Ten Ideas for Scrapbooking Your Relationship with Your Spouse or Significant Other

Have you scrapbooked much about the most important relationship in your life? Here are ten ideas to get you going…

The Endearing Things They Say and Do for You

Note it. Appreciate it. Write it down.

The Things I Hear You Say
Kiss Texture Closeup

The things I hear you say to the kids on my behalf…

“Guys, get away from Mom’s door. I don’t want her to feel rushed.”

…while I was finishing a scrapbook project before leaving with the family.

The Things You Say to Me
Kiss 2

Me: Do you need me?
You: I always need you. You’re a need and a want.

Kiss 3

Me: Sorry to bother you again.
You: Oh, don’t worry about bothering me. It just means I get to see you again.

The Funny Stuff

Inside Jokes

Funny Stories and Incidents

Date Nights and The Places You Go Out Together

I’m still working on the actual scrapbooking of this part, but I’ve been dong a lot of the photo-capturing and journaling!

A Favorite Venue
Noell & Izzy at D'Vine

D'Vine Bar and Bistro

We come here about every other week. I have lots of pictures here!

A Favorite Activity
June 2010 169

We love live music and going to concerts. Here we are outside Dodge Theater waiting to see Slightly Stoopid play.

The Difficulties

You don’t have to share the particulars. I didn’t…


Somehow we’ll make it cause that’s what we do. –Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Childless Vacations

Your Personalities
two_of_us 4747

I think vacation scrapbook stories are even more interesting and meaningful if you focus more on how your personalities come into play in the vacation.

Or how the vacation might affect the relationship.

New Starts and Joint Discoveries
H (Tuscon) - 3

This hike inspired the idea of mountain-biking through the desert trails. We’ve been biking most every Friday since this trip except during the most extreme points of winter and summer.

H (Tuscon) - 5

We ate at our first vegan restaurant — Loving Spoonfuls! We loved it!

This trip was the start of a whole series of firsts and a fun new exciting time in our life together.

The Major Life Changes


Money talks. But it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk. Long as I can have you here with me I’d much rather be forever in blue jeans. (Neil Diamond).

In October you walked away from The Man. The suit and the tie disappeared and the jeans came out. We depend now on our creativity and drive. We gave up a lot of monetary luxuries. And we are happier. Life is more fun than ever before. The past three months have been a honeymoon for us. Life is so very, very good. Love you.

Hopefully this gave you a few bits of inspiration to start some new pages.

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  • You guys are so cute.

    I’ve been tossing around some layout ideas to do about hubby and I.  But I haven’t had time to do them.  I need to.  I looked around last week and realized we’ve been parents for a year.  Wow….we’ve been so focused on the baby, that year flew by.  I don’t want to loose sight of US while we’re deep in the trenches of baby/toddlerhood.  The good thing is hubby and I always talk to each other.  Our realitionship was based on talking first…online.  eHarmony actually works.  I should probably scrapbook that, huh?

  • What a sweet idea. I think it’s so nice of you to share such intimate quotes with your audience. It’s inspiring and I’ll do better to take note of the things that my husband says or the way he looks at me.

  • Great post!  I started scrapbooking because of my wedding.  The wedding was nice, but the relationship is great.  I should scrapbook about us more often, and this is great inspiration.  

  • OMG YES you should TOTALLY scrapbook that!

    Let all those caps of mine reflect my enthusiasm for your page idea! :)

  • Thank you!

    That reminds me of the discussion we had in a recent Roundtable about
    scrapbooking the wedding but not the relationship before the wedding, as if
    the wedding is when it became significant. The wedding and then the
    children. But never the relationship. You know?

    Anyway, the relationship is actually the topic of this week’s Roundtable,
    which I hope will be available tomorrow! I wanted to share the layouts I was
    referring to in the discussion.

  • griffey max

     And a baby as well.  That’s going to be tough, nothing but trouble.  Trouble doubled.http://www.usacheapnikeshoes.com/SHOES/Nike-Air-Griffey-Max-1-men-2082/index_1.html

  • Thanks for sharing your ideas… I think sometimes we easily take for granted our significant other and the little they do for us… or how they see things we don’t see in ourselves! 

  • CB

    Question from a newbie:  How did you do the page title (large print headings)?  I’m working on my very first scrapbook and stumbled upon your blog  — love the videos!!  I’d like more suggestions from your members about making large attractive headings. Or is there is archived material, Noelle, would you please direct me to that?   THX  ~CB

  • Which title page are you referring to, CB? I’d love to help if I can — just
    don’t know what exactly it is you’re wanting to learn. Let me know and I’ll
    see what I can do! :)

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Gillian1268

    Sara and Noell

    I did do a mini-book (way back) of our dating years.  I did do an album of our wedding but mostly just matted the photos since that was in ’96 and stickers were big but my husband did not like stickers.  But since the girls were born I scrap “for them”.  And the current Roundtable (PRT074)  is making me realize that I am one of “those woman” that doesn’t give myself permission to create something for myself.  I am going to give these albums to the girls when they grow-up but why can’t I give myself permission to make an album for myself.  I did ages ago when I created the dating album.

