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Paperclipping 142 – Scrapbooking with Everyday Items

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Here are the projects from this episode…

It’s All About The Details

12×12 layout
Journaling reads: Trinity – You have great attention to details. You’re afraid of making mistakes. You’re a perfectionist. You’re also extremely independent, so it makes for some interesting situations when I find you trying to do something on your own but you have to come over to me again and again with detail-oriented questions. Today it happened with you making P.B.+J. sandwiches, which you’ve done a hundred times before…

Trinity: Mom! I want to make peanut butter and jelly but this says “jam!” I can’t find any jelly in the fridge.

Mom: That’s what we use because jelly has too much sugar. Sometimes what I buy says “spreadable fruit.” It’s all just used the same way as jelly.

Trinity (you ran out of jam and went to the closet for more but then came back to me, distraught): Mom! This has a totally different word on it that I can’t read and there are CHUNKS in it!

Mom: Yep, honey. This one is the same kind of thing. It’s called, “Preserves.” But it’s all the same. Now relax and go make your sandwich! :)


12×12 pocketed page protector

Journaling reads: It wasn’t until Blake told me how his friends act disgusted by the way we eat (last month) that I realized it could be hard on you kids socially. It’s been over two years now since I decided to eliminate animal-related foods from my diet and cooking and became vegan. Last Auguest Dad decided (on his own, without pressure from me) that he couldn’t eat animals and their by-products anymore, either, which meant your diets became even more vegan than they already were.

Since we don’t force you to be totally vegan and you like my cooking, it didn’t occur to me it could be hard until Blake’s friends acted that way, no matter how good it looked or how often they admit to loving it when they try it. I’m sorry if you get embarrassed and I appreciate that you give us few complaints. I hope you understand that I have to live with integrity. I make this choice for health and love, for the environment, the animals, and for peace.

My 2nd Office

MiniBook I made from coffee cup warmers
Here are most of the pages:

More December Daily Album pages: Days 14-17

Day 14:

This page was all about color balance. The reds in the patterned paper were too warm for the cooler red and blue tones in the photo. To make the photo work with the paper I added red Stickles glitter to three of the flowers in a triangle around the photo. That red glitter matches the ornament (it might be hard to see the glitter in the photo) and now the warms and cools like totally fine.

I also wanted to bring the cream color from the sticker, and the white from the flourish and #14, over to the other side. That’s why I chose the white trim for the floral chipboard page and the cream colored tag. Here’s what the page looked like before I added the content:

Day 15:


This day was all about finishing up a huge day of work before letting go (mostly) and taking a long holiday break. I wrote a note about it and inserted a printed up version of part of the work I did that day, which was to finish up my Holiday Photography Email Course for the Paperclipping Members.

Day 16 & 17


The Day 16 page is cut from one of those page protectors from Becky Higgins’s Project 365 album last year.

On the 17th, Izzy and I finished the bulk of the Christmas shopping so I wrote a little note about that and stuck the kids’ Christmas lists inside. They were actually pretty telling lists. Trinity requested all kinds of stuff like “lots of love” and “a delicious breakfast.”

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Paperclipping 121 – Layout Design Renovation

Paperclipping 121

This video is available to members only.

Today’s we’re going to apply a number of the design principles we’ve discussed throughout Paperclipping to completely renovate an old layout I made years ago. You’ll see the huge difference it makes to know a few key principles. Enjoy!

Below is the layout I featured in the video…


2-Page Layout

Paperclipping 117 – Ads and Tags for Your Layouts

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This week’s episode is for the Paperclipping Members. As you’re sending your kids off to school, hold onto those new clothing tags and back-to-school shopping ads because today’s tutorial should give you some fun ideas of how to incorporate them as story-telling pieces onto your pages.

You can download the Quicktime version of the trailer here.

Below are the layouts I featured in this episode…

School Fall 2009

2-page 12×12 layout
School Fall 2009


Juicy Couture

12×12 layout
Juice Couture
Journaling reads: I love that you attached this flower from my scrap supplies to your headband. You’re always so creative that way.


12×12 layoutX-Small
Journaling reads: Small from the beginning, we induced your birth 2 weeks early (the doctor wanted it to be 3 weeks) b/c you didn’t seem to be growing in my belly. We wondered if you’d get more nutrition outside of me instead of in. I guess you’re just a little guy regardless of where you are b/c you have continued to be the smallest of your peer groups (your friend, Zoe, is the only exception).

Being little has its benefits. At 6 years I can still hold you. And you love that. You may be a tiny little thing but what is not small about you is your personaltiy, your talents, your total charm. We had no idea when we named you Aiden how appropriate that name would be. Aiden means, “Little Fire,” and yeah…that is definitely YOU, my crazy sweet little guy. X-Small. Love you.

