Techniques for Bright Color Effects – Paperclipping 197

paperclipping 197

Do ever you scrapbook stories about being a teen, or about one of your teen children?

How about summer stories, music concert stories, vacation stories to the beach? Surfing or skating stories?

Any care-free kinds of stories?

These are fun times (and excuses) to use bright color washes for backgrounds, and especially tie-dye backgrounds!

Tie-dye patterns in particular can communicate a lot of things for your scrapbook stories:

  • energy
  • breaking out of the box
  • vibrancy and spreading influence
  • freedom
  • a casual care-free nature
  • the embracing of imperfection

…just to name a few.

Got any stories like this to scrapbook?

Recently I discovered a product I could use on paper to make it pliable so that I could create a tie-dye effect!

I put together a mini-book to document our love for live music and concerts and I used a variety of bright color-wash and color-blending techniques in addition to tie-dye to create the pages. We made a video to show these techniques using Dylusions Color Ink Sprays and Alcohol Inks, plus some other products and supplies.





In this tutorial you’ll see some of the most fun techniques ever! This video is now available for the Paperclipping Members. If you’re not a member but would enjoy this, along with almost 200 other videos, you might want to look into a Paperclipping Membership!

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  • Hi Noel! I think this has to be my #1 favorite of the whole collection of Paperclipping Videos. I learned some of these techniques a few years ago but had forgotten a lot of the details. I was able to take a class with Tim at a LSS that is now closed. That was probably at least 6 years ago. Now Ranger has even more products to add to the fun. I am looking forward to seeing more technique videos and am anxiously awaiting PRT to come back from summer break. Any hints on the next topic? 

    A happy non-schmoo.

  • Wow, #1? Awesome! :) so glad to hear that!

  • farmin irfan ahmed

    thank you for your fabulous ideas