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Holiday Photography Day 3: Food

Paperclipping Holiday Photography Tips

This is a post from my 7-Day Holiday Photography Tips, which I sometimes gift to Paperclipping Members around the holidays. I wrote this with December holidays in mind, but I decided to share the food tips post for free before Thanksgiving starts!

Note: I’m not an expert photographer. But I’ve had some relative success with many of my photos and want to share what I know at a time when we most want stunning pictures.

Good food photos require basic photography skills: good composition, good (especially natural) lighting, great angles, etc. Food can be tricky, but hopefully you’ve been practicing the two previous lessons and you’ll be ready to apply what you’ve learned in a new way!

Holiday food shots can vary between close-up’s of Christmas goodies, to a plate of food on a table, to the entire banquet. The type you’re taking will determine your photo settings. Let’s talk about different types of food shots and some of the approaches you can take so you can get photos that capture the magic of holiday food. Continue reading Holiday Photography Day 3: Food

Photo Stories 2012: Scrapbooking Easter

Easter Eggs

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Photo Stories check-in!

* * *

Photo Stories 2012 is a series to help you easily capture all of your photo stories and have them permanently paired with their corresponding photos. How is that done? Start with this article — The Most Important Word for You to Learn This Year. And how is it done easily? Read How You Really Can Tell All Of Your Stories for my simple method. Next you can view all of the Photo Stories 2012 posts in one place.

* * *

Let’s talk about Easter. Apparently it’s not trendy to scrapbook holidays like Easter. There’s an interesting history to that with many saying they scrapbook “moments” and the every day, but not events. Continue reading Photo Stories 2012: Scrapbooking Easter

Paperclipping 140 – Accordian Spring Album

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This is a members-only edition of Paperclipping.

You can watch the video by using the player above, or you can right-click here to save the video to your computer.

Album Details

The Tinkering Ink Peekaboo Album I used doesn’t seem to be in stock anymore. Hopefully you’ll use something you already have anyway but if you’re looking for a mini with shapes punched out like mine, the closest thing I can find to it is this one, which is on clearance right now.

Album Color:
By experimenting, I got a lovely mottled yellow on my pages that reminds me of colored Easter eggs. You know how colored eggs never come out smooth and perfect like they do on the cover of magazines?. I love the uneven colored-eggs look on my pages. Here’s how I got it:

  • Painted 2 layers of Golden’s Gesso. (You could try white acrylic paint if you don’t have gesso).
  • Sprayed a layer of Lemon Meringue Glimmer Mist and blended it in.
  • Spritzed some uneven splotches of Lemon Grass Glimmer Mist. I rubbed the Lemon Grass with my blending tool. The foam applicator left a lot of “bubbling” in the mist, I think because of the gesso, and then set the bubbles and splotches with a heat tool.

Handmade flowers:
I made my large turquoise flower out of Tim Holtz Grunge Board. To color the petals I painted two layers of gesso, then sprayed and dried multiple layers of Patina Glimmer Mist.

It turns out that the gesso was not holding the Patina dye color, so it came out light, although very beautifully glimmery. Liz Hicks from Tattered Angels suggested using Making Memories Spotlight acrylic paint on chipboard or grunge board if you want the dye color to show more vibrantly.

The tiny paper flowers and the large flower were inspired by the artist, Alisa Burke. The orange paperclipped flower is from Paperclipping Episode #118, which is now archived, but available to our Members.

Note: Links go to my affiliate stores.

Paperclipping 136 – Make Beautiful Layouts with Lots of Photos

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This week’s video is for members only.

In this tutorial, you’ll see:

  • How to place photos to make many work together
  • How to pick patterned paper that works with your photos
  • How to add embellishments without them being too much

You can download the trailer, or you can become a member to see the full version of the video.

Also, if you’re not subscribed to the free version of Paperclipping in iTunes, here’s a link that will take you there.

Below is the layout I featured in this week’s tutorial…

Creativity In The Making

2-pg. 12×12 layout
Journaling written to my friend, Dedra Long reads: Shooting our DVD together — that was a blast. It was hard work, definitely. But we had FUN! I remember laughing and laughing with you, even though I can’t remember what was so funny. By looking at the photos, it was clearly something about hair. Clearly. :) I’m so glad we did these two long days of video shoots. It was one of my favorite Paperclipping memories.

Supplies: Creative Imaginations Die Cut Paper * 7 Gypsies yellow polka dot paper * Tattered Angels Glimmer Glass (Nature) * Tim Holtz Idea-ology Type Charms * Prima Rhinestone Flourish * Basic Grey yellow rub-on’s.

Above is a closeup of the technique part of this episode.

Other Layouts Shown In This Episode:

More December Daily Album pages: Days 14-17

Day 14:

This page was all about color balance. The reds in the patterned paper were too warm for the cooler red and blue tones in the photo. To make the photo work with the paper I added red Stickles glitter to three of the flowers in a triangle around the photo. That red glitter matches the ornament (it might be hard to see the glitter in the photo) and now the warms and cools like totally fine.

I also wanted to bring the cream color from the sticker, and the white from the flourish and #14, over to the other side. That’s why I chose the white trim for the floral chipboard page and the cream colored tag. Here’s what the page looked like before I added the content:

Day 15:


This day was all about finishing up a huge day of work before letting go (mostly) and taking a long holiday break. I wrote a note about it and inserted a printed up version of part of the work I did that day, which was to finish up my Holiday Photography Email Course for the Paperclipping Members.

