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Lavish Design or Meaningful Journaling? …Six Multi-Page Scrapbook Layouts that have Both

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

My Baby Blanket Story (closeup)
Who do you follow? The little devil on your left shoulder tempting you to put all your time on pretty products and a beautiful scrapbook page? Or the guardian angel on your right, whispering for you to focus on the story?

I used to slap that little devil off of me and follow my guardian angel, but not anymore…

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Scrapbooking 12×12 and 6×12 Two Page Layouts – Paperclipping 214

Friday, March 29th, 2013

paperclipping 214

Can’t have “pretty” and “trendy” pages if you have a fair amount of journaling?

Can’t tell a good story if you want to use lots of fun product and layering?

I was getting tired of always sacrificing form for function to fit my writing. We like to have it all, don’t we? And we can…

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Photo Stories: An Easier Way to Journal

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Staying Home for School closeup

Would you like the journaling step of your scrapbooking to be easier?

Say hello to Photo Stories 2012 – a Paperclipping blog series.
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The Weight of Your Journaling – Paperclipping 179

Friday, October 14th, 2011


I know you’ve experienced this…

You have a great page going. Then you add the journaling. And now you don’t like the page.

You probably assume your handwriting is the problem, right?

Sure, the handwriting may be part of it. But there is another cause that is just as common. In fact, if you fix this other problem, then your handwriting probably won’t affect your page, even if it is, ummm…

Okay, I’ll just say it…even if your handwriting is ugly.

Not everybody can make their handwriting gorgeous. But everybody can learn to fix that other most common problem that takes a page from fabulous to not-fabulous, and mask the handwriting, too.

I’ve just released a new video tutorial that explains the real problem with journaling. You’ll learn the different ways that you can make your journaling fit with your page, and even make the design better!

I hope you enjoy it!

The video is only for members. If you’re a member, you can go watch it now.

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Scrapbook Layout from a Paperclipping Member: The College Send-off

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


What will it be like when you send your oldest or youngest off to college away from home? What was it like, if you’ve already done it?

Cindy Wick had designed the left side of this page with all these wonderful pictures which give a comprehensive view of the sending off of her daughter. Notice the variety of visuals –from the Motel 6 to the sub sandwiches to the shopping cart full of stuff to the goodbye’s — that will trigger very specific memories for Cindy and her daughter forever.

Once Cindy got all the photos and the fun design on her page, she realized she had a big story to tell with lots of mom-feelings to share, but not enough space. The page sat on her table while she tried to figure out what to do, and then…

A super hero of the day flew in in the form of Paperclipping Episode 173 – A Journaling Design technique!

(I realize the above statement is as un-humble as it gets! I hope you don’t mind a little bit of boasting!).

I am really proud because I read Cindy’s journaling and it’s so moving. What a shame it would have been had she decided to condense it to make it fit, or remove some photos instead!

And of course, the icing on the cake was that by using the tutorial’s idea she was able to have fun and share her own feelings of pride and celebration for her daughter through the visual design and all the wonderful little details.

Turns out you really can have it all!

Doesn’t her design show celebration and growth all at once?

So I wanted to share it with you.

Get Solutions for Your Scrapbooking Dilemmas!

Cindy said some pretty great things about her Paperclipping Memberhsip, too, and I hope it’s okay for me to be a proud mama of my videos and quote some of what she said:

While I’m at it, I should say that I am a member of paperclipping and I really have gotten so much out of my membership. I consider myself a decent page designer, but I still learn new things from Noell all the time! She has a way of introducing things in a new and fresh way ~ it always gets me thinking creatively.

That’s probably because her way of teaching design is to get you to think of design principles as flexible, instead of using more concrete methods…Her videos are SO different, creative, and well thought out, I’ll probably be a fan for life.

(Thanks so much, Cindy!).

Okay, gushing moment over.

If you haven’t read Cindy’s journaling yet, please do! It’s an awesome example of how to share your own wonderful human emotional stories!