On Stage

12×12 layout
On Stage

You can see the last layout in this older post.

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Paperclipping 115 – Minibooks from Authentic Items

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Today’s episode is for the Paperclipping Members. If you want to commemorate the culture of a place you’ve visited or plan to visit, you might want to consider the topic of this episode: create a book with an authentic item that portrays the place and culture. Below are a few pictures of my own book, which I made to showcase photos and items from Rocky Point, Mexico…

Mexico Minibook From A Punched Tin Frame

Mexico Minibook from a Punched Tin Frame
Mexico Minibook 2
Mexico Minibook 3
Mexico Minibook 4
Mexico Minibook 5
Scrapbooking supplies I used: Tim Holtz Distress Emboss Powder in Scattered Straw. Versamark Ink. Old Olive and Creamy Caramel by Stampin’ Up. Book Binding Tape by 7 Gypsies. Epoxy sticker by s.e.i. Letter stickers by Creative Memories. Eyelets by American Crafts.

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Paperclipping 111 – A Square-Based Template

paperclipping 111

Need an easy way to scrapbook all those multiple-photo layout-opportunities that summer time is providing you? Today’s idea is fun, easy, and will still allow you a lot of flexibility in terms of photo numbers, placement, and the tone of your story.

So what do you think? After watching today’s video, what stories are already coming to your mind?

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For a longer look at the layouts I featured in the episode I’ve posted them below…

Canyon Lake

2-page 12×12 layout
Canyon Lake
In my pictures the blue sky and what little green we have here in AZ were lost. I was disappointed that I had only captured brown landscape colors so I added the blue and green I missed with my paper choices.

Telling The Story Through Tone

I also wanted to combine two moods: an earthy feel to enhance the lake, plus a happy playful one to celebrate childhood and play. To do that, I added those wooden beads for earthiness (some were from a hairpiece I had bought years ago in the Philippines so they have nostalgic meaning for me and some were from a pair of flip flops that my dog chewed up the day I brought them home from the store–not so nostalgic but I love those beads too!).
Canyon Lake Selection
The clouds were my playful addition for the childhood tone I wanted to add.


12×12 layout
If you’re a member you might remember the episode I did on my process for choosing and deleting photos from an overwhelmingly huge set (Episode 96 – Filtering The Photo Flood). In it I talked about how I look for the stories (yes, there is usually more than one story from one event) and the photos that best tell them. This layout is one of the stories I pulled from that large group of pictures I took while we visited the Mesa Arts Center.

Button Embellishment

I love making my own embellishments from leftover stuff. You save money and gain creativity.

Members can watch an archived episode on making your own embellishments like this using Buttons, Brads, And Beads.

Flexible Templates

Do you like the idea in the video of having a flexible visual image or seed from which to tell your own stories? I have been sharing a number of them–what I call my Flexible Templates. Here are some you can watch….

Episodes that are FREE…

And here are some in the archives that Paperclipping Members can watch…

Paperclipping 109 – A Use For Old Tags

paperclipping 109

If you have an over-abundance of tags in your scrap stash, this week’s episode will give you a fun idea for using them.

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Here are pictures of the layouts I featured in the video, along with journaling and supply information…

Hyman Tribe

12×12 layout
Hyman Tribe
The colors got funky on this one…my apologies!

Journaling reads: Blake’s been singing this humorous jingle from the comedy, “Nacho Libre.” [the song: “I eat some bugs. I eat some grass. I use my hand to wipe my…tears.”] The kids giggle so much at this song and Israel and I couldn’t tell if they knew what word the song actually implied. Israel finally asked Blake, “Do you know why that song is so funny? Blake, with a suspicious look on his face said, “Because he ate bugs and grass and that makes him cry.” We agreed verbally with Blake and left the kids to their innocence.

Supplies: patterned paper (Creative Imaginations) * tags + wire (Stampin’ Up) * journal spot peeking out above left journal block + acrylic heart (Heidi Swapp) * chipboard (Thickers for American Crafts) * rub-on’s (My Mind’s Eye) * plastic flower (Prima) * button and ribbon from unknown source.

Beautiful You @ 8 Yrs

12×12 layout
Beautiful You
Journaling to Trinity reads: You are one of those rare people who are naturally beautiful both inside and out. You have so much empathy and it drives you to take care of others. But you don’y do it at your own expense or when it compromises your integrity. You’re also unbelievably responsible, always remembering everything and giving the rest of us desperately needed reminders since, unlike you, we forget everything (we don’t know about Aiden yet).

You are a loyal friend. People love you and it’s easy to see why…You’re a fun and very lovable girl.

