice between a task I can complete now, and a task that requires so many steps and places to visit, I tend to choose the task I can complete now.

I’m ready to push forward this area of my life.

I’ve been assembling the Home Decorating Plan + Progress book that you see above so that I can have all my information together and ready for me, to make it easier for me to complete a task so it won’t be so daunting.

The Cover: I’ll focus this post on the cover today and then we’ll look inside the book next time.


  1. Cover an old binder with one or two layers of gesso.
  2. Choose two similar colors of paint. I chose a blue and a green-blue.
  3. Start painting the top of the binder with one color in horizontal strokes.
  4. Blend hints of the second color into the first one.
  5. As you continue to move lower down your book, add more and more of the second color. By the time you reach the bottom you should be using mainly your second color with only hints of the first color.
  6. Take your brush and the second color and swipe it vertically from the bottom, about 1/3rd of the way in, toward the top, but not all the way.
  7. Choose words or images that inspire you and add them to your cover.

A Home is 3-Dimensional Art You Get to Live In.
A few years ago I began thinking of my home this way, and since I love art so much, it gave me direction for creating a home that inspires me. Having already seen some positive results by having written a vision for myself, I’m hoping it will motivate me even more to have it on the cover of my book!

Push! 2012 Participant Check in Have you continued to journal or plan? Let us know by leaving a comment! Are you sharing your Push! journals and experiences on a blog? Link us up! If you have a cover you need to alter and decide to use my book and its instructions as inspiration, please share your results!

* * *

Push! 2012 is a blog series on Paperclipping. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and thriving in various areas in which we’re trying to learn or improve, and we’re using journals or Plan + Progress books to help us do that. Read about this series here. You can see all of the related Push! 2012 posts here.

  • How sad that you couldn’t use “Thrive” I really liked that word. It was ALL positive to me.”Push” has a bit of a negative note in it for me, but I’m rethinking and concentrating on the positive menings of it.
    Beautiful book! I can see a sign post in your background. Pointing forward.

  • I know, I really liked the word Thrive! and I thought for an entire week something just as good. Yes, please see if you can make it a positive word because we’re going with it all year! :) Maybe all it will take is a post or two that you like to turn Push! into something that lifts you!

  • Okay, I wondered what happened.  Push sounds good to me as I really need to PUSH myself to accomplish some much needed tasks.  I’ve gathered several notebooks for different areas of my life and am beginning to do the covers of each.  I’ve only tried art journaling once but I’m thinking of using the technique on my covers.
    I’ve already started a food journal as I’m doing Cathy Z’s MMEW this year and am tracking my food intake and exercising.
    I’m anxious to see the inside of your album!

  • Fancyscrapper

    I’m following along! Here’s my blog post with a bit about my journals. I love how you’ve inspired me to get them together, Noell!

  • I love this concept, and I like both words.  And on the brightside, you can use the Salt n’ Pepa song with the new title.  Push it good.
    Ok. seriously. I am back to work (all this CHA stuff is too distracting).

  • Peggy

    Hi Noell, my name is Peggy and I am a huge fan of PRT.  I happened to be off today and found myself on your website watching CHA videos!  Then I came across the Push series for 2012.  I love this idea.  I too don’t like making goal lists.  I always felt intimated by lists like that and then would fail.  What’s funny is that your post reminded me I have a garden journal.  I used to use before my kids to keep track of what is in my large flower garden.  I will track it down and continue it.  I live on the east coast so no gardening right now.  But I can get it ready for spring. :o)

    I haven’t been as creative as I’d like to be either so I hope to spend some time working towards doing more with this as well.

    Can’t wait to see how everyone’s journals progress.

  • To improve creativity, I am often reminded of the suggestion to “create something every day”. But as a busy mom,. working outside the home too, I often find it hard to fit in the time to even doodle!
    So I think it its a cool idea to make lists and projects in too a creative endeavor. Love ideas that kill those 2 birds with 1 stone! Just viewed Noel’s CHA video on the Smash Book. That might work great for a project oriented journal
    . My journal book topics right now are a new home project and meal planning/ healthful living. So far I am just using a boring but practical 3 dollar journal. Time to get out the paint, or at least the Washi tape!

  • This is awesome! Thx for jumping in!