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Scrapbooking Stories About Your Mental Health Struggles

Finding Freedom - butterfly closeup.
Finding Freedom – butterfly closeup.

Last week Ali Edwards and I had a candid conversation about our personal struggles with mental health on the Paperclipping Roundtable. We both suffer from anxiety and mild depression and a few other issues. I also have ADD.

I mentioned some of my pages that deal both directly and indirectly with my own struggles: once in a while I specifically mention my illness or disorder and talk about them directly on a layout. A lot of the times I just scrapbook the stories that inevitably lead from these struggles, but don’t explain how they are a result of my disorder/illnesses.

I decided to share many of those pages with you this week. If our episode made you want try scrapbooking about your own struggles, but left you wondering how to actually say what you want to say about your own condition, these examples might get your thoughts moving.
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Trendy Ways to Create a Visual Path – Paperclipping 220

paperclipping 220

Do you struggle with where to put embellishments?

It can be easy to know where to place embellishments if you use them to create a visual path.

A visual path is a path the eye will take around a layout — the purposes being to get people to look where you want them to look, but more importantly, to keep the eye engaged so they look longer.

Embellishments are like milestones or landmarks in the path. They flag the eye’s attention. You can set them up so that one embellishment will send the viewer on to the next one, and so on. By the time the eye processes the last one, that first one is calling again, and the viewer will continue to view the page, noticing and enjoying more details.

Current trends in our culture have brought us new trends in visual paths that we’re seeing in a lot of scrapbook layouts. They are casual, playful, and energetic!

I share some of these trendy visual paths and show you different ways to make them in this week’s Paperclipping video tutorial where I assemble four different layouts!

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Thirty Plus Ideas for Scrapbooking Summer and Summer Vacations


Looking forward to some fun summer photos to scrapbook?

Here are lots of ideas for summer and vacation pages, mini-books, albums, shooting photos and choosing photos, and even ideas for packing so you can scrapbook while on your vacation…

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Edge Gatherings – Paperclipping 216

paperclipping 216

Remember the old borders we used to make for the sides of our pages years ago? They were often intricate, time-consuming, and sometimes even a distraction from the photos.

Edge gatherings are similar to borders, but they’re much easier to put together and they’re way cooler.
They’re also not so cumbersome. Continue reading Edge Gatherings – Paperclipping 216

A Fun Way to Choose Scrapbook Embellishments

True Scrap Sneak Peek

I’ve started working on my class for the online event, True Scrap 3! I’m really excited about my topic, which has to do with my method for choosing embellishments and paper for pages and projects. The method makes it easy, fun, and meaningful all at the same time!

What’s my topic? Hop over to this page to see! You’ll get to see the topics of all the other awesome teachers, too!

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Stretch Your Leftover Themed Products – Paperclipping 184

paperclipping 184

I don’t buy a lot of themed products except for the Christmas theme — in that case I do buy a lot, at least for me. And that means I have leftovers every year. I bet you do too.

Ever wonder how to make them fit together onto a page?

I’ve just released a video tutorial with lots of tips on stretching leftover themed products, such as Christmas ones, to fit together on your pages.

Here are some of the things I share:

  • A layout concept for when you have only one piece of patterned paper you want to use for a 2-page spread.
  • Principles of color to help you pull together papers with slightly different color families and make it balance across your entire spread.
  • Techniques for making non-themed products fit in with your chosen theme.

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My Favorite 10 Methods For Getting Scrapbooking Ideas

I know most scrapbookers get their ideas from sketches and the layouts of other scrapbookers. But I think there are easier methods and these methods will you get you scrapbooking faster. Not only that, but you’ll never run out of scrapbooking ideas again!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: If you get accustomed to these ten methods, you’ll find that your scrapbooking ideas will be endless! Continue reading My Favorite 10 Methods For Getting Scrapbooking Ideas

A Journaling Design Technique – Paperclipping 173

Do you ever have stories that require lots of journaling, but your idea for a page doesn’t leave you enough room?

This happens to me all the time. I’m a journaler. And I love the artistic part of scrapbooking, too.
Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check.

It suddenly occurred to me one day that we can mix the two more easily with one simple solution: Combine a 12×12 page with a 6×12 page, which is what you see above.

  • The 12×12 is for the design idea swimming in my head
  • The 6×12 is for the journaling.

I feel so free now! I no longer have to expand my layout to a full two-page 24×12 inch spreads whenever I have a few pictures, a fun idea, and too much to say!

It all started with this layout…

Swings & Slides

I wanted to compare my childhood swing sets with current ones. I had four photos and the story. Plus I wanted to give an explanation for each photo.

I really didn’t need two 12×12 pages, but a single just wasn’t going to cut it, even with the simple clean design.

Suddenly it became my easy fix, even for more artistic and free layouts…

Two-Way Design

Tap Dance for Money - right side

I decided to design this first as a single page that could stand alone.

And then I designed the journaling portion to work with it. The balance of the design works either way! I get to share it as a single page or a double, depending on the situation. And, in fact, I’ve already shared it both ways for various reasons.

Tap Dance for Money - both pages


All you need are 6×12 page protectors. I use American Crafts.

Journaled Tag Page

Here is a closeup of the front and back of my journaled page for the top layout:

Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check. (right)

Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check. (back of right)

In this week’s episode for the members I show how to make this journaled tag page, along with my tips for easier journal strips.

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