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CHA 2012 – Prima Lines and Products to Watch For

Prima always launches so many products every year, always stunning and always high quality! In this video I highlight the pieces that most caught my attention, particularly the types of accessorizing pieces, embellishments and canvas letter stickers they’re releasing this year.

Where Does Your Loyalty Lie with Scrapbook Supplies?

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Do you stick with a few favorite companies or do you play the field?

I can be overwhelming for newer scrapbookers who are discovering the huge variety of supplies that exists in the industry. I got this question from a newer Paperclipping Member after I had been loading all of the Craft & Hobby Trade Show videos onto the website and I thought it would be helpful if a bunch of us share what we do.

I’ll share my own answer. Will you please pop in with your own experience? Here’s her question…

I am a fairly New Member and am also still fairly new to the world of craft. I’ve been trying a little bit of Everything. I believe my continued Interest will mainly be in Cardmaking and Scrapbooking.

Like everyone else I have been Oooing and Aaaahing over all the New Products and this post has really Hit Home for me as I would probably just have gone on a Mad Spending Spree. I wonder if anyone has an opinion that might help me. I am wondering? Does one for the most part stick to one Persons line such as Tim Holtz (Which b.t.w. I LOVE). Or one Collection of a Paperstock and it’s Embellies etc. Or, In general is it better to buy a bit of a variety of Items.

This is really a dilemma for me at the moment. Please comment if you can help me work all this out.

Thank you Noell & Izzy for all the work you put into this….
Kind Regards,

Bev (bevelevy)

The good news is that there is no right or wrong, better or worse way to go about it! Everyone is different and some methods will work better for you while other methods better suit other people.

Having talked to LOTS of different scrapbookers on the Roundtable and in my audience, I have found that I am in the minority in a lot of the ways that I work with products. For example…

  • I pick products from my scraps most every time I scrapbook, and only look at my whole patterned papers once in a while.
  • I leave my new products in their bags for weeks and continue to use my older products before it occurs to me to open my new stuff. And even then it’s usually to mix it in with my old, rather than to open it and use it.
  • I don’t usually feel like a layout is “me” if I use all products from one line. Instead I feel like the layout belongs to that line.

Overall Supplies I Purchase

I have a handful of favorite manufacturers. Usually that’s because their style of products is consistently me, because I’m used to them, and because I know and trust their quality.

But I also love to try new things and a recent favorite paper I bought (and want more of) is from a company I’ve never heard of before.

Supplies for Layouts

On the other hand, I love to mix supplies from different lines of each of my pages and mini-books. The more varied my sources, the happier I tend to feel.

How do You Know What’s Right for You?

You need to try it all and see what YOU like! It’s helpful to hear other people’s experiences, which is why I invited others to share (especially since I’m an abnormality). But you’ll know what’s right for you after you’ve purchased some supplies a few times, and scrapbooked a whole lot. You’ll figure it out, but only after you’ve tried different approaches for a while.

I will recommend this, though: Purchase only the products you really love, and don’t worry about the rest.