Technicolor Dreamworld with No Glow – PDS018

What do you do with all the physical stuff when you’re a digital scrapbooker? Listen to find out what these ladies are doing…

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  • mshanhun

    I just had to share… I photographed and extracted a shot case (? not sure if that's the name… It's not a bullet 'cause they used a shotgun!) that my DH used for clay pigeon shooting. I scrapped this page with it using his 2 megapixel phone pics that he took and asked others to take. You can see it here
    (Please ignore the typos in the journalling!)

  • very cool! my oldest son is going to want me to do this, too!

  • Deb MM

    I love this podcast and have listened to all of them! This week's episode was fun and interesting as always. So many great ideas from everyone participating. I just have one suggestion: How about giving the episodes titles that reflect what they're about? I never would have guessed that this episode was about incorporating non-digital memorabilia in digital pages by the title it was given! I'd love to know the topic before I begin listening to the podcast. Thanks! Debbie

  • mande

    Steph, congratulations on getting your subscription program launched! I am really excited for you and your team. I just ordered the monthly subscription because I wanted to show my support of you and what you're doing. I will be starting a grad school program from January and will not be able to scrapbook as much during the next two years, but I will get as much I as can until school starts. I may have to drop my subscription for a while, but it's only because I don't want to keep collecting stuff that I can't use. I'll get back in the saddle as soon as I graduate though! I love what you are doing, and I love the new changes!

  • mande

    This was a great topic, and one that I often wonder about myself as I make the switch from paper to digital. I love the fact that you can download photos from internet and use them on pages because this is getting easier and easier as people post more and more photos, memorabilia, etc. I do save some of our memorabilia in one-gallon ziploc bags labeled by month. At the end of the month, I check the bag of stuff I have collected and decide if there is anything I can use for my pages. Until recently, I had decided that I would make paper pages for lay outs in which I wanted to use memorabilia, but I would make digital for lay outs that didn't need/have memorabilia. Then one day, I had this gorgeous illustration of a temple we had visited, and I decided to scan it and use it as the background of my digital lay out. I was able to blow it up and fade it out about so it didn't take away from the photos. It turned out gorgeous, and I realized I can do this more and more. Thanks for giving us more ideas!

  • I bet that turned out gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Finally catching up on the show and I had to pop in and say how much I loved this episode!

    Since I’m a big Lightroom fan, I thought I would tell you that I never liked editing photos until I got Lightroom. It’s just so easy, fast, and fun. You certainly don’t “need” both Elements (or Photoshop) and Lightroom, but for me it has given me a new passion for my photos.

    I laughed out loud about SLCspagirl about hiding the brown bags! I’ve so been there! It’s so much more fun to hoard in Digi. :)

  • I use Aperture, but it’s similar in many, many ways to Lightroom. And, like
    Katie, I like to edit my photos. I actually LOVE editing my photos — to me
    it’s an emotionally enriching experience, much like scrapbooking, itself. So
    maybe this software is good for those of us who like to edit our photos. And
    it’s probably good for those who wish they liked to edit — since they allow
    you to do targeted, non-destructive, professional editing in super-fast time
    very easily.

  • Moejgreer

    Where can we find these action that you rave about? Links please