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Thrive! 2012: A New Paperclipping Series

Thrive! 2012

I stopped setting goals and resolutions a few years ago and found that I accomplished more without them.

It’s not that I have no dreams or ambitions. I just think specific goal-setting is less productive, uses up lots of valuable time, and can close your mind to opportunities outside of the specific goal you set for yourself.

So what do I do instead?

Last year I chose a word for the year that related to all of my areas of interest and I developed a chant — or a list of mantras — that I said to myself most days while meditating. That helped to keep my focused.

Then partway through the year I figured out an approach that helped me to be even more successful in my desired areas — again, without setting goals.

And that’s what this post is about — I’m starting a new year-long series here at Paperclipping (in addition to the Photo Stories series) where I’ll be sharing the process with you, and I hope many of you will jump on board and share back!

Thrive! 2012

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Art Journaling, Scrap Journaling, and Book Altering On The Go

Mar 2011 3391

I love to take my scrap-journal, an art journal, or a book I’m altering and go work outside on the patio of Starbucks while I sip hot green tea.

Each are such manageable items to work with on the go. But there are two things I’ve had to learn at least a few times and it’s my tip for today:

Always carry tape and a pen with you. At all times!

Especially a pen! At least if you forget the tape you can go home and tape it all together, like I did for this page. I had journaled on the inside of this Starbucks napkin and then realized I couldn’t tape it in. No big deal, it gave me time to consider using tissue tape — which I may also start carrying around with me at all times!

If I have no pen, though, I might as well just go home.

From now on I think I’ll keep extras of these items in my purse in case I forget to toss it into my tote bag!