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Scrapbook Storage for Die Cuts + Embossing Plates

Mar 2011 3235

Right now I’m keeping all of my die cuts and embossing plates in this decorative metal bucket. There’s only room for a handful more but I won’t be buying anymore for a while. I have plenty to last me a long time!

Mar 2011 3239

A Tip for Easy Die Cut Retrieval

Mar 2011 3241 (1)

One thing I refuse to waste time on are the plastic lips that close over plastic packages. Trying to pry them open and — even worse — trying to get the item past the plastic lip when you’re putting them back IN can really mess up your artistic flow. How sad is that when a bit of plastic is so grumpy that it scares your muse away?

I like to cut those plastic lip-thingies off so they can’t mess with me anymore.

Mar 2011 3249 (1)

Look how easy my dies slide in and out of the package now! Oooh! Ahhh!

Mar 2011 3253

Oh, the joy!