The Off-Center T Flexible Template – Paperclipping 185

paperclipping 185

We released a video this week that shares one of my Flexible Templates, which are starting point layout structures that get you going but are so flexible you can use them whether you’re using a single photo or lots of them.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the layouts featured in this episode.

Walks to Basha's closeup

Altogether I shared eight very different pages using this Flexible Template.

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Enjoy! :)

  • Great episode! Another one ;)

    BTW, how is the homeschooling going?

  • Amanda

    i absolutely loved this episode. i stopped it several times so i could take notes in my journal.
    thanks so much. i learned a ton.

  • Poirier-Brode, Karen (Ladydoc)

    Very helpful illustrations of your template. You very clearly presented the difference between this and using a template. The pages are great, too. Thanks!

  • Thank you! Homeschooling is going great for us! We really love it.

  • Yeah, you’re using a journal! That’s awesome!!

  • Thank you, Karen!

  • Poirier-Brode, Karen (Ladydoc)

    I was half asleep when I wrote this last night. Glad you understood that I meant “sketch, page map or rigid template” for the last word in that sentence. Otherwise I sound horridly confused. Sorry, dear readers!

  • Yep, I got it! :)

  • Great episode – love learning about your flexible templates. 
    Just a thought, wondering if you would show more of your pages that are not 12×12… perhaps to show how the design principles work even if we don’t scrap in a square – namely for the 8.5×11 paper? Thanks!

  • Hi, Linda! I always try to do that size when I have that option, but I just don’t do 8.5×11 all that much — only here and there. It shouldn’t matter, though — the principles work exactly the same no matter what shape or size you’re working with. You would still do your lines approximately 1/3rd the way in. You’ll just have a more narrow “t,” but you’re still going to do the exact same thing.

    Try it!

  • Will do, thanks for the reply.

    I actually just meant in general, would be interested to see your other sized pages as well…when you do them :)

  • Sure — I’ll make sure I highlight those when I can! I know there will be some varied page sizes in at least one of the February episodes!

  • thanks for taking note!

  • Lynda

    I just joined a new small, local scrap challenge group on FaceBook… The sample challenge for the group is a PageMaps sketch.  As I was looking at the sketch, I realized the basic design was the off center T, just flipped on its side!  The sketch placed the journalling exactly where you said.  I couldn’t believe it!  IAs I watched the video earlier this week, I was very drawn to this flexible template.  It amazed me that I saw the basic design in this sketch today–The lines really stuck out to me even with all of the extra stuff on the sketch.  I am so excited… the design skills you are teaching are really sinking in!!!!!  I was a little leary to start with sketches…they’ve never worked for me before, but now I KNOW I can use what is there, apply what I’ve learned and make it work!! 

  • That’s great, Lynda! Congratulations on your progress!! Seeing the “lines” is one of the most important steps in getting design.

    Hopefully the Flexible Template concept and my tutorial showed you that you can do this design concept without having to even look at a sketch!

    Thanks for writing in!

  • I looked at a page I made and wondered what it was I that I liked about it, appart from the photos and the colour (mostly red). The photos practically laid themselves so I had mostly framing and embellishing to do. I also wondered why I liked the striped stripe (above the photos) the way it was and not shorter. I came to the conclusion that the photos (the lines in them) make up a triangle and the long striped stripe adds to that triangle. (Sorry if I’m bad at explaining this.) (Not my own blog.)

    Then I looked at a layout I made today and found an accidental ‘T’! And can you find the triangular shape on this page? (It's like a piece of cake/slice of pie.)  Just wanted to show you that I see ‘lines’ too. :-) Thanks for explaining so well about the ‘Flexible templates’.

  • Yes, I see it! Thanks for sharing – they look great. And so does that yummy looking dessert!!