The Dynamic Line Flexible Template, Part 2 – Paperclipping 267

What can you do with a single Flexible Template?

You can make an inexhaustible number of layouts that look very different.

But if I show you closeups of the template on two different pages, you might see that both layouts started from a single idea. Look below…



Do you see it? The idea that started each of these layouts is what I call the Dynamic Line Flexible Template.

I’ve used it a lot.

My Flexible Templates are not actually full templates for a page (such as a sketch). Each template is just a general design idea to get you started on a solid design foundation, but the details are all up to you and can vary with each page:

  • Photo count – use as many or few as your story needs.
  • Page count – single or double page layout…it’s up to you.
  • Page size – 6×8, 8.5×11, 12×12…the templates work with any size you can imagine.
  • Title placement – the size of your letters and the colors on your page play a major role in where a title will look best on any given page, so my templates don’t dictate title placement.
  • Papers – your own personal style and story will factor in where and how much you want to layer or not layer. The templates leave you free to be you.
  • Details – because you can take your layout is so many different directions with a Flexible Template, additional detailing, like embellishments, can vary just as much.

For example, on the first layout pictured above I used eleven different scraps and blocks of papers in layers on top of the background paper, whereas on the second layout I only used two. And on another page I made with this template, I didn’t add any layers of paper to the background at all.

In Part One of the Dynamic Line Flexible Template video I made two layouts with photos from the same event, with the same exact color scheme, and even most of the products were the same or from the same package.

Why would I do that? Because I wanted to show you how a few minor differences made the pages different enough.

So imagine what variety you can get by using different colors, products, and pictures from different events. That is what I demonstrated in this Part Two episode.

My Flexible Templates get you started on a page design (because starting can be the hardest part), but they give you as much flexibility and room for creativity as you want.

Design with Lines

Did you know that some lines will move your eye around the page quickly, while others give you a sense of slow, steady stability?

Lines are a big deal. They play a major role in how a person feels and where they look when viewing your pages.

Because line is an essential part of the Dynamic Line Flexible Template, I took this episode as an opportunity to demonstrate how to make these two very different types of lines, and to show you how those lines make you feel.

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  • Another interesting episode :) Thanks!

  • Bethany Rielage

    Thanks so much for doing a follow-up to the previous video. I loved the first one, but I’m always interested in seeing the same flexible template used on really different layouts. Every time I watch your videos I’m reminded why I love them so much – they’re such high-quality videos with no wasted time and lots of good information. I made the mistake of sitting down to YouTube this week to try out some scrapbooking videos I had heard people recommend, and I found myself irritated by the amount of time I was wasting watching the video and not learning anything. I never feel like my time has been wasted watching a Paperclipping video, and in fact I find myself watching certain ones multiple times just because they’re so good! Thanks for putting out such high-quality products!

  • Cyndi

    Great ideas/techniques. Loved these!

  • Jennifer G.

    Thank you once again for your amazing videos. I love your style and although it is not mine, I always come away with some excellent inspiration for my pages. I do not do project life, but I do have to say that I am loving using 12×12 pages with pocket pages. It is letting me take time to play with lots of product on the full layouts while getting many more stories told in the limited time I have scrapbook. I also lets me include lots of pictures which is a necessity for me.

  • Terri Cannell

    Thanks for the video. I love the gold letters in the layout pictured. Please share where you got them.

  • Those are my new fave and I bought 5 packs! They’re from the Seven collection by Studio Calico.

  • Terri Cannell