    We will be celebrating twenty years together in September.  Maybe I will do a relationship album as a gift to us as a couple. 

    Thank you for inviting Shimelle Laine on this week — it was an eye opener for me. 

  • Noell – I love this post!! This is so timely I’ve been thinking/needing to do some pages on my honey and you’ve given me the perfect inspiration I need to do this!! Thanks so so much for this!

  • Your album for yourself and your husband will probably be as much of a gift
    to your girls as well! They already know much of their own story, but they
    will never know yours if you do share it. :)

    I’m so glad to hear you’re doing it!

  • Sarahloughran

    THis is so sweet!

  • Cindy Wick

    I agree so agree with Noell ~ scrap it! And I wanted to say something else real quick…I’ve been married 23 years. We have 6 kids of our own (never planned that, I liked my husband WAY more than I thought I would, lol) and then my brother died 10 years ago and we ended up with his 3 for several years while their mom was pulling herself together. We have always gotten along really well ~ but the busyness of having all those kids (we homeschool too) almost kept us from even communicating on the most basic level. After the first year, we ended up going on a small trip for four days. A friend had told me to set some guidelines ~ no talking about kids, school, bills, or house stuff. My dh was fine with that ~ but we found that the first few hours in the car traveling, we had nothing to say! One of us finally said to the other, “I can’t figure out what to talk about” and that was what loosened the dam of silence. The entire weekend then was us just dreaming together. And from then on, we carved out a few minutes a day to just talk.
    The other thing that was great during these years was that we got super close physically. You would think that with all 6 of the kids that would have already happened, but the lack time together in other areas kicked it up to a whole new level. Instead of being upset about the lack of time in other areas, I decided to go with it. It was the best decision I EVER made. Now we have kids in college and still a whole houseful of teenagers at home, and Steve and I are closer than I can even believe.
    Anyway, the punch line of this not so quick story (sorry, lol) is that making time in all kinds of ways to be with husbands will keep you close. And he’ll really love it if you take the time to scrap it. My dh does. :)

  • Wow, what a story! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • hobbyhorse

    Thanks so much Noell you are such a ray of light into this rather dull moment of scrapbooking. You always inspire me to look up and see the sunshine and a few more scrap pages get done. THANK  YOU,

  • Well thank you. At first I thought you meant it was a dull moment in
    scrapbooking history — like the entire industry. But now I see you were
    just getting bored for the moment with your actual real-time scrapbooking.


    I’m glad to have been a little help! :)

  • Lorell

    Thanks for this post, Noelle.  I love that you documented those word exchanges between you and hubby…your kids will love reading those someday.  I got to read some love letters that were exchanged between my grandparents several years back.  I loved reading them!  It reminds me how important it is to keep the husband/wife relationship strong, and to do pages about it! 

  • I bet those letters were so cool! I’m jealous!

  • Tinkster

    Such great lo’s noell!

  • Jessy

    Lorell you are so right.  I’m so glad I read all the way to the end of the comments.  I guess I hadn’t paid close attention to the fact that the word exchanges are being documented there.  Just like a love letter!  I love that.  Noell that was very smart and I am definitely going to have to try that.

  • mpriv

    What a beautiful love story! Love this scrapbook. I’ll be married 24 years on sunday & I think it’s time for me to scrap that crazy man who I married because he giggles. He turned 50 today & he is still giggling:)

  • Love your mini-albums (and your other scrappwork)! And what a sweetie your husband is…! =) This post make me wanna start doing some mini-albums myself, especially to remember those special moments and things me and my hubby say to each other. Thank you for sharing.

  • sweetart

    What a cool idea. I’ve got lots of pictures showing our first place, then remodeling our current place, this idea gave me idea’s on how to do a mini book on that. I’ve been kicking around the idea, you just gave me a map on how to do that.

  • That’s awesome!

  • Gab

    I love the relationship that you and Izzy have – it comes through so beautifully on PRT. I also love that you have taken the time to document it

  • 2569025360
  • Kelly Boran

    Wow!! I love these ideas!! They give me great ideas to start some of my own. It’s funny because every time I say “I love you” I get “Why?” My favorite project here is the “Amazed” page!! It gave me some great ideas to answer his why =)