I love doing layouts with lots of scraps like this one because while I’m scrapbooking I get to enjoy happy memories of past scrapbooking times.

Supplies: Cardstock (Bazzill) * patterned paper (Basic Grey, s.e.i., Creative Imaginations, green paper-unknown) * lace paper ribbon (Creative Imaginations) * tags + wire (Stampin’ Up) * rub-on’s (My Mind’s Eye) * vintage key.


Tag Layouts Closeups
I love these old keys (left) with interesting shapes to them. The shape is sort of flowery. On the right is a 3-dimensional plastic flower sitting on top of a button (thank-you glue dots), sitting on top of an acrylic heart outlined in brown ink.
Hyman Tribe Closeup
That green butterfly is a rub-on, but because I wanted it’s wings to hang off a raised tag, I didn’t actually rub it on. I glued it with its plastic to the tag with Diamond Glaze instead.

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Paperclipping 101- Digital Word Art

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In this free episode of Paperclipping, you’ll learn how to position, resize, and recolor digital word art in Photoshop Elements. You’ll also see why Ali Edwards’s digital products are just as perfect for heritage photos and projects as they is for modern ones. You’ll find The Story Word Art + Hand Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards, featured in the tutorial, at Designer Digitals, and they’re 30% off right now!

You can watch the video above or download the high-quality version instead.

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Layouts From A Previous Paperclipping Live

I haven’t had a chance to share the scrapbook pages from Dedra Long’s visit to Paperclipping Live a while ago. Here they are below…

Hello Kitty

two 12×12 pages
Hello Kitty
The photo on the left is myself around 4th grade–just a little older than my daughter, Trinity, in the photo on the right. I chose pictures of us in similarly shaped outfits and poses to emphasize the theme of commonality. Journaling reads: I adored Hello Kitty as a little girl and still do at age 36. I love her oval round face and the simplicity of her design. As a kid I didn’t get enough of her to feel satisfied so I love getting to enjoy her again through Trinity, who loves her too.

Layout By Dedra Long

Layout By Dedra Long
Journaling to her daughter reads: You and me spending time together…these are some of the times I cherish most…I always love to walk in the studio to see the newest setup you have put together…It usually look something like this…the princess laptop, crayons, paper and scissors…you usually have the princesses singing the alphabet and you join then…then it’s math…in the end you show me your latest work of art…I will never forget.

The Details

The Details
Almost all of the scrapbooking items on both layouts are from Theresa Collins. I salvaged all the Hello Kitty items from actual H.K. stuff–a backpack, a watch, party invitations, plus there are a few pictures. The spinner arrow underneath the tiny H.K. on the clock is a Tim Holtz spinner that I painted pink.

Want help layering embellishments the way you see them layered in the center circle? If you have a Paperclipping Membership, I recommend watching Paperclipping 94 where I showed the techniques and principles of layers that lead in a “crescendo” toward a climactic point.

Paperclipping 100 – A Collage Formula

Paperclipping 100 - A Collage Formula
Wow, we’ve now released our 100th tutorial! You can help us celebrate 100 helpful Paperclipping Tutorials by becoming an Affiliate so you can start making money from your blog or website. Our new affiliate program will pay you a 25% commission for anyone who comes over through your badge and becomes a Paperclipping Member within 30 days. You can sign up here.

Today’s episode is for our Members. If you’ve ever struggled to make a rectangular collage using different-sized photos, you’ll appreciate this one. I’ve come up with a very simple formula to make that often frustrating task very easy! If you’d like to watch today’s episode, as well as the other 99 waiting for you in the archives, but don’t have a Membership, please visit the Membership Information Page.

Below are the layouts I shared in the episode…

Easter 08

Easter 08
You see that pink egg over on the far right? That was a tag from one of the goodies I bought the kids last year. I got a kick out of the fact that last year’s Easter came so early, the product manufacturers posted the date on all the tags…I guess to make sure we were ready!

Journaling on layout reads: We’ve been adjusting our Easter tradition a bit over the last few years. We moved the early morning hunt and breakfast outdoors last year. This year we hid plastic eggs instead of our colored eggs (we still color eggs, though). Blake has played Easter Bunny with Dad and I before waking up the kids for the last few years. And this year they got more stuff and less candy. One thing remains the same, though…total fun and the enjoyment of Spring.
The circular tag and title arch are the Memory Makers Noteworthy Glitter Die Cuts. The swirly flourish is from Bazzill.

Wonderful Beautiful Amazing

Wonderful Beautiful Amazing
The overall up-and-down placement of the 2 large photo blocks, as well as the shape and placement of the two paper journaling blocks were inspired by a layout by Ali Edwards that appeared in Creating Keepsakes Magazine a year or two ago.

