The Shelf Flexible Template – Paperclipping 240

paperclipping 240

Need to kick start a scrapbook page today, or this weekend?

I can help with that!

What will you be using? One small smart phone photo? Two standard photos? Eight pictures? More?

No worries — I have a new Flexible Template and it will work no matter how many photos you have.

It’ll work on a single page, a double page, an 8.5xll page — any kind of page!

How do I know? Because I’ve used it all these ways, myself.

This newest FT is called The Shelf, and it’s pretty awesome. I shared it in a video we released to the Member’s Area two days ago. In the video I show all these different pages with different numbers of photos, and I put together two brand new ones using my current style of scrapbooking with lots of little bits and pieces — lots of yummy layers!

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Have fun paperclipping with this newest Flexible Template!!

Shine On,


  • Cara Vincens

    Oooooo! Flexible templates are my favourite! I logged in and watched the video as soon as I got your email. Perfect timing, LOAD starts tomorrow and I’m going to use the shelf. :D
    Your dog is so funny!

  • Teresa S

    Would love to see a video on angled layouts.

  • Awesome!

    (BTW, yeah, that dog is hilarious for many reasons!).

  • Hi, Teresa. What exactly do you mean by angled layouts? Do you mean like the one Ali recently did where her photos create three diagonal lines that lead off the page?

  • Bethany Rielage

    I love angled layouts, but I’m always a little afraid to try them! I loved this one by Lisa Dickinson :-)

  • Okay, yeah, that’s what I thought you meant. Diagonals create a sense of movement, and that sense is really strong when the whole layout is diagonal like that. Never be afraid to try something you’re interested in — you can always toss it!!
    I’ll keep it in mind as I’m working and playing!

  • Sandy Baldwin

    I watched this over breakfast this morning and all I can say is awesome, awesome! You give practical, sensible tips Noell. I’ll be trying this technique out on the weekend in my first ever scrapbooking process video on YouTube :-)

  • Teresa S

    I haven’t seen the mentioned layout by Ali. My next layout will be skateboarding pictures on this paper, I am going to run the photos on that bottom angled line. I have also seen layouts where the background items (paper, embellishments) are at an angle, but the photo is straight.

  • I have done tons of pages in the videos where the embellishing is all at an angle. Off the top of my head, the last 2 pages I assembled in this video are like that —
    #220 – Trendy ways to create a visual path

    I am interested in doing one where the photos are angled, but it all depends on whether I find a story and photos that warrant that type of design for me. Thanks for the idea!

  • fancyscrapper

    I love this concept! Also, I think it’s really fun how you have shared old lay outs along with new ones created for this video. I will definitely be using this technique this week as I find time to play with my photos and papers. I feel like NSD last weekend kind of jump-started me back into actual scrapping. I’d taken a break while I was working on re-vamping my Happy Place (aka “studio”), but that also makes me frustrated by forcing me to organize when I just want to create. I love how inspirational your videos are, and, more recently, I’ve been enjoying your use of multiple items and layering. I really like the results. Thanks for keeping the great ideas rolling in!

  • Thank you! I’m excited to see you jumping back into things!!

  • Mel

    Just watched the video, and I think it may be my favorite yet! I love the practical ideas you share, and one of my favorite things about the way you scrapbook, Noell, is how you use up little bits and pieces to form a cohesive whole that’s appealing and just works! I love doing that, too, and I’ve been so inspired by you. Thanks for another great video.