• Sorry about that! It depends on the themes of the blogs. A lot of
    scrapbookers either use typepad or blogger standard themes — maybe the
    comment button at the bottom is typical for those so that’s what you’re used
    to. ??

    Glad you found it and I’m glad to have helped with your metadata!

  • Jamie Leija

    Ooh, I’ll have to check out the newsletter for that!

    Also, I copied and pasted the specs of the Macbook Pro I’m planning to get:

    8GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x4GB

    To me that sounds like a lot of RAM. Does it to you?

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  • That’s what I have and Aperture works great! You are going to LOVE that

  • Prairyk

    I just discovered your website through Ali Edwards’ blog and I’m blown away. What a wealth of information. I’ve been doing digital photography and design for as long as it’s been around and I’m learning so much more from your blog!

  • Thank you! I hope you signed up for my email updates — you’ll get so much
    more! :)

  • Jennifer

    As another poster mentioned, I’d love to find a service that prints the captions/journaling on the back of the photos. Now that would rock!

  • Kerrypez

    Awesome article. I too was brought here via Ali’s blog. I like your Find this useful feature, but why not a Twitter logo? Thanks for such a great site.

  • You’re right! We thought there was one there! Thanks for bringing it to our
    attention. Hopefully Izzy can fix that before we forget about it! ;)

  • Do you like Aperture better than iPhoto? We’ve been having issues with iPhoto corrupting some of our photos. We have tons of digital photos and I’m wondering if Aperture is a lot better to use for organization as well as editing photos.

  • WAY better! I did not like the process of editing and sorting photos until I switched to Aperture. Now I consider photo management an editing a hobby that I love and am passionate about.

  • Vickie

    I have a couple of questions: If I add the caption to my photo, will it print on the back through a service such as Shutterfly? Also- can these words be found by someone using a search engine?
    Thank you!

  • No — photo development has not advanced that far. It’ll be interesting to
    see if they eventually will do that.

    As for search engines — things are searchable if you make them public and
    searchable. For example, I post my photos to Flickr and my keyword tags +
    captions with journaling goes with it. When you look at my photos on Flickr
    it’s all there. But I also keep my photos public. You can make them private.

    They’re only searchable if you put them somewhere public. Does that answer
    your question?

  • Vickie

    Yes, that does answer my question. And thank you for taking the time to help!

  • Talia

    I had never taken the time to actually through the metadata of my photos for anything other than the date and time the photos were taken. Oh how I wish I would have known about this wonderful feature a few years ago when I was snapping like crazy after my first daughter was born!

  • I change the photo file name to the date and a short caption… either listing everyone or a bit of information

    e.g. “20110710 Princess leaving for Uni” that is then printed on the back of the photo. Amazing how useful that information can be.

  • Debalee21

    This was very interest Noell, thanks for sharing this with us.  I haven’t done any captions on any of my photos, so it looks like I will be getting busy.  My question do I start with from my new phones now and work backwards? Any advice greatly appreciated

  • Yes, I definitely suggest starting from the present and when you’ve updated your present photos, if you still have time, then go gradually backwards. That way at least your current photos will have immediate notation. If you start from the past, none of your photos will never have the details that come with doing it right away.

    Also, be sure you’re marking your most important photos and only doing those. You’ll never get it done if you try to do them all. :)

  • Anonymous

    This is great !  ONE PROBLEM:  The article you referred to for Photoshop says to go to “File Info” under the “File” menu.  I can’t find that no matter how hard I try.  HEEEELLLLPPPP !!!

  • Christine

    in Photoshop CS5 (mac), File info is the option 3rd from the bottom. Keyboard shortcut is option, shift, command, I in mac. 

    Also, if you go to the help menu and type in “file info” and use your arrow key to select file info, a blue arrow pops up to show you exactly where the command is in the menu bar.

  • It sounds like the article got filed away or moved on that website. Bummer. I found it by googling how to add a caption to various software. You should try googling it and see what you find!