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How Your Grandma Can Help With Your Old Products

Hi, again!

I’ve done a number of tutorials that share how I use my older stash of stuff, but that topic continues to be one of the highest requested subjects for me to cover. So I decided to make a series of tutorials that cover four main methods I use when I decide it’s time to finish up some old products and be done with them.

Many of us had grandmothers who lived through the Great Depression. Your grammy probably learned how to use her stuff to its fullest potential, so you can just think of her to remember my four methods whenever you need to find new inspiration in your old products. Here’s an acronym to help you out…


  • Gather
  • Re-purpose
  • Alter
  • Match with something new

Need some examples? We already released the Gather tutorial where I shared four commonly “aged” products, and four different examples of how gathering can make bland items look hot.

Next week we’ll move onto method #2: Re-purpose. Over time, most of us evolve the way we scrapbook. Re-purposing is an especially great method to choose when the purpose of an item doesn’t support the way you currently scrapbook. I’m excited to share how I do this in next week’s video. Here’s a sneak peek..
Pull out some old items that no longer inspire you. Get ready to fall in love with them again using GRAM!

You’ll need a Paperclipping Membership to view these episodes, so if you’re not a member yet and this is an area you struggle with, this might be the time to sign up. Maybe your membership will help you save money when you learn how to love what you have and buy fewer products?

Weekly Roundup

We’ve finally returned home from visiting my family in Kansas City so we’re a couple of days behind on this week’s Roundtable and Digi Show episodes. We are recording both episodes on Thursday and will release them between Thursday and Friday. Thanks for your patience! We’ll be back on track with our regular schedule next week.

In addition to the usual stuff, you’ll want to check the blog every day between Monday – Friday for some fun excitement and a chance for some giveaways!

I hope you’re having a great summer and finding at least a little time to scrapbook.

Best Regards,

Four Photo Collage Samples

My favorite way to arrange a multiple photo layout is through collages. For me, it’s the easiest format. It’s also my favorite in terms of aesthetics because one collage makes a powerful initial impact, whereas photos that are spread around the page with varying spacing can compete for attention. I don’t mean to say you can’t make that work — you can use visual hierarchy clues and balance principles. A collage is just so easy.

This week’s video tutorial shared a number of ways to embellish your rectangular photo collages. Today I want to share some other examples of rectangular collages…

Canyon Lake

Here’s a layout that used my Square-based Flexible Template, which I shared in an episode for the Paperclipping Members.

Phoenix Metro Lightrail

Here’s a collage on an 8.5×11 page.

Spin & Be Merry

Click here to see step-by-step instructions on how to layer embellishments in the two ways that I did it on my Spin & Be Merry page.

Wonderful Beautiful Amazing

Did you know I have an episode in the archives that shares a formula for creating a rectangular collage? The formula makes the process easy and will yield a good variety of pages with different numbers of photos! I used the formula for both the layout above and the Easter one below.

If you have a membership, look for Paperclipping 100 – A Collage Formula.

Easter ’08


Weekly Roundup

Don’t Forget!

I’m enjoying all the participation and interaction among the Paperclipping shows, posts, and events! Thank you for keeping it fun, and for sharing your experiences, tips, and ideas!

All The Best,

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