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Thirty Plus Ideas for Scrapbooking Summer and Summer Vacations


Looking forward to some fun summer photos to scrapbook?

Here are lots of ideas for summer and vacation pages, mini-books, albums, shooting photos and choosing photos, and even ideas for packing so you can scrapbook while on your vacation…

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Ten Articles & Tutorials for Scrapbooking Summer

Sun with Beads/Stickles

Have you started scrapbooking your summer yet? I like to scrapbook whatever season I’m currently in because I tend to be most in the mood for playing with the colors and themes that are around me.

So I thought I’d offer a little help for those of you who are also scrapbooking summer. Or photographing it, for that matter. Below are ten Paperclipping articles and video tutorials for fun summertime scrapbooking!


  • Summertime Photography Tips – Paperclipping 112 (Members can watch this tutorial in the Member’s Area or on iTunes).

Vacation Albums and Mini-books

  • How to Make a Vacation Album – this is a 4-article series with a detailed 5-step process you can follow along with your own album for more personal vacation stories.
  • Make Your Vacation Album More Meaningful – Paperclipping 107 (This is a tutorial for Paperclipping Members).

Summer Scrapbooking Supplies

  • Packing to Scrapbook on Your Vacation – 110 (Another tutorial for Paperclipping Members).

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Big on Photos, Short on Time: A Summer Mini-album with 44 Photos

July 2011 4717

Forty-four photos for a mini-album? Plus lots ‘o journaling and some ephemera too? That’s a lot!

But this was one of my easier projects of all time.

I made it last year, then pulled it out yesterday. After we got the kids down to bed, Izzy and I sat with a glass of wine (each) and read through the entire album. It’s interesting in a strange sort of way to read about so many of life’s mundane details just a year later and remember things you already forgot you used to do.




What I’d Do Differently Next Time

It did not take me long at all to make this mini-album, which I’ll get to in a minute.

But there is still one thing I would do differently if I were to do a similar modern-style clean mini-album again.

What would I do?

I would go even more digital.

I’d ditch the traditional paper and do digital paper instead.

But I would keep the metal pieces.

And I would print them on 6×6 prints from Persnickity rather than put four 6×6 pages onto 12×12 canvas prints. When you have to cut the prints down you don’t get exact uniform sizes.

Which is no big deal to some of you.

But those extra millimeters of white from the back pages that peek through on the side or top really bug the types of people who also need to feel like their bodies are laying perfectly symmetrical on the bed before they can relax and fall asleep.

…but we’re not here to talk about my issues. Just my scrapbooking.




My Guest Spot in the Paper vs. Digi Discussion on The Digi Show

When I want my photos to be the bulk of the canvas, if not the canvas itself, it makes sense to me to go digi.

I got to have a fun discussion about this with the girls on the Digi Show this week. We also chatted about the differences and the similarities between product designing, shopping, and starting a page in paper vs. digital scrapbooking.

You can head over and listen if you haven’t already to The Craft Closet of Broken Dreams at The Digi Show.



Why Digital is Great for Summer Albums

There are so many reasons I gravitate toward digital for these bigger summer time projects.

  • You can keep things a lot more simple with digital, especially when your project is mostly daily, as mine was.
  • If you have a lap top you can travel with your “supplies” and work in the car or on the plane, at the hotel or in a family member’s home.
  • You can have different projects going on at the same time to meet your creative mood. When I made this album I was also working on a paper mini-book and I liked being able to choose which I felt like working on at any moment.





I have a tutorial that shows how I task-batch to simplify big projects like these.

  • I show how my process makes it quick and easy to make intricate-looking paper mini-books.
  • I also show how I made the digital summer album you see in this post using the task-batching approach.
  • I explain how, with this process, you can simplify the project at the last moment if you’re getting sick of it, without having a book that looks intricate at the front but simple and plain at the back. You’ll get a consistent look and nobody will know that you have A.D.D!

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July 2011 4718