Thirty Plus Ideas for Scrapbooking Summer and Summer Vacations


Looking forward to some fun summer photos to scrapbook?

Here are lots of ideas for summer and vacation pages, mini-books, albums, shooting photos and choosing photos, and even ideas for packing so you can scrapbook while on your vacation…

  1. A Vacation Scrapbook with Project Life
  2. Easier Vacation Scrapbooking
  3. How to Choose Your Best Vacation Photos
  4. Five Ways to Tell Your Vacation Story Through Photos
  5. How to Make a Vacation Scrapboook
  6. How to Choose Your Best Vacation Photos
  7. Six Ways to Scrapbook Outdoor Greenery
  8. How to Capture the Setting and Set the Mood
  9. Big on Photos, Short on Time: A Summer Mini-album with 44 Photos
  10. Organic Background Techniques for Outdoor Nature Scrapbooking
  11. Techniques for Bright Color Effects
  12. Four Ideas for Making Your Own Summer-Themed Scrapbook Accents

In addition to these articles, Paperclipping Members can watch these video tutorials in the Membership Library…

  • A Vacation Scrapbook with Project Life – 218
  • Organic Background Techniques – 201
  • Summertime Photography Tips – Paperclipping 112
  • Make Your Vacation Album More Meaningful – Paperclipping 107
  • Packing to Scrapbook on Your Vacation – Paperclipping 110

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  • vintageplaid

    It is always so helpful when you pull together a list and links of posts and videos around a certain “task.” Thanks for all the good stuff!

  • Oh good! Thank you for the feedback! :)