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Product Remix: Dear Lizzy – 5th & Frolic

We Are the Tooth Fairy (closeup)

Sometimes you run across a perfect scrapbooking line. Dear Lizzy’s 5th & Frolic is that line for me right now. It’s like a siren, constantly beckoning me into my scraproom, and I’ve been choosing to scrapbook those of my stories that 5th & Frolic will help me tell.

Are you loving this line, too?

But what about our other products that are just a little older and may not be exciting us quite as much?

Do we abandon them?

No! We mix them in!

Below are a bunch of products you might have. Look at all you can do with this product remix!

First is a sneak peek of a page I’m still completing for an upcoming video tutorial for Paperclipping Members…

  1. Dear Lizzy: Neapolitan
  2. My Mind’s Eye: Be Amazing and Be Happy brads
  3. October Afternoon: Alpha’s
  4. Amy Tangerine: Glitter Foam Thickers
  5. Heidi Swapp: Sugar Chic

Anything not numbered is 5th & Frolic.


  1. Dear Lizzy: Neapolitan
  2. Heidi Swapp: Sugar Chic
  3. My Mind’s Eye: Be Amazing and Be Happy brads

I have a 3-part system for storing patterned paper and my main way to store and choose it is choose my by the mood of the patterns to help me tell my stories visually. I organize the rest of my scrapbooking supplies by design function or theme. But I also like to have periods, often related to a holiday or season, when I pull out some specific supplies I want to dive into for a while. In that case, I keep them in 1-3 piles on a table for quick access and easy remixing!

Right now, it’s my Dear Lizzy’s 5th & Frolic, along with some of my older lines I want to put a bigger dent into. You probably have some of these, too. Look how well they go together…

Project Life’s Clementine + Dear Lizzy’s 5th & Frolic – My camera decided to emphasize and exaggerate the subtle variations in the blue greens and pink reds. While they still look good together as pictured, in real life they’re very similar.

If you still have Dear Lizzy’s Neapolitan line, you can mix them right in with your new 5th & Frolic. They go so well together you’ll forget which is which!

Pull out just the blues, greens, golds, and tans from your 5th & Frolic set to pair with My Mind’s Eye: Follow Your Heart, Be Amazing. Boy layouts!

Or keep the pinks, too, and put it all with some My Mind’s Eye: Follow Your Heart, Be Happy.

The leopard and zebra stripes might be a little too sassy for the sweet tree swing and jars of hearts by Dear Lizzy, but look at the rest of Heidi Swapp’s Sugar Chic papers! It looks as if Heidi and Liz chose their color palettes together!

Focus on the blue-green, golds, and tans to mix 5th & Frolic with My Mind’s Eye: Lost & Found, Sunshine.

Or use the pinks and tans with My Mind’s Eye: Lost & Found, Blush. I think that look so, so sweet!

Click here for a glimpse of a layout I made with these pinks, and see how it contrasts with the original line.

You probably have other supplies in your own stash, as well. And don’t forget your technique products.

What do you have that you can mix in with the 5th & Frolic pieces?

Not comfortable mixing and matching product lines and patterns? I have lots of videos on this subject in the membership, and this month I’m going to do a new tutorial for Paperclipping Members on how to mix patterns.

CLICK HERE to learn about a membership!

Motivated to start playing? Have fun with your own 5th & Frolic remix!

Shine On,

CHA 2012 – My Mind’s Eye New Lines: Miss Caroline by Jen Allyson and a Rhonna Farrer Line

Jen Allyson always designs such fabulous lines for My Mind’s Eye, and MME always does such a fabulous line delivering it as actual product! Miss Caroline is no exception. I’m also very excited about their newest addition — Rhonna Farrer has joined MME as a designer and she did a fabulous job! Her Follow Your Heart line is gorgeous! And if you’re into trying sewing projects like colorful handbags, watch all the way to the end!

CHA 2012 – Hambly Has Great New Products, Including New Mini Overlays!

As a fan of transparencies I’m so excited about Hambly’s new products, especially the mini overlays! They’ve also branched out into regular multi-color paper prints. But you just might learn something new about their good old screen-printed papers! The colors of the new products are so gorgeous and this is my favorite of all their releases so far!