To see a larger version, click here to see her blog post, then click on the layout itself.

Want to see what all the hubbub around the Paperclipping videos is about?

(Did I just say hubbub?).

Click here to find out and maybe you’ll get the solutions you need to your scrapbooking dilemmas! >> http://www.paperclipping.com/membership

A Journaling Design Technique – Paperclipping 173

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Do you ever have stories that require lots of journaling, but your idea for a page doesn’t leave you enough room?

This happens to me all the time. I’m a journaler. And I love the artistic part of scrapbooking, too.
Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check.

It suddenly occurred to me one day that we can mix the two more easily with one simple solution: Combine a 12×12 page with a 6×12 page, which is what you see above.

  • The 12×12 is for the design idea swimming in my head
  • The 6×12 is for the journaling.

I feel so free now! I no longer have to expand my layout to a full two-page 24×12 inch spreads whenever I have a few pictures, a fun idea, and too much to say!

It all started with this layout…

Swings & Slides

I wanted to compare my childhood swing sets with current ones. I had four photos and the story. Plus I wanted to give an explanation for each photo.

I really didn’t need two 12×12 pages, but a single just wasn’t going to cut it, even with the simple clean design.

Suddenly it became my easy fix, even for more artistic and free layouts…

Two-Way Design

Tap Dance for Money - right side

I decided to design this first as a single page that could stand alone.

And then I designed the journaling portion to work with it. The balance of the design works either way! I get to share it as a single page or a double, depending on the situation. And, in fact, I’ve already shared it both ways for various reasons.

Tap Dance for Money - both pages


All you need are 6×12 page protectors. I use American Crafts.

Journaled Tag Page

Here is a closeup of the front and back of my journaled page for the top layout:

Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check. (right)

Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check. (back of right)

In this week’s episode for the members I show how to make this journaled tag page, along with my tips for easier journal strips.

You can watch this episode and many, many more videos right now when you sign up for your Paperclipping Membership! Click here to learn more!

What Was Your Last…? Journal Prompts for the Last Day of the World

Saturday, May 21st, 2011


Turns out today is the last day of the world. So I thought I’d provide you with a list of “Lasts” prompts for a page about yourself. Better hurry if you’re a slow scrapbooker!.

You can also print it up and give it to each of your family members for a fun little mini-book. Or, perhaps you’re having a Last Day of the World party tonight? You can give the list to each of your guests for a fun activity!

(Why didn’t I think of that before?)

What Was Your Last…? Journal Prompts

Along with my own answers.

