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How to Start a Themed Album – Paperclipping 206

paperclipping 206

Normally my albums are eclectic, but some album stories call for more of a consistent theme. There are a couple of common problems with assembling a themed album, though…

  1. You get tired of using the same products and colors.
  2. You run out of the products you purchased for your themed album and the manufacturer discontinued the line.

The good news is you can strike a nice balance between having consistency in your album without overly restricting yourself to the same few colors and products.

There are a few key things you can decide up front:

  1. Color – Pick 1-3 colors that will appear consistently throughout the album but in different amounts. Then pick a general overall color family that will dominate. A color family is not a list of specific colors. It’s the general tone. It could be a muted color family, the pastels, or more vibrant brights. This allows you to vary your color scheme from page to page while still having a consistent look.
  2. Style – What style most reflects the story that revolves around your theme? It’s okay to have a couple styles mixed together, or even two that you switch back and forth between because you still have your 1-3 colors that tie them together. Just be sure that the two styles are pretty balanced throughout.
  3. Setup – What are the needs of your themed story? Will you have lots of ephemera? Set up an album with page types that will accommodate that. Or will it be photo heavy with distinct categories? There are ways to set up the pages to complement that instead. Know what your needs are and choose a setup that will work consistently.
  4. Products – Let your theme give you an idea of the types of products to look for. You can choose a motif to use again and again, but make sure your motif is general enough that you can find it from multiple manufacturers so you’re not dependent on having enough of one exact duplicate product. Or make sure it’s one you can reproduce and alter, like from a die cut machine.

Nutcracker 2012 Intro closeup

With a general idea in each of these areas in mind, you’ll find things that fit your theme whenever you’re shopping. You’ll have plenty of choices whether you’re shopping the next day or a year later. Just purchase the stuff you love!

Shine On,

P.S.> Want to see how to put these concepts to work? In today’s episode of Paperclipping I show a huge variety of pages in a dance-themed album I’ve been making. Then I show how this process works as I start a new themed album: a Nutcracker Ballet scrapbook!

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