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Scrapbooking Supplies – Paper Trimmer

Jan2011 2705
I got a new paper trimmer!

For years I’ve used two paper trimmers.

  1. A great little mini trimmer from Creative Memories that is perfect for small photos.
  2. A giant large trimmer from Making Memories that I’ve had mixed opinions about.

I broke my giant trimmer — namely because it’s so giant I dropped it — and have been using it anyway for the past year or so. After hearing about a Fiskar’s trimmer on the Roundtable, I decided to buy one. After all, Fiskars is who you think of for cutting tools, right?

Jan2011 2707

I took a Sharpie to the bottom of it and wrote down type of replacement blade to look for, as well as the instructions for how to change it. If I have to go look it up when my blade gets dull, I’ll procrastinate. Instructions on the bottom is a better plan!

So far I love the weight of it. I love the wire that shows you where it will cut. I love the size — it’s small, but it’s arm allows you to measure out fifteen inches! I love the way the lines of measurements are laid out. And I love that I can put my paper up against the top and it lays straight!

I’m not sure of the actual cut yet — it looks super straight so far, but it seemed to get dull after just two cuts. And then it seemed to get sharp again.


So I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Either way, I’m definitely ready to go from two heavy clunky trimmers to one very light-weight easy one!


A local foster parent who is putting together a Life Book for the child in their custody will be receiving my unbroken Creative Memories trimmer. Into the box it goes!