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Organization for Your Workflow – Paperclipping 263

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Three questions for you…

  • How well do you know your scrapbooking process?
  • Do you know your process so well you’ve arranged your supplies and space in a way that facilitates it?
  • Does your setup help you flow through your scrapbooking, moving you along from one step to the next without much pausing to find or move things?

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Coordinate Photos with Ephemera and Stories – Paperclipping 196

paperclipping 196

Do you ever find ephemera for a scrapbook page you already completed?


And how good are you at getting around to scrapbooking those bigger stories that span long periods of time or require you use photos and ephemera from different time periods?

Are you on top of those or do you procrastinate them?

It’s easy if your album project is chronological, like with Project Life. You can stick your ephemera straight into the pockets for that week. For my daughter’s dance album I put her ephemera into page protectors in the album.

Easy peasy.

But many scrapbooks these days are not chronological. Most of mine are not. Coordinating the flow of photos, ephemera, and stories we jotted down on scraps of paper or notebooks is one of the most overwhelming and difficult thing about scrapbooking. Over the years I’ve learned systems for organizing printed photos in onw place, organizing my ephemera another place, and my jotted stories in another.

They may be very organized in their individual places, but that isn’t an easy way to get all those items together into actual scrapbook pages.

Is it easy for you?

Tiny Baby (closeup)

This year I revamped everything to bring it all together into one place. If that’s how we scrapbook, why not organize it that way?

Keep your story ideas, your printed photos for scrapbooking, your ephemera, and your jotted down kid-quotes and stories all in one place that is easily viewable — something you can flip through.

That way you can see what photos you still need to print for the stories and ephemera that are waiting, and when it’s time to sit and scrapbook you have a whole bunch of story options with all the pieces together ready to go!

Shine on,

P.S. Need some help with this? I just made a video tutorial that shows:

  • What I use to safely store these items together.
  • My process for getting all the pieces in their place.
  • How my own system makes it so easy to scrapbook the bigger stories.
  • A page I put together with seven different items of ephemera that my parents collected over my first year as a baby.

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