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Complete an Everyday Life Scrapbook – Paperclipping 213

paperclipping 213

Recently someone told me they love it when I make pages about our big life changes, and I joked that I didn’t know how many more big changes we could handle making.

Then I started looking through my Everyday Life scrapbook album last week, and guess what I noticed? Lots and lots of pages about changes we’ve made, both big and small. And I learned something about Izzy and myself that I hadn’t fully realized before.

He and I both thrive on change. But that’s not what matters to you. What matters to you is this…

I would never have made that observation about us had I not separated my albums into topics or stories. By having an album that focuses specifically on everyday life, for example, you break your life down into a digestible section so you can actually see the patterns of your life that you didn’t realize were there.

Fourteen Prompts for Scrapbooking Everyday Life

Here are fourteen page prompts on scrapbooking the every day that come to my mind after working on my own album…

  1. Schedules
  2. Routines
  3. Things you do often
  4. Lens projects – ie. a focused look at a day or a week
  5. Meals or foods you eat
  6. Things you do daily, weekly, or monthly
  7. Places you visit regularly (coffee, shop, restaurants)
  8. What you do when you’re lounging around
  9. “Right Now” pages – what is everyone doing at this moment?
  10. Stuff you regularly find left out around the house
  11. Favorite TV shows
  12. Your exercise routine
  13. Your personality quirks
  14. Games you play a lot
  15. Typical weekends at home

The story of who we are when we’re the most real gets diluted when we surround everyday life layouts with the other types of layouts where our lives tend to be more dressed up.

I like to keep them separate so my scrapbooks can tell clear, defined stories.

Our Everyday Life

But whether you want to do that or not, you might enjoy the video we made related to this topic.

I’m finishing up my Everyday Life album this month and it’s had lots of problems. Basically, the viewing experience of this album was unpleasant for many reasons. On video I share my album with all its pages, along with all its problems and little ugh-lies.

But I also share my solutions and show you how I very quickly modified the album into one I now really enjoy and am excited about. I make an intro page on video, start to finish, as well.

This video is for the Paperclipping Members and is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

If you’re not a member, please click here for information!

Shine On,

To move forward in the Play Along: Finish an Album, click here: Do Page Titles Really Matter?

What Was Your Last…? Journal Prompts for the Last Day of the World


Turns out today is the last day of the world. So I thought I’d provide you with a list of “Lasts” prompts for a page about yourself. Better hurry if you’re a slow scrapbooker!.

You can also print it up and give it to each of your family members for a fun little mini-book. Or, perhaps you’re having a Last Day of the World party tonight? You can give the list to each of your guests for a fun activity!

(Why didn’t I think of that before?)

What Was Your Last…? Journal Prompts

Along with my own answers.

  1. What was the last song you listened to?
    Unnamable, by Matthew Santos on Rhapsody
  2. Who was the last person you kissed?
    My man, Izzy.
  3. What was the last book you finished?
    Riven Rock, by T. C. Boyle.
  4. Who was the last person you apologized to?
    I’m sure it was Izzy — I probably felt bad for sleeping so much because of these drugs I’m on for my crazy neck problems.
  5. What was the last television show you watched?
    Treme, which was good. But we just finished a season of Survivor, and it was brilliant. I know, it’s embarrassing, but I am completely enamored with Survivor. One of my very favorites!!!
  6. What was the last thing you ate?
    Pizza from Papa John’s with tomatoes, onions, olives, and mushroom. No cheese.
  7. What was the last thing you drank?
    Water. But the last non-water thing I drank was Chai Tea with soy milk. The last adult drink? Wine. Red. Unfortunately, it was a Pinot Noire. Obviously, I wasn’t the one who bought it. But I admit, it was a decent Pinot, so I enjoyed it just fine!
  8. Where was the last restaurant you ate at?
    We had lunch at the Blue Nile today — Ethiopian food. Usually we love it, but today it seemed to be missing the variety of spices we love so much. We had vegan cupcakes afterward at the brand new 98% vegan restaurant next door! We’ll be eating there very soon!
  9. Who was the last friend you spent time with?
    Izzy and I met Mitch for wine at D’Vine on Tuesday night. But he’s a cousin (and the one that bought the Pinot!). Does it count that we had a really good chat with our dance teacher, Jacqueline, since I kinked my neck and couldn’t really dance? She’s becoming a friend and we love her. But if that doesn’t count, we had fun with Chris and Sarah at their daughter’s birthday party last Saturday And I got to spend a little bit of time with my best friend, Tami, and good friend, Rhonda, at Tami’s daughter’s baby shower, also last Saturday.
  10. When was the last time you hugged your mom and dad?
    Since we live across the country, hugs with mom and dad only happen about once a year anymore. It would have been last July 2010 when we said goodbye after our fun trip out there.
  11. What was your last twitter or facebook status update?
    Twitter update: @FrancineClouden Happy birthday!!!
    A funnier Twitter update just before that: @Gela65 Yes. And it’s also a reminder that we have crazies running around.
    Facebook Status Update: We’re currently having more than half our house painted in bright happy colors. So bright, in fact, that it feels like a Dr. Suess house.
  12. Describe the last picture you took.
    at home 4107
    I took a picture of a scrapbook page in progress. But that was for work. My last picture for just for fun — I was taking pics of my oldest in a shirt and tie for a school presentation. We rarely dress up like that, and it was weird and funny seeing our thirteen-year-old looking grown up. The actual last shot I took in the series was after he’d swung his backpack onto his shoulder and turned to walk out the door.
  13. Who was the last person you called?
    Izzy. I was giving him a status report of my doctor visit.
  14. What was the last thoughtful thing you did for somebody?
    Hmmm. Hard to think on this one, as I’ve spent the last three days trying not to fall down from dizzy spells, or drugged up and asleep on my bed. I seem to remember…okay, I can’t remember doing anything thoughtful recently.
  15. What was your last creative act?
    Other than blogging? I spent some good time painting the other night. I’m falling in love.
  16. What was the last thing you did that was brave?
    I went to Berkeley for four days on my own. That doesn’t really require much bravery, but it does get you out of your comfort zone to go car-less to a new city all by yourself. I’ve taken little adventures for creative getaways every year for the past three years and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Want more prompts and ideas for scrapbooking about yourself?

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Scrapbooking About Yourself

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Scrapbook About Yourself: 47 Journal Prompts

April Self Portrait

I don’t know why it is that we have so much to scrapbook about our children, but can’t so easily find topics we think are worthy for ourselves.

Here are forty-seven questions you can scrapbook and answer about yourself. Combine a handful for one page, or devote a layout to a single question. I’m using these questions in the book I’m currently altering, based on Dedra Long’s tutorial in our Altered Books tutorial.

Journaling Prompts for Scrapbooking About Yourself

1. What’s the story behind your name?

2. What was happening in the world when you were born?

3. What is your earliest memory of home?

4. What was your favorite hiding place as a child? What is your favorite hiding place as an adult?

5. Describe your favorite outfit as a child, and as a youth. What about now?

6. In your opinion, what has been the most significant world event that has taken place during your lifetime? Why?

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