Telling Stories with Organic Patterns – Paperclipping 202

paperclipping 202

Trends in patterns and background papers come and go.

What does not come and go are the moods and ideas that those same patterns communicate.

This year the chevron pattern is hot. We might use it because we love it right now, or because our stash is full of it.

No matter what our reason for using it, chevron communicates some very specific things:

  • energy
  • excitement
  • movement
  • up’s and down’s
  • instability or change
  • modern times

If our motivation for using chevron is just that we’re loving it so much right now, then what we see when we look at our page is that great print we love. But others who don’t pay attention to scrapbook trends will see some of the ideas I listed above, even though it will be sub-conscious and not something they could put their finger on.

Not only that, but in years to come, when you’re long past the excitement of the current trend and you’re looking back through your scrapbook, you’re more likely to sense excitement, movement, change, or up’s and down’s, as well.

That’s all great if those ideas support your story.

But what if your story is about this home you’ve lived in since your first baby was born, and now you’re welcoming your first grandchild for a visit in the very same home? Maybe a pattern that communicates stability and steadiness will give a better sense of how you feel about your memory and story.

And while geometrics are the “in” type of pattern right now, don’t forget organic patterns, which tell a whole range of emotions and moods that no geometric can!

Trends are fun, but good stories are timeless.

Don’t forget the organics when telling your stories.

Shine On!

P.S.> This week we released a new video tutorial that shares what the moods and associations are for some of the organics. I share lots of different layouts with organic patterns and show you how the associations of the patterns help tell the stories.

You’ll also see me assemble a page and explain why I picked the patterns I did.

This video is available for Paperclipping Members to watch right now!

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Love Potion #9 (closeup)

  • Heehee that’s a cute page of you two! I like what you’re saying in this post about the emotions that the chevron pattern convey. =)