The Weight of Your Journaling – Paperclipping 179


I know you’ve experienced this…

You have a great page going. Then you add the journaling. And now you don’t like the page.

You probably assume your handwriting is the problem, right?

Sure, the handwriting may be part of it. But there is another cause that is just as common. In fact, if you fix this other problem, then your handwriting probably won’t affect your page, even if it is, ummm…

Okay, I’ll just say it…even if your handwriting is ugly.

Not everybody can make their handwriting gorgeous. But everybody can learn to fix that other most common problem that takes a page from fabulous to not-fabulous, and mask the handwriting, too.

I’ve just released a new video tutorial that explains the real problem with journaling. You’ll learn the different ways that you can make your journaling fit with your page, and even make the design better!

I hope you enjoy it!

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