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Layered Diagonal Flexible Template – Paperclipping 211

paperclipping 211

Ever feel like people don’t spend as much time gazing at your scrapbook layouts as your pages deserve?

What is it about some pages that cause people to stop and really look?

Well, it can be a number of different things, but one of the big characteristics that draw people in are layers.

When you have layers, you have some things hidden, only partially peeking out.

And that causes mystery.

People love a mystery. Just look at the popularity of the TV show, Lost. It was one mystery after another that kept the audience coming back, episode after episode and season after season.

Hyman (closeup2)

Layers Suck People Into a Scrapbook Layout

The more layers you have on your scrapbook layouts, the more time someone needs to spend trying to “solve” all those layers. And the longer you can keep them at it, the more they’re interacting with it and making an emotional connection.

So if you want to engage people longer and get them to connect with your scrapbook layout and your story, try creating some layers.

Want a little guidance or inspiration?

In this week’s episode of Paperclipping I share a new Flexible Template: Layered Diagonals. It’s a template for creating layers on your pages. If you’re experienced with layers, this might give you a new way to make them. If you’re new to it, it’ll give you some direction to give you confidence and get you going!

You’ll see me put together two pages — both full of layers. You’ll learn more about the design principles that go into them, too.

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Scrapbooking with Scraps – Paperclipping 158

How often do you use your leftover scraps of patterned paper? I use them just about every single time that I scrapbook. I love working with my scraps. They’re the first place I go for patterned paper choices and only check my full-sized sheets if I need one for my full-sized backgrounds, or if I just can’t find the colors I need from my scraps.

Would you like to get more out of your patterned papers and their scraps? In today’s episode for the Paperclipping Members, I share design tips and principles that work great with scraps! I also share some scrap maintenance tips that make scrapbooking with them (and scrapbooking in general) much easier!

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Below are the layouts that made use of all the design and maintenance tips I shared in the episode . . .

You: Up Close

12×12 layout
Journaling reads:

  • The way your eyes turn to upside down moons when you smile.
  • Your long curling eye lashes.
  • The sprinkling of light summer freckles across the tops of your pink cheeks.
  • The eye brows you inherited from Grandma Nancy.
  • The dimple in your lower cheek.
  • Your perfect, perfect skin.

It’s always nice when a person’s outward beauty reflects their inner beauty the way your does. <3 Supplies: The orange paper on this layout is on clearance with only 8 left! Other supplies: Pink and green velvet pleated flowers & my favorite white letters: Foam Rockabye Thickers

Edison Music Box

12×12 layout
Journaling reads: Grandma Holt (Irene Nielsen Holt) gave us her Edison phonograph not long before she died. We call it the “music box” because that’s what she called it. It originally belonged to her grandparents. Since Grandma was born just after the turn of the century, that gives us an idea of how old the box it. It still works.

We have an old suitcase and a box full of was cylinders that play old turn of the century pieces, like, “Cute Little Wigglin Dance,” and “Hitchy-Koo.”

We love playing thee old songs, even the kids. It’s amazing to us that those folksy styles were the popular music of the time. It’s such a very different sound and personality from anything we’re used to.

Supplies: This beautiful stitched Anna Griffin paper is on clearance! I gave it a vignette effect by inking it with Old Paper and Walnut Stain Distress Ink, and an Ink Blending Tool. I used the same inks for the journaling block on off-white cardstock, but also added Vintage Photo. Other supplies: Vintage Metal Corners and Metal Philosophy Tags.

(Note: All product links lead to my affiliate store. I get a commission if you purchase through my links. Thank you!)

Sisters & Daughters

12×12 layouts
Journaing reads: I left my kids and husband at home this year to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and my sisters and their families. I loved getting to focus my attention on watching my sisters mother their children. Erin and Lindsay are great moms.

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