The Last of CHA 2011 – Photos!

We have posted every last video we made from CHA! There are a lot of companies that I love that we missed. We completely ran out of time this year. We shot our last video past the moment it was time for us to head out of town and then we literally dragged our equipment out of the conference center and into the conference center garage where we got into the car and drove home!

Here are the rest of the pictures I haven’t had time to post until now.

The Paperclipping Roundtable Live Audience
Jan2011 2911

Tami Morrison, Jennifer McIntyre, Jess Forster, Molly McCarthy, Stacy Julian, and Paolo Liloc.

Jan2011 2912 - Version 2

The Mail. I mean, Male…
Jan2011 2913

Pantone Cookies
Here’s a funny story. Izzy had found a picture online of some rectangular-shaped cookies. They had beautiful colored frosting on the top two thirds. The bottom third was white with a Pantone number written in black edible pen! They were Pantone color chip cookies!

I emailed the picture to Stacy Julian and told her that if we were on top of things, Izzy and I would bake those for her and send them to her (being the lover of color that she is!).

Jan2011 2917

Well guess what? Stacy pulled out this bright green bag and outdid us by handing those same cookies to all of us! Awesomeness. I love that lady!

Here’s me getting hyped up on the anticipation of sugar, and pulling out the cheesiest smile I can muster. Just for the fun of it.
Jan2011 2922

And then we got very serious as we listened to Ana Cabrera tell us about angry adhesives.
Jan2011 2925

It’s a very serious matter.
Jan2011 2927

See? Even Stacy thinks so.
Jan2011 2929

But Izzy? Not so much. This boy cannot get serious. Not even when we’re talking about angry adhesives.
Jan2011 2914

If you missed this crazy fun recording of the CHA episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable you can listen here!

See you next year, CHA!
Jan 2011 3142

Me, Steph from The Daily Digi, and Nancy Nally.

Oh, in case you were confused, there are two more letters on my shirt that you can’t see in the picture. Below the HO is a PE. Just thought I’d clarify so we have no questions floating around here. :)

  • Peg in CO

    Fun pictures! That is not what I thought Steph looked like at all. LOL How funny! I think you guys did the best job by far on the coverage of CHA this year. The video is so much better than just still pictures and the camera work this year was so good. I’ve watched some other videos that frankly I can’t bear to watch there is so much motion. You knocked it out of the park and I really appreciate all the work I know you both did to make that happen!

  • Iceteeeeee

    Thanks for the clarification on the shirt…I wondered…hmmm….JUST KIDDING!!! You guys did a great job and I really appreciate all your hard work. It was so much fun to see all the pictures and videos! Long live Paperclipping… least I HOpe so :).

  • Yes, yes, LONG live Paperclipping, I’m right there with ya! :)

  • Such fun we had!! Let’s do it again next year!!

  • :)

    most def