  1. What was the last song you listened to?
    Unnamable, by Matthew Santos on Rhapsody
  2. Who was the last person you kissed?
    My man, Izzy.
  3. What was the last book you finished?
    Riven Rock, by T. C. Boyle.
  4. Who was the last person you apologized to?
    I’m sure it was Izzy — I probably felt bad for sleeping so much because of these drugs I’m on for my crazy neck problems.
  5. What was the last television show you watched?
    Treme, which was good. But we just finished a season of Survivor, and it was brilliant. I know, it’s embarrassing, but I am completely enamored with Survivor. One of my very favorites!!!
  6. What was the last thing you ate?
    Pizza from Papa John’s with tomatoes, onions, olives, and mushroom. No cheese.
  7. What was the last thing you drank?
    Water. But the last non-water thing I drank was Chai Tea with soy milk. The last adult drink? Wine. Red. Unfortunately, it was a Pinot Noire. Obviously, I wasn’t the one who bought it. But I admit, it was a decent Pinot, so I enjoyed it just fine!
  8. Where was the last restaurant you ate at?
    We had lunch at the Blue Nile today — Ethiopian food. Usually we love it, but today it seemed to be missing the variety of spices we love so much. We had vegan cupcakes afterward at the brand new 98% vegan restaurant next door! We’ll be eating there very soon!
  9. Who was the last friend you spent time with?
    Izzy and I met Mitch for wine at D’Vine on Tuesday night. But he’s a cousin (and the one that bought the Pinot!). Does it count that we had a really good chat with our dance teacher, Jacqueline, since I kinked my neck and couldn’t really dance? She’s becoming a friend and we love her. But if that doesn’t count, we had fun with Chris and Sarah at their daughter’s birthday party last Saturday And I got to spend a little bit of time with my best friend, Tami, and good friend, Rhonda, at Tami’s daughter’s baby shower, also last Saturday.
  10. When was the last time you hugged your mom and dad?
    Since we live across the country, hugs with mom and dad only happen about once a year anymore. It would have been last July 2010 when we said goodbye after our fun trip out there.
  11. What was your last twitter or facebook status update?
    Twitter update: @FrancineClouden Happy birthday!!!
    A funnier Twitter update just before that: @Gela65 Yes. And it’s also a reminder that we have crazies running around.
    Facebook Status Update: We’re currently having more than half our house painted in bright happy colors. So bright, in fact, that it feels like a Dr. Suess house.
  12. Describe the last picture you took.
    at home 4107
    I took a picture of a scrapbook page in progress. But that was for work. My last picture for just for fun — I was taking pics of my oldest in a shirt and tie for a school presentation. We rarely dress up like that, and it was weird and funny seeing our thirteen-year-old looking grown up. The actual last shot I took in the series was after he’d swung his backpack onto his shoulder and turned to walk out the door.
  13. Who was the last person you called?
    Izzy. I was giving him a status report of my doctor visit.
  14. What was the last thoughtful thing you did for somebody?
    Hmmm. Hard to think on this one, as I’ve spent the last three days trying not to fall down from dizzy spells, or drugged up and asleep on my bed. I seem to remember…okay, I can’t remember doing anything thoughtful recently.
  15. What was your last creative act?
    Other than blogging? I spent some good time painting the other night. I’m falling in love.
  16. What was the last thing you did that was brave?
    I went to Berkeley for four days on my own. That doesn’t really require much bravery, but it does get you out of your comfort zone to go car-less to a new city all by yourself. I’ve taken little adventures for creative getaways every year for the past three years and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Want more prompts and ideas for scrapbooking about yourself?

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Scrapbook About Yourself: 47 Journal Prompts
Scrapbooking About Yourself

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Journal Your Photos

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Sometimes I just write a quick journal note into my photo metatadata, but then write something different for the actual scrapbook layout. More and more, though, I find myself really thinking through my journaling while on my computer, as if I were scrapbooking. Then my journaling is ready for me to use on a page when I sit down to scrap if I choose to.

This way, I capture my thoughts and feelings ahead of time so I don’t forget. But it also makes it easy for me to print my journaling without breaking my paper-crafting flow because I’ve already typed it.

Here’s an example of what I did last Monday with photos from the weekend:

Trinity’s First Dance Competition
Dance Costumes

Dance Shoes

Costumes and Shoes

Preparing for Trinity’s first competition.

With six dances, I wanted to be sure Trinity had everything organized so she wouldn’t have to worry about what she needed next. I put her costumes in order, tucked the accessories in one of her costume hats, put the shoes in a small bag, and her hair and makeup pieces in a pocket. Last, I added a checklist of all her numbers and important items.

We were all so excited, including Trinity herself. We were so proud of how hard she worked and how amazing she was.

I love watching her dance — she is such a joy. But I also enjoyed the mother-daughter bonding that developed from having spent an entire day with her: watching her dance numbers and feeling so, so proud; running back after the first few to make sure she didn’t need my help with her hair changes; scrounging up change for the vending machines when we realized there would be no break for food, and helping her make the best possible decisions from the unhealthy options in order to sustain her energy.

This day made my Top Favorite Mom Memories list.

I don’t think I found the words to accurately express the level of emotion that I feel about this day with Trinity. I hope I’ll be able to use design to make up for what is lacking in my words.