Journaling reads: We’ve been taking day-trips through the canyons near Superstition Mountain and Canyon Lake a lot lately. It’s only minutes from our home–one of the reasons I am so happy with where we live. We all love the scenic drive, looking at the cacti, cliffs, and joking about how Blake convinced Aiden that the winter moss on the rock walls is called, “souvenir” because Aiden wanted to collect some to bring home during this particular trip.

Today–Jan. 4, 2009–we took advantage of the rare overcast weather for great lighting and color saturation. Israel and I each brought our cameras and tripods and caught some fun memories while you kids climbed and played. I love this.

Typed journaling on photo: Trinity was having a hard time getting through the thorny path to join you on the butte. You went down and carefully led her, just like a gentleman. Later I thanked you and you said, “That’s okay. I enjoyed it.” What a cool dude…you make your mama so proud.

The digital text that I layered onto my photos (except for the journaling) are all from Ali Edwards‘s Loving Life Word Art and her 12×12 Life text frames. I will demonstrate how to do this in Photoshop Elements in a future episode.

The butterflies and folliage rub-on’s are new from My Mind’s Eye. The more subtle rub-ons that add texture to the page are older ones from Chatterbox.

Paperclipping 99 – Starting a Heritage Project

Heritage photos and albums can be so fascinating, but sometimes we’re too overwhelmed and intimidated to start. In this episode I identify two questions you can answer that will help you know how to get started. Your answer will depend on your personal situation and in this episode I show you examples of two very different approaches.

You can also download the high-quality version.

Below are the pages I showed in the video…

Using Digital Prints & Journaling From Own Perspective

Dad On Stroller
It is a really fun experience to play with photos of your own parents when they were young, especially when digital photos allow you to get more creative with the design. I am taking a dual approach with the story in these layouts of my dad: I’ll share my own thoughts mixed with Dad’s explanations and I’ll give historical commentary when I can. Not only did I share my reflections of my dad’s pictures on this layout, but tucked away in the upper right corner is a tag with an explanation of the 1940’s Taylor-Tot stroller/walker that looks ridiculously dangerous for such a little guy.

This layout will sit in my “People We Love” album until I decide on a final album.

Journaling on front of layout reads: My dad–Silas “Teddy” or Ted Buckland–with his older brother, Jay. It’s 1945 and from my 2009 perspective, Dad is sitting in one of the more dangerous contraptions I’ve seen designed for a baby! I recognize that look on his face…it’s his “you caught me by surprise but I’m not quite ready to respond because I’m thinking about it” look. It’s often followed by a wonderful laugh or chuckle. Love you, Dad.

Historical commentary journaling on the tag at top: Taylor-Tot strollers had a metal play/snack tray with beads at the front (see his waste?), a metal wire bumper to keep the child in, and a removable stamped-metal foot tray (so it can become the walker). They were made with blue metal and a white painted cane insert. There was a white painted wooden seat, solid painted metal wheels with black rubber tires, and swivel front wheels.

Using Original Photos & Journaling From Someone Else’s Perspective

Heritage Album Page for Nancy
I never met my husband’s biological mother and he doesn’t remember her because she died when he was 1-1/2 years old. While I don’t have the creative freedom to do with this album what I do on other ones, it’s been a fascinating experience getting to know this person by remaking her scrapbook.

Journaling in her own words: Then came the big year, ninth grade. I have never had so much fun in my whole life as I did during that year. I was elected to president of our algebra class which put me in the student council. We had meetings throughout the year making plans and discussing problems of the school.

Seminary was my favorite class with Bro. Haws as my teacher. We studied the Book Of Mormon and everything else pertaining to the Gospel. I was president of our separate class. The testimony meetings we had were simply out of this world. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

We ended the week with a skit from each party. Our theme for the Gold Party was “South Pacific.” We made up words to the songs such as “Happy Talk,” Some Enchanted Evening,” etc.

I ran for secretary of the student body on the Gold Party along with Rose Bowers as mayor, Deena Riley as girls representative, and Dean Hendrickson as boys representative. For a week we campaigned with posters, hats, and all kinds of garbs. Results were announced at a matinee dance in the afternoon of the skits. Although I lost to Caren Curtis (who made the best secretary), every minute of trying was worth it.
Nancy Heritage Album

Choosing Products, Colors, Patterns

I wanted to give this subject more time than we could fit in this episode, so we will address heritage layouts at least a couple more times over the next couple months or so. Until then, I hope you get a few ideas from the layouts you see here.

If you’ve been working on your own heritage albums, I’d love it if you leave a comment about the format you’ve chosen for your albums. If you have pictures online, please share a link so we can see.