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Composition for Grids and Pocketed Pages – Paperclipping 199

paperclipping 199

Have you ever noticed that gridded layouts look powerful and amazing…except those times when they don’t quite turn out that way?

You’d think grids would have a 100% success rate. After all, a grid is a formula and if you just plug in the content, the formula works. You have these compartments all lined up in a way that makes a powerful impact and all you have to do is fill them, right?


We still have to look at how the items we place in those compartments affect the whole layout. The grid doesn’t give us everything. The more we get design, the better we’ll work that grid.

So be sure you’re applying those design principles and looking at your pages as a whole, even when you’re just plugging things into their spots!

There are tons of design-related video tutorials in the Paperclipping Membership and you can take any of them and apply them as you put together a gridded page (including Project Life pages, which are grids). But there are two very specific design principles that have the biggest impact in making grids look great.

self-expression (closeup) 6426

This week I decided to do an entire episode on this topic specifically.

In the video I show a standard layout with a grid of photos that just did not work. I show why. Then I show another gridded layout that had the exact same dilemmas as the first, but the page is one of my all-time favorites and you’ll get to see why one worked and the other one didn’t.

You’ll be able to avoid this same common grid-busting problem after watching the tutorial!

We’ll then take these concepts and look at a bunch of Project Life pages so you can see how these principles apply directly to pocketed pages. We’ll even assemble one week’s layout so you can see it in action.

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