Scrapbooking Ideas: The Recent Stories Landing in my Photo Manager

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Photos + Journaling in the Metadata
Blake got Izzy’s old iPhone around the end of summer. He’s on it a lot, mostly texting, I think. It’s still a surprise to get a text from Blake and I love it, even if it’s just a quick mundane note that I need to pick him up.

Jan2011 2989 - Version 2
While Blake blasted music from his iPhone in the kitchen to do dishes, Aiden and Trinity got out a few costumes and played around the living room.

Jan2011 2772 - Version 2
David and Danny spent a few days at our house while their parents (Uncle Russ and Aunt Nuria) were in Asia. The kids took a walk to Basha’s to buy snacks for themselves with their own money.

This is a regular trek that the kids do on their own, with their friends, and with their cousins whenever they stay with us.

They’re on Cheshire, the road behind our house.

Power Elite Dancer
This morning I saw I had a message from the owner of the dance studio. We’been adjusting to the chaotic life, constantly changing schedule, information overload, and overall demands of Trinity being on the company team. I was worried she needed to have a talk with me about the rehearsal we accidentally missed on Saturday because we’re still learning how to get it all organized.

But when I listened to her message, she said, “I’m calling about an opportunity for Trinity and I want to give you December to think about it.”

When I called her she began explaining the group of dancers called Power Elite that are even more serious than the overall ranks of the Company dancers.

“There are those few dancers that can’t get enough dancing,” Tina told me. “They want to be at the studio all the time. They want to be dancing every day.”

That’s Trinity, I thought. Trinity is a true dancer, all the way to her core.

“It’s hard on the families,” Tina continued.

And I knew that, too. Right now Trinity dances between 6.5 to 8.5 hours a week, and more the week of recital. She is at the studio 4-5 days a week.

The first couple of years Trinity’s teacher urged us to let her audition for Company, we were positive we couldn’t handle the schedule. When we finally did it this summer, and she got in, we realized we could make it work.

She works hard and slow on her homework (the curse of a perfectionist), and sometimes she’s up late working on it, but she gets it done. The dishes are another story, and we realized we have to rearrange her responsibilties around the house because she just can’t get them done on her long dance days, no matter how hard she tries.

That’s why I thought, “maybe next year,” when Tina said she wanted Trinity on the elite team, despite my exhilarated and racing heart. It would require another two hours of dancing on Wednesdays and two hour every Saturday. We would take her out of her extra tap class, and possibly her extra jazz class as well.

“I’ve been watching Trinity,” Tina said. When she first joined Company in August, she definitely wasn’t ready for it yet. She didn’t have quite the confidence in all of the styles.”

No, she didn’t. Trinity had only ever taken ballet until she made company last August. Suddenly she was thrown into tap, jazz, lyrical, and a little bit of hip-hop. But she progressed fast! I kept hearing about it whenever I went into the studio.

Tina continued to explain, “But I’ve been watching her again — watching her dance next to two of the Elite girls I saw that she was right there with them! She’s got that confidence and the ability.”

She also has the passion.

I told her I would talk to my husband, but we’re still trying to adjust to Company life — we might need to wait until the next opportunity.

When is it all too much? Trinity would have an off-balance life. But as I thought about it, I realized some people need off-balance lives. Some people can do that — can specialize in one thing, throw their life into one passion. Those are the people who become truly great at what they do.

As soon as I told Izzy about the invitation, he jumped on it. He was ready to shuffle everything around for Trinity to be able to take the opportunity.

So we asked her. And she was giddy all day about it. So was I. And when we walked into the studio that evening and told both of the Tina’s — the owner and the dance manager — they acted giddy about it, too.

I’m so proud of that girl. So happy for her.

Keeping Track of Your Photo Stories

Just a quick note to newer readers around here — I have two articles you can read about the simplest possible way to attach the stories and details of your original photo files. That way you can write the stories down immediately, share them (attached automatically!) with others, have them permanently linked to your pictures so you never have to go looking. You can read the articles here:

The Most Important Word for you to Learn This Year
How You Really Can Tell ALL of Your Stories