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Four Scrapbook Layout Ideas on Love for Valentine’s

I love celebrating a holiday or a season by scrapbooking stories related to that time. I’ve never decorated our house with red or pink hearts, nor given our kids Valentine’s gifts. I don’t make homemade Valentines. But I did enjoy scrapbooking love-related stories this past week!

Here are the layouts I made. Hopefully they’ll give you a few love story ideas so you can play with some fun Valentine’s products, yourself.

1. Our Romantic Spot

Scrapbook about a favorite place you love to go with your sweetheart.

Our Romantic Spot

Journaling: We have a tons of restaurants we love but D’Vine is special. We have lot of friends that we visit with while there: people who work there, friends we’ve taken, or friends we run into while there. But despite the social nature, D’Vine is our place. An intimate place. So even though it’s a very popular venue and the most social of any we visit, it’s our most romantic spot. ..Maybe it’s because it’s near us, or maybe it’s the live music. Maybe it’s because of the atmosphere. I know in part it’s because of the wine. It really doesn’t matter, though. It’s our place. Yours and mine. Photos: March 2011.

Our Romantic Spot (closeup)

Supplies: White rose-textured paper from The Paper Studio, Letters are Thickers from American Crafts; small hearts, i.love.u tag, 2, Love text paper punched with an EK Success scalloped punch and stripe paper punched with Fiskars Heart Punch is all My Mind’s Eye from the Love Me line in both 6×6 pad and 12×12 kit; Wooden “splendid” banner is My Mind’s Eye Kraft FunDay.

2. First Home

Scrapbook about your very first home as a young new couple. Or scrapbook about your parents’ first home.

First Home

Journaling: Newlyweds – a sweet single-wide with an extension. Chico, CA 1969.

First Home

Supplies: Patterned paper from My Mind’s Eye Love Me line in both 6×6 pad and 12×12 kit; vintage Valentine’s images from Tim Holtz’s Seasonal Paper Stash; Pink die cuts with gold foil from Heidi Swapp with Tattered Angels, colored with SWAK Glimmer Mist, red button by Jenni Bowlin, all other products are older.

3. First Love

Scrapbook about your first crush or your first sweetheart.

First Love

Journaling: Chris Huber wasn’t my first crush, but was my first sweetheart starting around age 3. Our parents were close friends and his parents followed mine to AZ. I remember taking walks to his house. Once we moved to L.A. and his family moved back to Red Bluff where our parents initially met, our families continued to visit. Chris and I used to play Tarzan and Jane, jumping off my bunk bed as if swinging on vines. Our families went camping and even to Mexico together. Lots of good times as young kids.

First Love closeup

Supplies: Core’dinations + Jenni Bowlin cardstock, Tim Holtz Tissue Tape (similar to this one) colored with SU Cameo Coral Craft Pad and a Tim Holtz Ink Blending Tool, Kaisercraft Canvas Tags, Crate Paper Buttons, Prima wooden buttons, My Mind’s Eye Love paper from the Love Me line scalloped with EK Success Punch; Heart was die cut from Tim Holtz grungeboard with his Love Birds dies and covered with paper from the My Mind’s Eye Love Me 6×6 pad Circled 1 – Echo Park, Letter circles from Authentique, everything else is older product.

4. February Reservations

Tell a funny story about how you and your partner relate to each other. We have no problem telling funny stories about our kids, but we don’t usually think to scrapbook the funny stuff as adults.

February Reservations

Journaling: You are perfectly happy to do embarrassing things to entertain me. Like that time in August when we were on a date. You called Pita Jungle, a casual place we love, and asked to make Valentine’s Reservations. Keep in mind, this was was August! The hostess on the phone was surprised, of course, and told you they don’t take reservations. At all. Ever. They tend to have space. Even on Valentine’s Day.

But you insisted, saying that you were worried there wouldn’t be a table for us when we come…in 6 months.

The idea of going to the Pita Jungle for Valentine’s Day is hilarious enough. And the idea of trying to book reservations there 6 months ahead is even more hysterical. I was laughing so hard (quietly, of course!) and I can’t believe you can hold such a long fake conversation with someone without cracking up or getting embarrassed, for that matter. But you don’t worry about the embarrassment part. You just like to see me laugh.

What was just as funny was when Valentine’s actually came. We were driving to a restaurant for dinner (not the Pita Jungle!), when suddenly you picked up the phone and I heard you say, “Hi. Pita Jungle? We’re on our way and I just want to confirm our Valentine’s Reservations.”

(Photo: Nov. 2011, Story: 2010 – 2011).

February Reservations (journal page)

February Reservations closeup

Supplies: Patterned paper and No. tag from My Mind’s Eye Love Me line in both 6×6 pad and 12×12 kit, large hearts punched with Fiskar’s,; Scallop punch is by Fiskars; Black brad by Teresa Collins, Metal Spinner by Tim Holtz.