Day 16 & 17


The Day 16 page is cut from one of those page protectors from Becky Higgins’s Project 365 album last year.

On the 17th, Izzy and I finished the bulk of the Christmas shopping so I wrote a little note about that and stuck the kids’ Christmas lists inside. They were actually pretty telling lists. Trinity requested all kinds of stuff like “lots of love” and “a delicious breakfast.”

Coming Soon

This week’s Paperclipping episode will be available by the end of the day today (hopefully sooner than that). Please watch for the newsletter soon if you’re signed up. Also, keep an eye open for some hints about our new upcoming show, The Paperclipping Roundtable.

December Daily Album: Days 1 – 10

Day 1:


Journaling reads: This is the 1st video shoot of the month and between now and Jan, the camera will be battling the Christmas tree for space.

I adhered the metal tags and their ties, plus the number 1 to the outside of the plastic page.

Here is the original empty page…

Day 2-6

I posted 2, 3, and 5 in this post. Days 4 and 6 are still missing stuff so I’ll have to come back to them later.

Day 7:


Journaling reads: Blake’s birthday felt like Christmas morning. He didn’t sleep much the night before and then he woke us up at 5am wanting to start the day (we made him go back to bed another hour). Once we got up the first thing we did was give him our gift — our family tradition. It all happened with the glow of the Christmas tree while it was still dark outside. At his request I made Cocoa Spice Muffins and for dinner we went to his favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) where he stuffed himself on soup and mushroom ravioli’s and could only eat a few bites of his cake.

That circle on the red part of the card is around the number 7, for the day of the month.

Days 9, 10:

Day 8 is another incomplete page so let’s move on to day 9…


The journaling on Day 9: So Proud of My Dancer…You got to have an extra 2-hour dance rehearsal this week in preparation for your upcoming concert…and that was in addition to your dress rehearsal on Monday. And just like me, you love the extra rehearshal time, even though it meant breaking yoru regular play date (again) with your best friend, Nicole.

Here are the originals…


Once again, I’ll be back when I can to post more. Thanks for looking.

December Daily Album: Days 2 & 3

I’m waiting on a photo for day one, so I’ll have to come back to it later. I’ll come back to post the other days as soon as I have some more free time. Thanks for looking!

Day 2




Day 3


For this day I began with the journaling of a story on the first side and then put the accompanying photos on the next pages…



Journaling on the above photo says, “Haven’t seen one of these faces in a while. Thanks for pulling it out again, buddy.”


Paperclipping 132 – New Year’s Predictions Minibook

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This week’s episode is the last for 2009! Many thanks to all the Paperclipping Members, whose memberships make it possible for us to produce these tutorials.

This week’s episode is for members only but anyone can click on the video above to see the trailer. There’s also a Quicktime version of the trailer here. If you are new here, you might want to watch the free tutorials available in the left-hand column. Anyone who would like to see this week’s video, plus the other 130 episodes in the archives, can find out how to become a Paperclipping Member by clicking here.

Supplies for New Years Album:
Many thanks to Stampin’ Up for providing their Glassy Glaze Enamel and the Bashful Blue cardstock.
Reminder to Members: watch your emails today or tomorrow for an invitation to sign up for a one-week email course of seven daily lessons for holiday photography.

December Daily: My focus over the last couple workdays has been on the email photography course. I will post pictures of my album over the next few days here on the blog. I just need a little more. :)

Sale Today On Tree Of Life

Remember that great tree I decorated for Halloween? (Advantus makes it and the designer sent me one to try). You can get it on sale today only for a great price. Normally it’s $29.99 but today it’s only $17.77 as long as it’s available.

You can get it in Vanilla or Bronze (which is what I have–it looks black). I thought I’d let you all know since many of you liked it after I did a four-part series on decorating this tree for Halloween. I saw that someone used it as an event calendar for Christmas and I cannot wait to use it for Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer: The links to the products will take you to my affiliate store with Scrapbook.com. If you purchase it through my links I will make a commission.

Paperclipping 131 – Design With Anchoring Lines

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We’re releasing a free episode this week. That means you don’t have to be a Paperclipping Member to watch it. If you like it, you might decide you want to see all the others, in which case, you can hop over here and find out how to do that.

To watch, you can either click on the video above or download the Quicktime version.

Below are the layouts that I featured in this video tutorial…

Drum Drum Drum Drum

12×12 layout
The Prima Venice white flower and Pearls & Crystals flourish mix with the playful paper images and combine elegance with childhood play in just the way I wanted so that I could replicate the feel of my mother’s gorgeous home and the children playing inside of it. Imaginisce gave me the Jolly Jingle and the Warm Woolen Mittens papers.

The Buckland Women

Journaling reads: It’s amazing to realize we’ve never had any real girl time together–not all four of us girls–not with the gap between our ages. It was short, but I’m so glad I got to have a little time to myself to visit my family this year. To watch them in their new homes. To see them mother their children and grandmother their grandchildren. * Lindsay * Mom (Grandma Buckland) * Erin * Noell *

Christmas ’08 Mini: The Performances
6×7.5 mini book

Christmas ’08 Mini: The Decorating

6×7.5 mini book