The New Audio Course Is Here!

We’re really excited. I mean, really.

This is our first audio course and we hope people love it and want more.

There are fast action bonuses that go away after today and after Friday, so be sure to take a look right away.

Edit: The day one bonus is over, but the 2nd bonus and discount are still available!

You can find out everything you need to on the page.

Click here to learn about the new Deep Dive audio course!


  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Cant wait to listen!! :)

  • JoRoFan

    Just purchased! Can’t wait to start listening!!

  • Katherine Kelley

    Getting this ‘workshop’ by these two amazing storytellers today? Of course!!!

  • This is so exciting! I’m really looking forward to purchasing and listening. :) Good luck with the course!

  • Jennifer Campbell

    You hiked me immediately Noell!! I’ve already listened to part one and I have sooooo many questions! Should I keep listening? Can I post them here? To be comrty honest – I am totally one on those “in the moment” scrapbookers – yet I tell some pretty deep stories too, and I would love to figure out how to mesh the two realities better without being too restrictive with my “rules”.

  • Jennifer Campbell

    That should say “hooked me”! Ooops!

  • Irene

    Hi, Just bought the course !!!! Can’t wait to check it out. It is downloading as I type :)

  • Awesome! Most likely many of your questions will be answered in segment 2 and 3, but please write your questions down. If you’re able to join us for the live webinar we can answer them then (we’ll send the invitation out some time after Friday). If not, you can email me your questions and I’ll be sure we cover them during the webinar. You will get the recording. :)

  • This is just perfect for me. I want to take classes, but the video format really doesn’t work for me. This audio version is perfect. Thank you!

  • EEEEKKKK!!!! Happy dance, happy dance! What a deal!

  • Ann Johnson

    This has been awesome so far. Listen to Lesson 1 and almost 2. I am in a major scrapbooking room purge and have so many ideas running through my head on how I want to advance my scrapbooking. I hope you do discuss them overwhelming feeling of having too many albums.

  • Thank you, Ann! I don’t remember so much directly discussing that overwhelmed feeling — but the contents of this course is my own personal answer to dilemma. Everything I shared is my method for prioritizing what I scrapbook so that I don’t overfill my space with layouts that are less meaningful to me. If you have more specific questions about it after listening, please send them to me and we’ll try to address them in the webinar. :)

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Awesome! Thank Noell :-) Listening to 2 and 3 today and have been making copious amount of notes and jotting down questions, etc! I’ll e-mail them if I don’t hear the answer in the next couple segments.

  • Ann Johnson

    Thanks Noell – I just finished listening to Lesson 2 and I really liked hearing what I am hearing. Mainly knowing where the page will go before making it. I have started a new Notebook stack in Evernote and I am off organizing album ideas. So much for worrying about the overwhelm part anymore. This course so far is amazing.

  • Thank you! :)

  • Ha ha, I was wondering what it was supposed to be! :)

  • Sue

    I am somewhat technically challenged. I download the content to my computer (Windows) but can’t figure out how to get the audio over to my IPhone.

  • I am so happy you decided to make this course! I’ve been a PRT listener since the beginning. I signed up for your membership just to support the show and never used it. (No fault of yours :-}) After seeing Noell’s class at True Scrap, I renewed my membership AND bought the Romantic Scrapbooking Course (LOVE!). The thing that got me in your True Scrap class was how you were developing Trinity’s dance album (my daughter’s a competitive swimmer). I am THRILLED that you’ve made this whole class about that one topic. I’m only half way through the first segment and I already have so many ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Today I was happy to run errands because I could listen to the audio course on my way!! :) I was particularly happy to get to the store 10 minutes before opening and wait in the car. I had a note book and a pen with me and I started jotting down ideas as they came to me while listening. I’m right in the middle of lesson 2 and I love it. On the Roundtable you had already brushed on that theme of conducting albums with a story line but often I find the Roundtable episodes way too short (in a positive way!) and I would want to know more and to dig deeper. Even if no specific techniques or tips are given, I find it very inspiring to listen to other scrapbookers talk about their process, ideas and ways of seeing memory keeping. Thanks for such a professional discussion well worth the money. :) And I hope we’ll get the chance to get more classes like this one with other guests maybe. :) I love listening to Shimelle. I’d love to hear Heidi Swapp, Ali, … :) Hope you can continue. You’re off to an awesome start! Thanks again!! xox