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Izzy & Me – Two Happy Lives + One Happy Marriage

Izzy and Noell at Pita Jungle
I hope you’ll indulge me today as I post something that is not scrapbook-related. I never do this. But I’ve gotten lots of comments and questions about two subjects that are related to each other — about my relationship with Izzy and about how we both stay so positive and happy.

Since most of what keeps us happy as individuals is also what keeps our relationship young and healthy, I decided to answer both questions in one. I won’t claim to have a perfect life and a flawless marriage. Couples who work together in their own business have the highest risk of divorce so Izzy and I made very specific changes to our lives over the first two years of working together in order to keep our marriage happy.

Those changes made a massive impact on us. I believe in them. So here are some of those things that we do now, as well as the stuff we’ve always done. Adopt any that make sense for you and your special person . . .

1) Have Fun

We laugh every day, almost whenever we’re talking to each other. The way Izzy and I laugh and tease on the Roundtable is how we are all the time. Even during hard times we find things to laugh about. It’s easy with Izzy because he’s a natural joker and he’s funny, but we both try to keep things light. There is very little we hold sacred or take seriously (except for the well-being of others).

Life is too short and precious to be taking it so seriously.

2) Be Healthfully Naive and Assume the Best

We assume the best of each other and of other people and give them the benefit of the doubt. This is my natural tendency — I’ve learned I’m naive that way. But after I figured that out about myself, I also realized that more often than not, it’s close to the truth — people are just trying to get by and be happy. I also figured out that even when a person’s intentions are not so sunny, things work out better if I just assume they were.

It’s almost impossible to insult or offend me because I can empathize with other people’s point of view, even if I disagree with it. Or, if I think a person really is being flat-out mean, I just feel sad for that person and move on.

Quick note — even though some of these things are our natural tendencies, I do believe they are traits that can be learned.

3) Be Active and Eat Healthfully

We exercise most every day. We also take Latin and Ballroom dance lessons once a week and in decent weather we go mountain biking every Friday. I also love to go dancing on the weekend. We eat really healthfully. We eat a plant-based whole-foods diet. Between the exercise and the food, we have lots of energy.

4) Surround Yourself with Positive People

We hang around with other positive people. We limit our time with non-positive people. Others infect us with their attitude, no matter how strong we are.

5) Hold Hands and Give Each Other 100% of your Attention for a MINIMUM of 20 – 30 Minutes a Day.

We make sure we spend a good chunk of time focused on each other with no distractions from kids, work, or other people every single day. Some days we go out together. Other days we do it at home. We ask each other a lot of questions — the way you do when you’re first dating someone and falling for them. You might assume that we wouldn’t have much to ask after 14 years of marriage, but we’re always learning new things about each other, especially in light of our childhoods.

Plus, people evolve, so there’s always something new in the other person’s head, or more in-depth ways to understand the other person. This is even more so when you and your partner are regularly trying or learning new things — which is another point to add to this list!

6) Acquire Experiences Instead of Stuff

We focus on creating and having rich experiences instead of stuff. Except when it comes to feeding our talents and hobbies, buying and having stuff just isn’t important to us. We actually don’t want it.

7) Avoid Negativity (such as the news)

We don’t pay much attention to the negative things going on in the world. We don’t watch or listen to the news. We hear about things here and there, but that stuff can be a real drain and we feel we contribute to society better by focusing on the areas we know we can impact.

8) Don’t Let TV Be Your Go-To Source for Relaxation

We barely watch TV. For six months out of the year we watch 0-2 hours of TV per week. The other six months we watch 3-4 hours per week. (It depends on the season!). That gives us a lot of time to be with each other and with our friends, and to do more enjoyable and fulfilling things like read or create.

9) Prioritize Your Partner’s and Your Own State of Mind.

We put our state of mind above all other demands. I take a couple hours every single day to go be on my own and do whatever fun thing I feel like doing. He makes sure that happens for me. Not that everybody needs that, but we realized that I do because I have a desperate need to be independent and free.

I try to make sure Izzy gets what he needs to be feeling good, too. His needs revolve more around the emotional and physical ways I reach out to him.

10) Embrace Newness

We look for new experiences and new things to try! Almost like falling in love, trying new things ignites feelings of wonder and excitement. When you do this together, you transfer those feelings to each other as well. It also gives you more things to talk about and new ways to explore and understand each other.

11) Be Each Others’ Refuge

It’s easy to become a source of stress for your partner, especially when there are problems with children or finances, or when you work together for your own business. We learned to demand less of each other (for example, around the house) and instead work for the other’s emotional well-being. It became a goal to be each others’ refuge.

We look to each other for relaxation, not to make sure the other one got something done. Izzy is my escape from stress and troubles and I am the escape for him. We fill each other up and make it easier for the other to conquer the world.

12) Never Assume Your Relationship is Immune to the Threats of Divorce

Izzy and I do things every day to woo the other. We flirt a lot. We try to look our best every day. Your efforts to gain your lover’s affections before you got married should continue forever. It’s even more vital to gain and keep your spouse’s adoration once you’re married with children than it was when you were still single.