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What Every Scrapbooker “Leading a Double-Crafter’s Life” Needs

My Worktable
I have two lovers that escape with me into the same hideaway — their names are Scrapbooking and Painting.

Scrapbooking and I have been together for fifteen years and I’ve been flirting with Painting much of that time.

Lately, Painting and I have been more intimate, so I have an accomplice who helps me keep my two lovers from finding each other out. My accomplice’s name is FRED. Do you see FRED keeping my scrapbooking under the table while Painting and I rendezvous directly above?

My Worktable

Portable Slanted Scrapbook Table

Actually, I have two FRED’s plus an extra metal matte. The most common question I get asked regarding my scrapbooking — and I think I get asked almost daily– is some variation of, “What is that slanted table thing you work on?”

It’s called a FRED. It has a metal removable matte and you can pin your scrapbook pieces to the matte with magnets.

I love that I can remove a matte with its layout to add a different matte and start on a new page. Or I can remove the FRED’s completely from my table and put them somewhere else while I paint or work on a mini-book, or some other sort of non-layout project.

You can learn more about FRED (and buy one for yourself) at MyScrappingBuddy.com.

I would love to be able to tell you that the link is my affiliate link, and that I make a small commission if you click through it and buy a FRED for yourself. Unfortunately it’s not, and I can’t. I don’t make any money by referring you to the site.

But if you do head over there, please let them know I sent you!