The Great Planner Tour from Paperclipping

My new Planner Room is full of planning supplies. Get tips and ideas for better and (more organized) planning when you watch this video.

  • Elizabeth Ashman

    Laughing out loud here in Tassie. Now I know where I am going wrong with my planner….no dedicated planner room!

  • Ann Marshall

    It took me a while to catch on to the April foolin’. I was getting seriously worried that I was going to have to remove you from your lofty position as a role model in my paper-crafting life. I was beginning to wonder how I could gently tell you, “Get real! There’s an easier way to plan!” Y’all pulled a good one. Thank goodness it was just a date on the April calendar. Now on to real life . . ..

  • Awesome! :D

  • Simona

    I have a hunch telling fibs has never come easy for you Noell. When I saw your video title I thought you made a typo by saying it was your planner versus scrapbook room tour. “No way,” I thought would our practical Noell set aside a room for planners or planning. But then the video started and I thought – “She has gone bonkers.” She’s eaten bad mushrooms! Something! And look how stiff she is! She is not comfortable with this…” And then I looked at my calendar watch… and breathed a sigh of relief!!

    Clever people you and Izzy! While it might not equal the bust gutting humor of last year’s, it was pretty darn wonderful fun. Loved the warning washi for pest control and five artistically placed blue dots for the time with a deadly sweet insistence that there would be NO CHANGES because the apt was already washi’d in.

    Rich. I am still grinning. Simona

  • Yes! :)

  • Simona

    I think it’s pretty darn funny that you have two Simona’s on here responding to your April Fools Day video. Simona MacA

  • Carol

    Yeah, when you said “this drawer is for the pediatrician” I was like “who the hec needs a whole drawer!!!!????” I just need some fruit snacks for my kids & the appt. Card!!!! Lol so good :)

  • Love it!

  • Melanie S.

    I started watching and as Noell went along the larger size smartphone that she received a scheduling call on. The different drawers for medical specialties appointments. The different washi tapes for the different friends who wouldn’t know as this is viewed internet wide I thought “Are you kidding me?” Yeah, duh. She’s kidding me! April Fools! Great job Noell and Izzy!

  • Wendy Morris

    The Ob-Gyn drawer?! I can only shake my head! Did Izzy come up with that one!? Ha!
    And the washi tape for ranking of friends….you are a nut!

  • Gela K

    Hi la ri ous!

  • Barb C

    I laughed so hard- so funny. Are we April Fools-imagine a whole room for scheduling supplies!

  • debduty

    Thanks for the laugh! My favorite… diagonal stripes for obvious reasons. :) haha.

  • Anne

    You got me! I thought you were crazy. Who has time to schedule their scheduling? :)

  • Amanda M.


    This was hysterical and just the laugh I needed this week. Orange for pest control “for obvious reasons”. Best ever. Thank you!

  • Dawn N


  • Hannah Brown

    I feel so stupid, reading the comments a day later and realizing that this was April Fools. I am relieved though, I have to admit. XD I was watching this shaking my head and saying, “I thought Noell didn’t want something elaborate for her planning! What in the world?!? I could never do this.” *sinks down sheepishly*

  • Tammy Dameron

    I’m so slow.. LOL!!! I thought you were serious! I had to watch it again and realized it was a joke. Good one! You had me going! Happy Crafting & God bless :)

  • Crystal Toler

    You already washied them into your schedule!!! I have tears :)

  • You guys are too funny! I totally fell for it and thought that you had lost your mind. The whole time I was thinking…how is Izzy not laughing out loud?

  • Becky Gotch

    Only just got around to watching this in the 3rd but was completely fooled! Was thinking WHO has got the time to do this! Great April Fool and the first time I’ve fallen for one! Thanks! :D Made my day!

  • Paula

    Since I didn’t watch this on April fools day, I didn’t immediately get that this was a joke. I thought that Noell was a little bit nuts and super mean for using different washi tape for different friends! I wondered how she could be like that when she normally seems like such a warm, open-hearted person! I’m relieved to know that I was wrong! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Kirstanator

    That was hysterical!!!! Love it!

  • niki

    Love the psychiatrist recommendation!!!

  • Niki

    You could have been an actress:)

  • Pepper

    Noell! How funny I saw this post and I thought I want to take a look at this when I’m free , to learn some planning tips. And I listen to the PRT episode 242 before i get to watch this, and it totally gives this video away!

    Anyhow, I absolutely write down in my to do list that I need to plan in my planner ! How funny!

  • Terri Cannell

    ha ha… Even though I heard about this video on the Roundtable, it seemed so legit that I thought I had the wrong April 1st video… I was a little afraid you were losing it… until your got to the Gyno drawer. HOW could you do this SO straight faced?! LOLZ, and I love you guys!

  • OMG… late on the game, but I was like… hmm, is this in the member library? Then I was like, code for friends you don’t like that much… so mean! DOH! LOL! Finally realized it was April fools… I’m so gullible! I like the term “washi-ed” that you used though… that could be a new term… ahha!

  • Paula

    LOL! You really had me going there. I thought ‘Are these guys for real???’. And then I thought ‘What happened to using pens??’ So Funny!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    This is so funny! you almost had me!!! Great video! I don’t know you you kept a straight face Noell! Love the friendship categories!!!!!

  • Christine Steffl

    two thumbs up! I should have scheduled this so I could watch it on the 1st. but I could not find my red stamp pad and my clear acrylic block. Now I see how effective washi and enamel dots are, I might be able to plan better. Thanks!

  • ROFL!!! Ha ha, you are too funny! Love it!