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Journal Your Photos

Sometimes I just write a quick journal note into my photo metatadata, but then write something different for the actual scrapbook layout. More and more, though, I find myself really thinking through my journaling while on my computer, as if I were scrapbooking. Then my journaling is ready for me to use on a page when I sit down to scrap if I choose to.

This way, I capture my thoughts and feelings ahead of time so I don’t forget. But it also makes it easy for me to print my journaling without breaking my paper-crafting flow because I’ve already typed it.

Here’s an example of what I did last Monday with photos from the weekend:

Trinity’s First Dance Competition
Dance Costumes

Dance Shoes

Costumes and Shoes

Preparing for Trinity’s first competition.

With six dances, I wanted to be sure Trinity had everything organized so she wouldn’t have to worry about what she needed next. I put her costumes in order, tucked the accessories in one of her costume hats, put the shoes in a small bag, and her hair and makeup pieces in a pocket. Last, I added a checklist of all her numbers and important items.

We were all so excited, including Trinity herself. We were so proud of how hard she worked and how amazing she was.

I love watching her dance — she is such a joy. But I also enjoyed the mother-daughter bonding that developed from having spent an entire day with her: watching her dance numbers and feeling so, so proud; running back after the first few to make sure she didn’t need my help with her hair changes; scrounging up change for the vending machines when we realized there would be no break for food, and helping her make the best possible decisions from the unhealthy options in order to sustain her energy.

This day made my Top Favorite Mom Memories list.

I don’t think I found the words to accurately express the level of emotion that I feel about this day with Trinity. I hope I’ll be able to use design to make up for what is lacking in my words.