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Now That I’ve Thrown Away Mini-Books…

Aug 2013 2

Here’s what I love and hate about minibooks…

Hate: They’re bulky, hard to store, take up too much room, are sometimes flimsy and easily bent, and sometimes do not stand up.

Love: They’re three-dimensional and interactive and are a great outlet for more creativity.

So yes, I threw some away that weren’t meaningful to me. I adapted some of my problematic and flimsy minibooks into other forms, such as scrapbook pages.

I’m keeping my favorite mini-books the way they are, but I doubt I’ll be making many more.

So if you’re like me and have a love-hate relationship with minibooks, you may not want to give them up completely. Here’s how to keep the parts you love and get rid of the parts you hate in your future mini projects…

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Set Yourself Up for Unique Mini-Books – Paperclipping 198

paperclipping 198

Every mini-book is an opportunity for creative play.

When I want to be at my most creative in scrapbooking, I work on a mini-book. I love flipping through my mini’s and finding unexpected forms of pages. They still surprise me, even though I was the one who made them.

How do you come up with ideas for ultra creative and original books?

You need to expand the way you think about what items are. We limit ourselves when we only regard things with their most obvious purposes or with the purpose for which they were originally intended.

Don’t worry if you feel you’re not good at seeing new purposes for things. The more you do it, the more possibilities you’ll see. Once you get going it doesn’t stop and then it becomes a matter of finding the time to try all your ideas!


By the way, if you want some help I have lots of video tutorials on this subject, including one I just released this week. In this week’s episode I share some specific things you can do to set yourself up for making creative unique mini-books. I share…

  • A different word to use that will help you to free your mind from the overly rigid way of thinking about pages and covers.
  • The kinds of everyday life items I keep for future minibook pages and covers that will be totally unique, including all of the items that I have in my stash right now.
  • Some of the characteristics I look for in an item that suggests to me it will be a good possibility as a page or cover.
  • How I store all these random items that will eventually become parts of my minibooks.
  • How to turn your store-bought mini-books into something entirely original.
  • Two actual examples of turning an every day item into a mini-book page. You’ll see how I transform two non-scrapbooking items into pages for my family’s Hawaii mini album.

Does this sound like a tutorial that could ignite your mini-book adventures?

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