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Paperclipping 259 – Organization for Stamp-Related Supplies

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In this today’s episode I show you how I organize all of my supplies related to stamping — including specialty papers, embossing supplies, Perfect Pearls, Stickles, and much, much more.

You’ll also see how this assists in my process as I scrapbook a layout from these supplies.


Come away with three big general organization concepts that will benefit anyone, and lot of specific organization ideas for supplies you might have.

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Matching Dies and Stamps from Heartfelt Creations at CHA 2013

This is a stamper’s dream! This company worked with Spellbinders to create the most fabulous stamp and die cut combinations! These aren’t just your basic single stamp with die sets. There are a handful of stamps to coordinate with each die cut. So you can get lots of layers and varieties from each combination!

I’ve already got lots of ideas buzzing around in my head!

Organic Background Techniques – Paperclippping 201

paperclipping 201

Is the changing of the season and weather having an impact in your page designs?

Are you more aware of nature lately?

I know I am, and it’s manifesting in my scrapbooking.

Every day this month I’m blown away by our stunning cloudy skies. And for the last two pages I’ve made, I’ve turned to my folder of soft organic patterned paper for my backgrounds, looking for blues and greens.

Both times I found I don’t have any.

Guess why?

The scrapbook industry has been all about the geometrics lately; chevron, especially. But even the “natural” patterns have strong lines and angles: herringbone and honeycomb. Our patterned papers with clouds look like graphic computer generated modern structures instead of natural organic puffs.

I’m not complaining. I love them too.

But what do we do when our story is about something softer, peaceful…more natural?

This is a great time to break out your inks and sprays, stains, and paints.

peaceful nature (closeup) 6453

These technique-oriented products are great for making backgrounds that are organic. Things that are organic and found in nature tend to have these characteristics:

  • curvy or with undefined blended edges
  • layered
  • squishy
  • moving
  • changing
  • adapting

You could describe most techniques and their results the same way. Why not let this month’s change in the weather inspire your scrapbooking? Pull out the ink and sprays!

Shine On,

P.S.> I combined 7 different techniques to make a nature background for my most recent page. I am in love with all the layering, the movement, and the balance of quieter energy. I love it so much I decided to show you how to do it! With all the different techniques I share in this week’s video you’ll find you can adapt them to lots of different stories and supplies.

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CHA 2012 – Tim Holtz Stamps Plus the Sizzix eClips Electronic Die Cutter? Yes!

When Tim Holtz told me he has Sizzix making electronic die cuts for the eClips I almost died. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I find it crazy exciting! Not only can you cut around the intricate stamps, but you can cut away insides to either pop out holes or create dimensional layers! You can shadow the stamps, too. We got the folks at Sizzix to demo it for us!

CHA 2012 – Prima Launched Their Prima Press Stamp System and Mixed Media Albums

The Prima Press was in the top 20 innovations for CHA! Sharon shows it to us, along with their new Mixed Media Albums. They have a resist effect, which can be used with any color art medium.

CHA 2012 – Julie Fei Fan Balzer and Eco Green Craft Stamps and Paint

*update* The video is working now!

Julie Fei Fan Balzer has partnered with Eco Green Crafts and in this video she shares the stamp sets she designed for them. She also demos their delicious paints and shows us what’s different about them!