Thirty-Six Scrapbook Layouts with Technique-Based Backgrounds

love SHARE (closeup)

When I went to Ranger U last year to get certified to teach how to use Ranger products, it was with a very specific goal: I wanted more ideas for how to adapt these fun techniques for everyday scrapbooking in a modern mainstream style.

We usually see them used on tags, in vintage projects, on cards, or in art journals. We don’t see them used in scrapbooking all that often, which is too bad, since they’re so much fun! Plus…

Of all the technique-oriented products, I recommend Ranger for scrapbookers. Ranger has the best ones with the highest quality.

Here are 36 scrapbook pages with backgrounds I made from technique-based products such as Distress Inks and Stains, Perfect Pearls, spray mists, paint, stamps, stencils, and masks…

Stencils and Spray Mists
Wanna Trade?
Wanna Trade? (closeup)

Stains, Inks, Masks, and Stamps
The Peaceful Nature
I have step-by-step video tutorials for many of these pages in the archives for Paperclipping Members. I’ll list them below their layouts. For the one above, Members can watch Paperclipping 201 – Organic Background Techniques.

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Spray Mists, Leftover Piece of a Chipboard Product as a Stencil, and Alpha Masks
Toast Moment
Toast Moment (closeup)

Spray and Masks (on journaling)
Finding Freedom
Finding Freedom (closeup)

Perfect Pearls and a Stamp
NYCDA (closeup)
Video Tutorial: Paperclipping 193 – Perfect Pearls for Scrapbook Layouts

Perfect Pearls and a Stamp
love SHARE
Video Tutorial: Paperclipping 193 – Perfect Pearls for Scrapbook Layouts

Perfect Pearls and a Stamp
Side Benefit of Dance
Side Benefit of Dance (closeup)
Video Tutorial: Paperclipping 193 – Perfect Pearls for Scrapbook Layouts

Paint, Distress Crackle Paint, and Glitter as a Frame
Woodland Fairy
True Scrap Class Photo + Fairy closeup

Distress Ink on Gloss-Printed Paper
XOXO (iPhone Google Searches)

Paperclipping 146 – Easy Altered Backgrounds

Spray Mists

Spray Mist on Gloss-Printed Paper
Anime Trin
Paperclipping 146 – Easy Altered Backgrounds

Distress Ink on Gloss-Printed Paper
Shine On
Paperclipping 146 – Easy Altered Backgrounds

Spray Mists, Embossing Powder, and a Stamp
I'm a Butterfly

Paint on a Dry Brush Over Old Flowers
Getting Gatsby
Getting Gatsby closeup
Video Tutorial: 178 – Transform Old Products Into Ones You’ll Love

Paint, Puffy Paint, Spray Mist
Raised to Read
Raised to Read closeup 2
Video Tutorial: 178 – Transform Old Products Into Ones You’ll Love

Twisted Trunk

Distress Ink (foreground) and Spray Mist (background on bottom)
Riding the Quad
Riding the Quad closeup

Distress Ink on Gloss-Printed Paper
Ten Things I Love About My Life
Paperclipping 146 – Easy Altered Backgrounds

Spray Mist on Gloss-Printed Paper
Paperclipping 146 – Easy Altered Backgrounds

Gesso with Spray Mist
Video Tutorial: Papercilpping 142 – Scrapbooking with Everyday Items

Spray Mist, Stencil, and a Stamp

Spray Mist and Leaves Cut from a Starbucks Bag as a Stencil

Paint, an Old Comb, and Bubble Wrap

Spray Mist on Gloss-Printed Paper
Paperclipping 146 – Easy Altered Backgrounds

Paint on Raised-Dotted Cardstock

Paint and Distress Ink

Spray Ink with Flowers as Masks

Paint on a Dry Brush

Spray Mists with Scalloped Chipboard Mini-book Page as a Mask
Video Tutorial: Paperclipping 120 – Circular Anchor Flexible Template

Paint on a Dry Brush

Painted Frame

Paint and Stitching with a Mask

Ink with Cut-Out Circles as Masks

Paint and a Mask

Paint and Masks

Paint and a Mask
January Layouts  616
Video Tutorial: Paperclipping 27 – Using Masks and Paint

See how Distress Inks and paints and other products don’t need to be limited to vintage tags and art journals? You can make modern, bright, colorful scrapbook pages with these super fun techniques and supplies. Hopefully from these 36 scrapbook layouts you found a few ideas!

If you need some technique help, I have many tutorials in the Paperclipping Membership. Get info here.

  • Katie K.

    Thanks Noel for posting all these layouts with their respective Ranger product/techniques. It is just what I need – though I wouldn’t have been able to ask for it – just in seeing it, realized we all needed it in one place and very visual. This is what I made, this is what I used, this is the tutorial to learn from. I actually last summer made a layout based on the Perfect Pearls and a stamp tutorial for a layout based on a photo close-up of a glimmery colorful face painting. The Pearls was just the product to highlight all the sparkle and color of the painting job. I was on hiatus these past few months but now I’m back in the groove so can’t wait to go back and try applying techniques learned.

    Curious if you have a tutorial or info on the differences between the Dylusion inks and the other Ranger sprays? The videos from CHA have peaked my interest in buying some of these and trying all that fun art-making.

    Thanks. You are always giving us so much to learn and apply that is practical.

  • Ingunn Markiewicz

    Thanks for sharing all these layouts – I’m a very simple scrapbooker, but I love the look of masked backgrounds, it’s a great way to add playfulness while still being able to keep the rest of your design graphic and simple. Thanks for the inspiration! (I also love reading everything you post about your lifestyle changes, veganism and minimalism, so please keep those pages coming too!)

  • Laurie L

    Fabulous and so many to feast our eyes on. Love the mists and those ones with the circle layouts! Gorgeous!!!

  • Thank you so much for your work, it is always great!

  • Martie Rollin

    This was such an enjoyable less in creative scrapping. Thank you for these inspiring ideas. I found myself jotting down the 10 things I enjoy about my life! Wonderful idea! I’m going to incorporate this into my Valentine mini albums for this year. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  • So, so pretty!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Marie-Pierre

    Beautiful pages!!!! And so unique!

  • Tami

    I love the posts on this site. I’m SO glad I subscribed!

  • I hope you have an upcoming video using Tim Holtz new acrylic paints. I would love to see your ideas using this product.

  • Emilyn

    Loved looking through these. Nice way to showcase how to use all those products we have laying around!

  • So many beautiful projects and inspiration. Thank you for rounding them up here!

  • Thank you! Me, too! :)

  • Such great products shouldn’t be laying around doing nothing, right? ;)

  • june

    Noell, this is one of my favorite posts! Although I have more of a simple clean style, I can see how some of these techniques can be used on my pages. Thank you for putting these together.

  • Roxy Jones

    Thank you for all of these great tips. Sometimes what I do when I go on a family vacation and I want to remember the date, I use a date stamper!! Does anyone else do that? I get mine from here..

  • Karina

    Just found your post with all these great examples. Despite it’s two years old now, it was extremely helpful. Thanks for the great job you’ve done!