The Three Point Triangle Flexible Template for Lots of Photos – Paperclipping 255


Do you have lots of photos from recent holiday events?

I do!

I took the Flexible Template from Paperclipping 181 — a design idea you can use to build single photo layouts, as well as pages with lots of photos — and I used it for two different Christmas pages.

  1. A two-page spread with 12 photos all the same size.
  2. A two-page spread with 11 photos of varying sizes.

Of course, I did it all on video so you can do it, too.

Whether you have lots of pictures that are ready to scrapbook, or just a few, you’ll be able to use the Flexible Template to get you going on your next page.

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  • Teresa S

    Love the line of Christmas Trees. Do you have archival concerns about the wood touching your photograph?

  • Becky Gotch

    Love, love, love,what you have done with the Christmas trees. Going hunting in my stash now to see if I can do something similar.

  • I’ve finally had the chance to watch this, love it!
    BTW, you look great in Ep.181’s hairdo ;)

  • I’m not concerned about the acidity when it comes to my digital photos, since digital photos are just printed versions, and the original is my digital file, which can easily be reprinted. With digital photos, I’m much more concerned about backing up my files.
    If I’m using an original photo that I care about, and can’t get a really good scan, then I’m more careful about what products I use with the photo. :)

  • June

    Noell, I really learned a lot in this episode! Do you remember where are those Christmas brads from? I might have to get a few for my stash!

  • I want to say October Afternoon. I’m not positive, but I’m not at home to check right now. Hope that’s right!

  • BTW, thank you! :)