  • Joanne

    Loving the new audio course. I love to listen to audio when I am doing boring stuff like housework, and if I miss something someone said due to having my head near a washing machine on a spin cycle, then I can just rewind and listen all over again (insert large happy grin here) Thanks also to Shimelle, both you and she make awesome audio that is relevant and interesting to all us happy scrappers.

  • Terri Cannell

    Me too. I was listening while doing laundry and a repair. Loving this course. I’m only half way thru the second segment and happy there are 4 1/2 more to go. YAY! I’m inspired.

  • Julia K

    It´s so good! And what I love is that they talk about the different part of doing a story album. I feel I now have a clear image of how I will do my album and feel so inspired! Really like the part about picking the photos and adding stories without a photo. I have so many stories without photo but now I feel ready to add thous, not focus so much on the photo. Really recommend this course and can´t wait for the next one!

  • Sue

    Thank you. I got them into I Tunes and was able to listen to first two episodes during a long drive.

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    I’m just done with the last segment and I even though I feel kind of sad that it’s over, I mostly feel very filled and uplifted. Since I started listening to the audio course my whole thinking about my pages shifted. I have always been wondering why I scrapbook (aside than because I love to do ti!), and if it’s worth it, and I feel like scrapbooking per album instead of per single stories might just be the missing key. It will definitely give a lot of value to my albums because they will be more enjoyable to flip through, for me and for everybody else that might want to look at them. Maybe there will be somebody who wants to sit and look at them now! lol Thanks SO MUCH Noell, Shimelle and Izzy. I know I’m repeating myself, but if you have another course like this one with so much content and ideas, I’ll be the first one to sign up for it! THANK YOU again!

  • Thank you! I’m so glad. :)

  • So excellent! I love it. I am definitely a huge fan of the format. I would love it if you created another audio course and would definitely buy it.

  • Lisainre

    I purchased the course on the day it was released but just like when I buy new scrapbook stash, I held off listening to it until the last few days – which is silly but I didn’t want to “use it all up” right away!!!

    Anyway, it’s absolutely fabulous. I love it and you should be SO proud. I can’t wait to hear other topics. But the combination this time of you and Shimelle and story telling albums was a wonderful start.

    And the topic is exactly what I needed to hear.

    I WAS that girl with the boxes of layouts – up to about two weeks ago, almost every single one of my layouts were in large plastic boxes. The task of getting them into albums seemed too epic, too expensive, too complicated. But then I discovered the WRMK gold and platinum albums and decided now was the time to make the jump into albums. I bought quite a few over the last 9 months or so and then I got out all those layouts – I’m guessing around 700 or so. I divided them up into years and a few special topics – roughly similar to what I’d gleaned about Shimelle’s system through videos etc.

    So when you announced this course, I knew that I needed it. And I did.

    While listening to the first section for the section time I suddenly realised that there are stories in my life that I hadn’t noticed before. I obviously need an album about “My Sewing Life”. I used to have a dress-design/making business where I designed and stitched wedding and ball gowns. I’ve made some layouts over the years about exactly this time but now I realise that it’s part of a much bigger story that I now want to tell. How I learnt to sew as a really small child (maybe only five or so); the time when I got my finger in the way of the sewing machine needle; my self-created designs as a teenager due to money and also not wanting to look like everyone else; the run up to opening my business; why it closed down; some of my proudest moments/creations; how I’ve only actually created one single item since I closed and what that means to who I am today. Actually, I recently purchased a sewing machine to just sew on paper! I had often wondered if I needed to make an album about my designs but now I see there’s a complete story in there!

    I feel invigorated to go and find photos and start creating. Thanks SO much for this and for everything you do.