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Free Video: Repurposing Stuff into Scrapbooking

As part of our month-long celebration of Paperclipping’s 5th birthday, we’ve pulled one of our recent tutorials from the Paperclipping archives to share with you for free!

After watching this you’ll see your stuff in completely new ways!

Enjoy the episode!

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Repurposing Stuff Into Scrapbooking Supplies – Paperclipping 177

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Wouldn’t you love to have the world’s best designers giving you free scrapbooking supplies?

Well guess what?

You already do!

Corporations fork out big bucks to design awesome stuff that might be passing through your house and into your trash can.

This new video helps you recognize and use them. It will show you:

  • Examples of the everyday stuff I’ve been rounding up lately. These will give you ideas, since they’re probably similar to what you’ve got passing through your own home unnoticed right now!
  • How you can store and organize these re-purposed items in a way that you’ll be much more likely to use them in your scrapbooking.
  • Ideas for dealing with unwanted sales text on decorative items you’d like to use as embellishments.
  • How to find awesome words and phrases in catalogs.
  • Demo’s for altering stuff for your pages.
  • Examples of using every day stuff on your scrapbook pages.

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I hope you find this video helpful! Enjoy!

Handmade Books from Discarded Items – Paperclipping 153

Want to be less wasteful? How about more creative? I think the two go together! For today’s episode I’ll show you how you can repurpose items you would normally throw away and turn them into handmade books for journaling or collecting memorabilia.

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Today’s episode has been released to the Paperclipping Members. If you’re not a Member, you can click on the trailer above or download it to your computer. You can also scroll down to the pictures below to get a bit of inspiration.

But if you would like to know how to make a similar book with items you have on hand, and if you think you would enjoy many of the scrapbooking ideas in the 152 other tutorials in our archives, how about taking a look at our Membership Information Page?

Handmade Books from Discarded Items: Sample Book

Handmade Book

Handmade Book

Handmade Book

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August Challenge Highlight: Jana Olivera

Congratulations to Jana Olivera, who submitted an art journal that we chose to highlight this month! Her art journal a response to challenge topic #4 – Let’s Get Artsy.
Jana’s pages come from the paper towels she used to clean up her paint during the July 13th Paperclipping Live event when Jackie and Reenie filled in for me. Jana used toilet paper rolls as the foundation of her pages.

Next week’s Paperclipping episode will be a tutorial on how I’ve made my own handmade journal by re-purposing those gorgeous, colorful paper towels, but it’s very different from Jana’s and I’m loving the way Jana put her own book together. You can see more pictures of Jana’s gorgeous art journal by watching her slide show.

What the judges had to say

We think this is a beautiful art journal. There are so many textures and elements. The layering and details are complex.

There are so many colors in this book but what prevents them from overwhelming us is the balance of color intensity. Each page has a brighter, more intense feature color that pops from the foundation of softer hues.

We love the texture of the soft crumbled paper and the subtle lines of stitching around the pages, which contrast with the shiny hard texture of the beads.

We especially love that this unique piece of art has been made from what we normally consider trash, which proves that art can be made from almost nothing.

Find Jana Olivera

You can find Jana in our community, The Crop Circle. You can see more of her at her blog, 2 Worlds.

Paperclipping 149 – Repurpose Your Old Items

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Sometimes a product gets “old” because its intended purpose isn’t helpful for how we scrapbook — especially if the way we scrap evolves over time and we’re not doing the same kinds of things we used to do when we purchased an item.

In this episode, which we’ve released for the Paperclipping Members, I share how I have repurposed old paper, journal spot stickers, photo corners, and raw chipboard shapes. If you’re not yet a member, you can watch the trailer here.

Below are the projects I made with the journal spots and the paper. If you would like to watch this tutorial, get access to the almost 150 episodes in the archives, plus get two new videos every month, please click here to see how!

You & Me

8×8 mini album with a mix of extra pages from other mini-books
Want to see more of this album?

Big Red Bowl

12×12 layout
Journaling written to Aiden reads: You were so happy to graduate from the tiny baby bowls to this bigger one — the only one like it that we own. For years you have called it the Big Red Bowl and you request it all the time. (July 2008).