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Perfect Pearls for Scrapbook Layouts – Paperclipping 193

paperclipping 193

If you’re not naturally a technique-driven scrapbooker it can be baffling and unnatural to try to learn to incorporate techniques into your regular process. You might be attracted to the products and the possibilities but find that it breaks up your flow.

For the first time in 16 years of scrapbooking I feel like I can say that I’m a technique-girl in addition to being a story- and concept-girl. Turns out you can learn to make techniques a comfortable part of your process without sacrificing any part of what you’re naturally inclined to. Here are 3 tips for adding the technique to your story…

NYCDA (closeup)

1. Do one technique on the front of a tag (don’t decorate the tag — just do one technique so you don’t get confused later!) and write the how-to steps on the back. Add it to a large book-binding ring (where you can add more later) and hang it in view near where you scrapbook.

I was forced to do this when completing my Ranger U certification. I would still be lost had I not done this.


2. Set aside a scrapbooking session to experiment with different takes on one technique or technique-driven product.

Hate the idea of making a bunch of random creations with no scrapbook page in mind? Look through the photos and stories you’d love to make soon. Consider them as you choose images and colors with which to experiment. I did this with my Perfect Pearls last week. I did eight experiments and ended up with four that I immediately added to new layouts!

What do you do with the rest of your experimental creations? Store them the way you organize any store-bought item.

love SHARE (closeup)

3. Identify a technique-driven product you wish you used more and find a home for it that is closer to your scrapbook table.

Recently I moved my Big Shot to a shelf directly over my table so I can stand up and pull it down. My dies and embossing folders are now in an open wine box at standing height next to my table and they’re easy to flip through.

Side Benefit of Dance (closeup)

All three of these tips seemed impractical and unnatural to me before, but now that I’ve done them, I realize they were the difference between me getting it and me not getting it.

Need somewhere to start?

In this week’s video tutorial I share everything I know about Perfect Pearls, partially from in-person training from Tim Holtz, and partially from my own experimenting. I share…

  1. Basics on how to use the Pearls successfully
  2. Six effects to try with your Pearls and stamps
  3. A general color concept
  4. Four new layouts using Perfect Pearls and stamps

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USA Desert dance Power Elite (closeup)

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