Learn From Others Using Scrapbook Supplies You Already Own

There are so many fun challenges, group projects, and exciting classes happening around the internet right now! I feel like a kid at Christmas time again! Do you find yourself getting inspired, wanting to participate, but without all the supplies you see in the demo’s?

I’m raising my own hand here. I’m following along with Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas project and I’m still fairly new to most of his supplies and techniques (though not to his metal pieces!). Clearly, we cannot go shopping every single day to purchase the supplies he uses on each of his daily tags. So what do you do?
12 Tags of Christmas
Here is the tag I made from the inspiration I got from Tim’s first tag. My tag is not taking my breath away. I made the mistake of gluing a transparency (the snowflakes and green flourish) over a tag before I was satisfied with the background I gave it. That left me with only the upper corner to try and adjust. And I ended up adjusting it multiples times turning one mess into a different mess into a different mess.

But never mind my (lack of) inking technique here. There are some things that I think are pretty good about the tag. I happen to like my reindeer and his Christmas wreath. Here’s how you can learn from others’ techniques using supplies you already have . . .

Specify what you like.

When I saw Tim’s tag I was drawn to the colors. I really wanted to make a tag with layers of blues tones in the background and the bold red and green as accents, like he did.

What I was missing: A die cut machine, or a house of any kind for that matter * a wreath * a snow flake stamp (I know, how lame is that?) * those great inkable ribbons * blue distress inks (I have one light blue distress ink pad and that’s it).

Identify what supplies you have with similar characteristics.

  • I had multiple tones of blue Glimmer Mist, one blue Distress Ink, and one blue Stampin’ Up ink pad.
  • I had two tones of green wire.
  • I had red rhinestones.
  • I found some sparkly snowflakes that I could cut away from a photo transparency.
  • I had cream-colored organdy ribbon, which I thought might possibly take some ink — and it did!

Identify any problems caused by your lack of supplies

I started by coloring my tag blue and white in ways I don’t care for and will no longer discuss. I also had a way to make my own wreath, but there was a problem. You can’t just hang a wreath from the winter blue sky — a wreath hanging in the sky would cause a good amount of cognitive dissonance to the viewer!

Identify replacements based on supplies you do have.

I looked through my stamps and found a reindeer head with lovely antlers. I had grungeboard, gold embossing powder, and some Walnut Distress Ink to stain the edges of said reindeer head.

Notice the common characteristics between what I had (a reindeer) and what Tim had (a house):

  • Both are made with grungeboard, allowing me to have the three-dimensionality and the weight of a focal point item
  • Both are in the brown tones, allowing me to continue with the overall color scheme

But here’s the important part . . .

  • Both are great for hanging Christmas wreaths!

Reindeer Tag

When You Have Almost Nothing

How about a few more case studies?

Case Study #1: IZZY
Izzy's Tags
Izzy decided to make tags along with me last night! He has even less experience than I do, and what’s worse, he doesn’t know what supplies are even available to him, since they’re mine. He decided to just use the fact that he felt inspired by Tim’s tags, and he practiced the techniques he was already a little familiar with. Aren’t the tags awesome?

Case Study #2: TERESA ROBSON
We are on Day 3 of my Holiday Photography Course for Paperclipping Members. The first challenge was to photograph either ornaments, decorations, or the Christmas tree. Not everybody has their Christmas stuff out yet, or even plan to put any out. That didn’t stop Teresa! She took her camera shopping and got these neat shots.
Who cares that they’re not her own ornaments? She got some photography practice and she captured what we all experience of this season while we’re out shopping, whether we even celebrate Christmas or not!

Holiday Photography Course — You Still Have Time!

So far, 336 of our members have signed up for the course, and 47 of those decided to join the group gallery and forums.. This is a free course for Paperclipping Members. If you get a membership now, you can still join us! You’ll just be a couple days behind, and that’s okay. Email me if you are a current Paperclipping Member and I will send you a link to the sign-up page!

Members will also get their two video episodes this month, of course! One will be a brand new Flexible Template. The other will be on design for titles! New members will also love getting access to the 158 tutorials we already have in the archives! You can find out more here!

This Week @ Paperclipping

In case you missed it . . .

Happy Holidays!