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Title Strategies – Paperclipping 290


Do you love adding titles, or hate it?

Is it hard for you, or easy?

Do your titles tend to vary from page to page, or do you typically design them the same way every time?

I love the process of making titles. It’s one of my favorite things about scrapbooking. I love seeing them on my pages, too, as I flip through my layouts. Well designed titles can be real attention-getters.


Titles can help lead your eye through the page, if you lay them that way.

In today’s episode of Paperclipping I share four strategies I love to use when laying out my titles. Not only will these strategies help you to capture viewers’ attention and to guide viewers through your pages, they’ll also help to prevent you from making pages that are too busy or titles that feel awkward in their space.

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The Alternate Destiny of a Scrapbook Page

cutting_supplies_org 2

This page almost became something else.

Two weeks ago on the Paperclipping Roundtable, each panelist shared a scrapbook layout and I was going to share this one. But we ran out of time, and as the host of the show, that means I opted out of sharing.

Paperclipping Members got to actually watch me assemble this page start-to-finish, but what they did not know was that there was one major turning point in the middle that I did not share when this page almost spun in a wildly different direction.

To keep the video a reasonable length, I did not share that part of the process. Instead I was going to share it on the Paperclipping Roundtable.

But to keep the Roundtable a reasonable length, I had to cut that story yet again.

Since some of you asked, I decided to share that part of the story here.

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Scrapbook Layout from a Paperclipping Member: The College Send-off


What will it be like when you send your oldest or youngest off to college away from home? What was it like, if you’ve already done it?

Cindy Wick had designed the left side of this page with all these wonderful pictures which give a comprehensive view of the sending off of her daughter. Notice the variety of visuals –from the Motel 6 to the sub sandwiches to the shopping cart full of stuff to the goodbye’s — that will trigger very specific memories for Cindy and her daughter forever.

Once Cindy got all the photos and the fun design on her page, she realized she had a big story to tell with lots of mom-feelings to share, but not enough space. The page sat on her table while she tried to figure out what to do, and then…

A super hero of the day flew in in the form of Paperclipping Episode 173 – A Journaling Design technique!

(I realize the above statement is as un-humble as it gets! I hope you don’t mind a little bit of boasting!).

I am really proud because I read Cindy’s journaling and it’s so moving. What a shame it would have been had she decided to condense it to make it fit, or remove some photos instead!

And of course, the icing on the cake was that by using the tutorial’s idea she was able to have fun and share her own feelings of pride and celebration for her daughter through the visual design and all the wonderful little details.

Turns out you really can have it all!

Doesn’t her design show celebration and growth all at once?

So I wanted to share it with you.

Get Solutions for Your Scrapbooking Dilemmas!

Cindy said some pretty great things about her Paperclipping Memberhsip, too, and I hope it’s okay for me to be a proud mama of my videos and quote some of what she said:

While I’m at it, I should say that I am a member of paperclipping and I really have gotten so much out of my membership. I consider myself a decent page designer, but I still learn new things from Noell all the time! She has a way of introducing things in a new and fresh way ~ it always gets me thinking creatively.

That’s probably because her way of teaching design is to get you to think of design principles as flexible, instead of using more concrete methods…Her videos are SO different, creative, and well thought out, I’ll probably be a fan for life.

(Thanks so much, Cindy!).

Okay, gushing moment over.

If you haven’t read Cindy’s journaling yet, please do! It’s an awesome example of how to share your own wonderful human emotional stories!

To see a larger version, click here to see her blog post, then click on the layout itself.

Want to see what all the hubbub around the Paperclipping videos is about?

(Did I just say hubbub?).

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Scrapbooking Supplies: Santa-Izzy Brought a Big Shot Die Cut Machine!

The Big Shot for Christmas
Some of you are laughing now because one year ago I would almost have sworn I would never own a die cut machine. (ahem). The bug started creeping after I saw that you could cut grungeboard into cool shapes. Izzy figured it out and granted me my biggest Christmas wish! My new toy — the Sizzix Big Shot!

Love These Scissors
Thanks to Tim Holtz’s amazing Tonic Studio scissors, I was able to release the Big Shot from its plastic packaging prison with relative ease!

I immediately pulled out some scrap cardstock, just to see how it worked. The results of my first two practice attempts were so cool they inspired me to pull out my inks for more fun play! Here’s the photo story of my demo’s . . .
Jan2011 2630
Jan2011 2632
I love cattails.

Jan2011 2634
Jan2011 2638
I love sun rays.

Just a little art tip regarding color — two tones or more are always more interesting than one.

* Distress Ink in Scattered Straw, Vintage Photo, and Dried Marigold + Ink Blending Tool. *

Instead of throwing these babies away like I assumed I would so, I think I’ll actually use them in a future project! I have a couple of ideas spinning around.